The FCC has noticed an increasing number of people selling "jammers"a€”devices that can block cell phone calls, text messages, Wi-Fi networks, and GPS systemsa€”and could potentially be used to cause havoc in public spaces. The small, battery-powered devices can be used to create "dead zones" within a small area, usually 30 feet or so, and have been used by movie theaters, restaurants, and schools to keep people off their cell phones.
Selling, advertising, using, or importing jammers are illegal acts, according to the Communications Act of 1934, which bans blocking radio communications in public.
Earlier this week, the FCC issued citations to eight people and companies advertising jammers on Craigslist. According to the citations, most sellers advertised jammers as a way of to have an "undisturbed nap" on a bus, force a quiet classroom, or keep your area "annoyance free," without alluding to the potential for more nefarious uses of the device.
Keith Grabowski allegedly advertised a "cell phone jammer, wifi jammer" on the Philadelphia Craigslist for $300.
People issued citations will have 15 days to remove their ad from the website and give the FCC information about where they purchased the jammers and who they sold them to.

The FCC has set up a "Jammer Tip Line" for people to let the bureau know about people who may be selling or using a jammer.
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But they also cut off 911 calls, can disrupt navigation near airports, and have been used near police stations to interrupt radio communications. Officials at the FCC say they've noticed an increasing number of jammers, which are banned by federal law, coming into the country. Many cheaper versions, which sell for as little as $25, are imported from Asia, according to the agency..

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