You Myrtle Beach computer repair specialists, 1on1-Computers, wants you to know there are maintenance steps that you can take to avoid unexpected computer repair. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your software disks with any keys, new peripherals and driver specifications.  Depending on the type of backup you are using, you may need this information if your hard drive needs to be reformatted and reinstalled (which can happen during computer repair). Run Windows updates when prompted or have them set to run automatically.  Microsoft is always coming out with new updates that will add new features and help the performance of your computer. Using a few common computer maintenance steps can help prevent the cost of a computer repair.  However, if you have used a computer for any length of time, you know that computers fail and a computer repair call will need to be made. The next time you need to make that call for a computer repair, call 1on1 Computers, your Myrtle Beach Computer Repair specialists. Good post about general maintenance items to check off the list at least on a monthly basis if not weekly. Since the software basics that needs to be kept are starting with the operating system (either Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc…), an Anti-Virus software and a solid firewall that will keep out system safe from harm. Click Disk Cleanup (If there are more hard drives than one, you might be prompted to specify which drive you want to clean. Disk cleanup does some calculations and estimations of the files on the hard-disk and will pop-up a window that will enable you to choose which type of files to clean.
The disk defragmenter is fixing those gaps that are being caused due to moves and re-installation of applications, the programs are not sitting on the same continuous spaces, so the defragmenter binds those program together so they will sit in the same storage space. Eventually the dust will cover the motherboard electronics, and the fans in such manner that might either harm the operation of the motherboard electronic units, and the speed and smoothness of the fans operation, which might slow them down, and effect their efficiency in cooling our computer systems.
You can run the error checking program, which will scan and check the hard-disks, to see if it needs repair, if it does find a reason to run the repair procedure, let it run and fix your hard disk. Basically keep an eye for your computer performance, even though with the computers today being so quick and efficient, it is harder to see the changes in performance, but if the system loads slower then you where used to, or opening windows, office applications, browsers etc… takes time (well more then you where used to) then just do these procedures, it should get better.
I don’t know if you have ever stepped into a computer store, or just checked the internet to seek for a new computer, and you have seen so many options out there to choose from, you got overwhelmed. Well, there are some simple questions that need to be answered in order to get you focused on the computer most suitable for you. If you need a computer right now, buy it, otherwise wait for it, since there will always be a newer more powerful computer coming out as they get improved every day. When you know the purpose of your computer, you can find out which kind of software will be best suit your needs. Whether you choose a Laptop or a Desktop computer it is pretty clear, the main question to be asked is “Do you need the computer to be mobile?
So now that we have found a way to narrow down the choices of the computer we need and want, now we can start thinking on how to choose the right computer. I am not going to start recommending specific types, I just want to give you some idea on what to focus on when going to buy a new laptop, according to the requirements that you have defined before (on the previous stages).
What comes with the laptop: Check what else comes with your laptop, like warranty (how long – search for 3 years at least), where can you service your computer in case it needs a tech lab? Hard-Disk capacity: Make sure the hard-disk that comes with the laptop is enough for your needs, since not like on desktops, mostly you will not be able to do serious upgrades on the laptop, other than adding memory.
Graphic Card Resolution: Check the resolution capacity – Good laptops have larger resolutions, which for the futuristic applications is more suitable, there are on-board graphic cards, and separate more advanced graphic cards.
CPU – The processor is one of the core parts that are in charge of the computer’s performance. Desktop Computer Covers: Desktop computer comes in a Case– the Cover of those desktop computers is just as important, since it is the cover that holds all of those expensive devices you insert into it.
Hard-Disk capacity: Today with the broad bandwidth, and the internet where you can download enormous amount of files, programs, games etc… to you computer, you will need a proper Hard-disk with suitable capacity. Power Supply: The power supply doesn’t usually get the proper attention, but it is the sole power of your computer system. Computer Screen: LCD screen today needs to be at least 22 Inch (they are not as expensive as they used to be), preferred WIDE. These are the basic things you need to look for, just be patient, make the proper survey, and find the most suitable computer that will answer all of your needs. Computer performance issues are a well known fact that many computer users experience from time to time, especially with the Windows operating systems.
Now the problematic issue with that technique is that the temp folder is getting filled with more and more files, and eventually the amount of files is so huge, that even the operating system needs to take a short while to locate the temp files it needs from the huge amount of temp files.
Ad-Aware – Ad-Aware is one of the oldest, and a well known one, you can download a free trial will give some protection, but the Plus version will give a better coverage for extra pay. These are basic tools anyone can use, in order to assist your computer to go a bit quicker, and more efficient. We probably stumble upon cases where the computer we were using was working so slow, it could only irritate us to the scale where we just couldn’t work properly.
So, what can we do to either prevent it from happening, or just perform preventive actions to ensure our computer won’t become slow again? Free disk space – I explained above that the Windows operating system and applications tend to keep temp files for their work. Automatic processes for keeping temp files off your computer, you can use a local application on your Windows operating system – like “Disk Cleanup” or an external program.

Almost all of us are using computers and computers like other equipments tend to give us some troubles, malfunctions or other problems that prevent us from working on them properly. Loud annoying noises from the computer usually means that the computer parts are either too old and got fatigue, or the computer is full of dust. The other noise fan might be the fan above the CPU which will mostly be in a center of the motherboard and of course some graphic cards have fans to cool them down, so it might be on the side of your graphic card – which will be connected to the white slots on the motherboard – with a side going out of the back (so you could connect your screen cables).
Take a small brush (small painters clean brush), and use it slowly to remove the dust from the dusty fans, you will be amazed how quiet the computer will become once you have cleaned all of the dust off from the fans (they will be able to work smoothly and easily). Buy a new fan – same size – and replace the noisy fan (you will need to open the 4 screws from the 4 corners of the fan – that simple). Check the cable connections between the screen and the computer’s graphic card (make sure it is fasten and connected properly). Verify the electric cable to the screen is in the electric socket – then unplug the electric cable from the screen – then re-plug the electric cable to the screen making sure it went into the socket all the way in.
Another option might be related to a screen resolution – if you are setting a resolution that doesn’t fit the screen – it will remain blank.
When we talk about repairing our computer, not always repairing means that the computer broke down and there is a serious hardware problem that require us to go to the computer lab, and place our computer so it could be fixed. Sometimes in windows, you might stumble upon a situation when your computer operating system doesn’t start. You can load into safe-mode, while the computer reboots, you can press F8, and choose to load into safe mode. Now, since we all use the network connection one way or the other, we need some basic understanding of what and how we can use the network.
Sometimes when we connect to the internet or to any other network, we might have difficulties to each the resources we need, like for some reason the internet is not working. DNSs are the IP’s of the local or outside list of websites that connects the name of a website into an IP and let you reach the websites and browse them. In our personal computers, various levels of taking simple steps to maintain the quality of the personal computer can enormously and efficiently extend its lifespan. It is must to copy the files which are more important in your personal computer and make it a copy in another drive for better support. Dumping files in your personal computer will reduce the speed of your computer and you can easily improve the speed of your personal computer by removing unwanted files in the computer. Reorganizing of files allows you to experience a speed on your personal computer and you can enjoy the speed of your machine by reorganizing files in it. Also, since we work with the computer, on a daily basis, some garbage is being piled up, like when you delete files, move files, cut and paste files etc… the way the data is stored on the system gets many gaps that needs to be maintained in order for us not to lose the performance we had when we first started. The computer has ventilation fans that keep it cool, and shoves those dust particles into the computer.
When the dust is settle on the bottom, you can either vacuum it or just brush it out of your computer box.
Think about which operating system will suite you best, if it is the open source free Linux operating system or Microsoft windows OS, or the Macintosh OS. The hardware part includes the Hard-Disk, amount of memory, the graphic card, screen size etc… This question when answered will assist you in choosing the suitable computer configuration and additional hardware as needed. Do you need to move it around with you?” If the answer is yes, then buy a Laptop, if not you can buy a Desktop computer. Make sure that if you are a gamer, movie watcher or need a great deal of files to store, that you have the proper hard-disk. Make sure their refresh rate is high enough to endure your computer performance, so you will still get the best performance out of your computer and see it. The Windows operating systems work in such a way that in order to enable it to work smoother and faster (Without going too deep into it), it uses temp files to store information to enable quicker responses. The operating system writes temp files on a temp directory to be able to work faster, and some applications do the same, like your internet browsers which are using internet temp folders, mostly it is due to an assumption that if you visit a website, you might visit it more than once, that assumption is a bit far-fetched. Those temp files slowly increase in size and might cause a lack of space on your system hard drive. Since computers are modular and combined from many different hardware devices, the most important tip is to be able to understand what might cause the problem, isolate the problem to identify the cause. Reset our router & modem (those might get stuck and reset renew their connection and IP’s).
First unplug the electricity cable from the Power Supply and then re-connect the electricity cable to the Power Supply. Then if the previous options do not work and the computer still doesn’t start – it might be a motherboard issue (the motherboard might be burned), so you need to take it to the computer lab, to replace the motherboard. The parts that might cause noises are usually the computer fans, there are fans that cool the whole computer and all of its parts, and they are usually on the back, top, and side of the computer – you can easily see them. So, you can reboot the computer (when the computer loads – you should be able to see the DOS (black screen) showing the loading commands – then press “F8” and choose to load in safe mode – (the computer will load windows in a low resolution – then login to your computer – set the screen resolution to a low one – and reboot the computer – then re-try to fit the resolution that is compatible with your screen). What it does is free a short fuse that gets stuck to prevent the power supply from burning up. The effect will be that you can see the windows load, and almost start and then reboot itself, and so you can’t access your computer.

The safe mode state loads only very minimal resources that the operating system needs, and so if the problem is not a very serious one that crashed the operating system the safe mode will enable you to access your computer, and maintain your computer or check why it doesn’t load. So we will want to know if we got the IP (address) we needed that fits the network we are connected to. Instead of throwing money for replacing the hardware components, it is also possible to benefit from computer by maintaining it by the following steps will save your money in a larger amount.
Back up a file is an important phase in the computer maintenance process and it is a basic element too. By keeping the memory 50% free will increases the speed of the computer and you can easily improve the speed by removing the unwanted application files, movies, music, etc… present in your personal computer. The computers will always store the files in the chronological order when it is stored and this way of storing the files will reduce the speed of the system. The hardware equipments build the computer itself and enable its capabilities to perform computer tasks and the software enable us to run the applications we need onto those hardware equipments. Their prices are not that high, so just start with a 1TB Hard-disk and see how to go from there, you can always add another one on the new computers :). If you’re a gamer you will need a really good graphic card, a professional one with large amount of memory and advance rendering to be able to run all of those amazing new games with great graphics and motions. Example for it is the browser, holding pages you have visited, so that the next time you load a similar page, it will load faster. There are more issues similar to that which are not temp files related, but the overall picture is the same or nearly the same only with different sections of the Windows operating system. Some are due to the fatigue of the hardware units, they just get old or full of dust, and they just can’t perform anymore with either the resources the operating system requires from it, or just it fails to work properly. True there are some websites we will visit on a daily basis, but some we might just visit and never go back to. We can replace the supposed problematic device with another working one, to see if the problem is solved or not, then move to another symptom and doing the same thing. There is a fan on the power supply, and there is usually a fan on the motherboard CPU (to cool it down).
To connect to the internet you can use either a regular network cable line, or use your laptop wireless connection device to connect to the internet wireless router, and be able to get an internet connection without the limitation of being connected to the network cable, and wonder around your house or office without being bound and limited to the network cable length. The LAN is your office, your home, where your computers are connected and the WAN is the outside network, outside your office or home. In this article I have shared little information about the basic computer tips which will improve the performance of your personal computer. If your personal computer is affected with the viruses, then it will reduce the performance of your computer. So it is necessary to reorganize the files which are stored in the personal computer to gain the speed of your personal computer.
Also there are computer covers which are lightweight made of aluminum, so you won’t break your back. If you need a Gamer’s computer or a strong graphic machine, you might want to consider investing in a Quad CPU. The operating system or the applications will not delete those temp files, and eventually the amount of temp files on those temp directories will affect the computer, and cause it to work slower than it used to. Other cases might relate to real hardware issues, that might require a technician, but sometimes a bad memory card might cause a problem, so if you have more than one you can unplug one of them to check if they are the cause, if not replace between them and re-check, if it works, then one of them is damaged.
The internet is the most common WAN out there since today the internet is a vital network that everyone needs to use, since it has an almost limitless information on any subject out there, like a really huge and limitless library of information at the tip of your fingers (using a keyboard or mouse of course). And by following these steps, you can also prevent the failure of the computer and prevent the damage of file system too. While restoring or repairing a computer, it may result in wiping the data present in the device. So using of several anti-virus applications will remove the unwanted files that are affected by your viruses in your personal computer. You can easily re arrange the files which are present in the partitions and also it is very easy to store in it an order.
The operating system might not be able to contain the amount of running processes at the same time, which causes the slowness.
This process can be easily done and also with the help of the various tools we can arrange the files which are found in your hard drive.
Mostly they are better, more efficient, and will work faster with the resources you have, so you might consider replacing your old operating system, with a more efficient one. It is strongly advised to use an external hard drive to store all kinds of necessary files in your disk, so you can use them whenever you want. Despues de ver su sitio web, le ofreci para descargar limpiador de YAC y habia arreglado el sistema de inmediato. Este terrible secuestro de navegador tomaba 5 GB de espacio en disco duro a mi memoria la bomba.

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