No matter if you a small business or a large public agency, having a disaster plan make good sense and for some industries its required by law.
The requirements in the standard can be applied in any type or size of organization, in any location, making it widely applicable.
By creating a BCMS aligned with ISO 22301 organizations ensure that they are best prepared for a disruptive incident. Our aim is to help and guide you build a Business Continuity Management System that brings all the benefits of ISO 22301 in the quickest time and at minimal cost and disruption to your organization.

We have assisted numerous businesses and residential properties to return their facilities back to operating or habitable condition. Traditional multimedia instruction using both professional graphics and narration provides a highly engaging learning experience teaching factual information about various HICS (Hospital Incident Command System) duty positions.
More importantly, it prepares them to continue trading and return to business as usual as quickly as possible. It also contains a comprehensive set of requirements based on BCM best practice and covers the whole BCM lifecycle.

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