Paul Drury - after graduating from the University of Liverpool I decided to enter the world of EFL.
Yekaterina Morozova is the president of the Moscow Association of Foreign Language Teachers, and in her role she promotes and supports all the recent developments in the methodology of teaching foreign languages in the schools of Moscow.
Speakers of all languages share the feeling that a word is on “the tip of your tongue” – you know the word is somewhere in your mind, but you just can’t quite recall it at that very moment.
In this talk an attempt will be made to look at how these two concepts correlate with each other.
The linguist Leonard Bloomfield once said that learning a language is “doubtless the greatest intellectual feat that any of us is ever required to perform.” What is remarkable is that the people best able to achieve this feat are children under the age of four!
Join Stephen as he takes you on a journey around the world with Ty (a panda), Leo (a leopard) and Mia (a meerkat). Taking examples from Little Bridge, the author will illustrate how an English Language resource • can build a bridge between the learner and the English speaking world, setting the language in context through 3D animations and virtual reality. In this presentation, David Evans will introduce a brand new English language course produced by Heinle ELT in association with National Geographic: World Wonders.
This quiz is a chance to test your knowledge of the people, places, creatures and cultures of the world. It seems strange that some people become fluent and others do not – even though they are in the same class with the same teacher. BurlingtonEnglish® now offers a revolutionary online method to improve spoken English. Striking the right balance between grammar and skills, practice and theory is one of the most difficult tasks any teacher faces.
Each participant will receive a full set of Little Bridge, Level 1 (SB, TG, Virtual Reality CD-ROM) and one of the five gifts provided by Heinle ELT and ONARA Ltd. He is the author of 20 English language teaching books and has given talks and workshops in over 40 countries around the world.

I spent nine very happy years as a teacher and taught all ages and levels in Venezuela, Spain and the UK. He is an experienced linguist and has been a teacher (primary and secondary) and lecturer in Education (Goldsmiths College, University of London). He has also worked in other fields, including the performing arts, disciplines which inform his classroom theory and practice. Experience with them many exciting new places as they report back their findings to their friend Trek. He will show how National Geographic’s dazzling library of images, films and stories is used to bring language to life in the classroom. And there is the paradox that fluency does not seem to be connected (or does it?!) with any particular methodology.
Burlington engineers have designed state-of-the-art speech-processing software which identifies and corrects mistakes in pronunciation and understandability. What is the language that students really need to equip themselves for the practical demands of the workplace, the exam room and the social sphere? He spent ten years as a radio producer for the BBC World Service and has also acted as a consultant author to some of the top names in British business. During my time as a teacher I became DELTA qualified and a teacher trainer with a specialisation in IT in ELT. How are Young Learners pre-equipped with everything they need to become responsible Global Citizens? He has taught in the UK and Mexico, and travels extensively, offering seminars, workshops and talks. Paul is in much demand for presentations and training both in the UK and around the world and is a regular and enthusiastic contributor to the ‘language learning through technology debate’, championing its introduction in the primary curriculum. His experience, both as teacher and examiner, mainly but not exclusively in TEFL, ranges from elementary to post graduate levels.

He will talk about the ways in which English can be used as a lens through which to see the world and the importance of developing critical thinking skills.
Within BurlingtonEnglish® you can select a course appropriate to a profession, whether it be business, banking, medicine, education, law, high-tech, the hotel trade. Although teaching was hugely enjoyable I decided that I wanted to play a part in the creation of content and was fortunate to find employment within the publishing sector where I stayed for eleven years, before recently becoming a freelance teacher trainer.
The ability to remember words is one of the key building blocks of language learning and yet, strangely, it is a skill which is often neglected in the classroom.
He is the co-author of Just Right (Heinle ELT) a 5-level general English course for adults and young adults. From the beginning of his career he has been involved in teacher development, and combined this with a holistic learner-based approach, but firmly based on practical pedagogical realities. In 2002, he received the Duke of Edinburgh's English Language Award from Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.
I count myself as hugely privileged to have been able to travel to so many parts of the world; to have seen so many children learning English and to have been inspired by the effort made by so many teachers.
His interest in life-long learning is reflected in his ongoing – if modest – musical studies. Jeremy plays the viola, piano and guitar with more enthusiasm than skill, and tours a show of poetry and music called ‘Touchable dreams’.

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