The commercial power would be changed to output 15.1V constant DC voltage through t1's step-down, d1~d4's rectifier, c1's filter and the lm317's regulator. Severe thunderstorms with winds surpassing 80 mph impacted the Commonwealth on the evening of Friday, 29 June, and continued into the early morning hours of Saturday, 30 June.
The relay J1 is connected to make the r2, d5 process the current-limited floating charge to the battery.

When the commerical power have a outage, j1 would be disconnected and the 12V lead-acid battery begins to supply to the lamps for emergency lighting. Because of the diode D5 has been connected in to prevent back discharge, it should adjust the rw1 to make the output voltage of lm317 be 15.1V. Incidents that affect a single user will be responded to within x minutes, and will start diagnosing in x minutes.

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