Zombie lore is such a strong part of American culture that they might as well be real life flesh-eating undead creatures.
Well, thankfully for us, Hollywood has created 10 great movies that show you Zombie survival strategies and how to survive a zombie attack. In the movie – 28 Days Later, a virus was released in Great Britain that caused millions of people to turn into raging lunatics that attacked their fellow men.
A bumbling mortician and his young apprentice releases toxic zombie chemicals into a graveyard and they end up resurrecting a whole hoard of undead flesh eaters. People can claim that zombies don’t exist but this movie is based on a real life incident that proves there might be undead creatures already keeping company with the living.
Rudy Eugene, a 31 year old homeless man was shot to death while eating the face off another 65 year old homeless man in Miami Florida on May 27th. Some speculated that this attack was the tip of a zombie apocalypse, as Randy Eugene was 100% unyielding and unresponsive to the officers desperate verbal attempts for him to stop.
The man was found to be high on a substance called bath salts, possibly containing the chemicals 4MMC or MDPV. These chemicals cook the body from the inside out, and by the time police and medical officials arrive on the scene of such incidents involving synthetic marijuana and bath salts, they area basically dealing with the walking dead. Zombie Bath Salts Victim Uncensored – This is what the man looked like immediately after the attack. There are multiple chemicals used in bath salts and synthetic marijuana, and many are covered under the 2011 federal emergency ban.
The use of any of these chemicals is extremely dangerous, even more so dangerous than their natural counterparts, and should be avoided at all costs. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself at ground zero on Z-Day, the following survival tips may increase your chances of staying alive (well at least until the sequel anyway). Always Aim For The HeadA sure fire way to put down a Zombie permanently is to destroy the brain, when choosing a weapon fight the urge to get a gun only designed to impress your friends or one that's too heavy – remember you will need to carry it around with you.
Well first I would be in a group (stay small 4 or 5) and guns last resort or if fighting a big ass group(at least 100) melee never use hands! Remember that most zombies are the ones that are people unless you get mutant zombies from somewhere, anyhow, people are zombies. First off you got to find sum people I reccomend sum one with experience in fighting or war if you can't find anyone with real experience paintball expieriecne is good. I thought this stuff only happened in the movies, but it has happened in real life in Miami. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
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If you’re not prepared for a zombie attack, then running, excellent combat skills or pure luck will do. Also, you should definitely have something to put over your mouth and nose, like a scarf or one of those paranoid flu mask thingies. Now that we’ve moved protection out of the way, lets focus on the real issue of the how to survive a zombie attack question.

Aim for the head, it’s the only way to kill a zombie (or put to sleep as we call it in the business). Melee weapons are easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to obtain in case of an emergency; a lot of objects in your household can go from a dust collector to an amazing zombie killing tool in just a few seconds.
While America is no longer under the threat of a British Invasion, we’re now dealing with a new enemy that has infiltrated our great nation. However, remember that there has not really been a zombie attack and it is only when you are faced with real life incidences of some that you can establish if the zombie survival skills mentioned here really work or not. She can use a gun with expert precision to eliminate the forces of the undead and her fighting ability is taken to the extreme once she’s infected with the T-Virus which is responsible for making people into undead monsters. One thing that this movie teaches people is that they must keep a good sense of humor when they’re forced to fight to survive against undead monsters of the night. Though there was not a literal zombie invasion this movie teaches us that we should probably seek out the help of a voodoo priest as a consultant for eliminating and controlling a zombie menace that this is the secret to surviving a zombie attack.
Users of the drug are sometimes found naked, or in pools in subconscious attempt to lower their body temperatures.
However, there are countless substances with unique chemical signatures that can mimic the effects of these drugs.
A You start with one person who is it or the zombie, and they want to walk with their arms out while dragging one foot like a zombie. Sharp, 35mm, Jasper in Deadland and is currently at work on Freaky Friday for Disney Theatricals.
Gather enough supplies to last you a week then travel as far into no where as possible, mountians are good, as zombies are terrible climber but are actualy quite fast, the head is realy the most effective target in combat with a zomie, this is were the infection dwells and begins it infects he part of the brain that craves food and water, it is then replaced by the infection which causes a need for flesh as to keep the bodie re- animated. Unless they can bend metal bars and leap tall buildings, just remember that killing them should be easy enough when they are stupider versions of a person and last time I checked people can't run at 45 mph or chew through plate steel, Right?Okay just checking, a good weapon is one that does its job. Get non perishable food items like military rations (remember its not about taste its about surviving ramon noodles you can eat it raw and cooked, and twinkies those things never go bad.
You do not want to get bitten by a zombie, scratched by a zombie, accidentally spat on by a zombie, swallow some zombie goo; in the end, all contact with a zombie should be avoided.
When a person was bitten or somehow had their blood infected with the contaminated person’s body fluid, they too were turned into raging zombie like creatures. The best advice that this movie gives us for dealing with a zombie attack is to get a gun and a T-Virus infection. Bath salts and synthetic marijuana in recent years have exploded onto the drug scene, and are the causes of countless emergency room visits and related deaths and other incidents. These substances also make individuals perform acts that wouldn’t even be considered if not on the drug. When one particular chemical is banned, 10 more appear on the market with slightly different structures, thus circumventing the ban. Hold back one bullet for yourself. Stay Away From WindowsSo you have found some shelter and your fellow survivors are discussing what to do next.
Poppo’s face for about 18 minutes, before he was shot dead by a local Miami-Dade police officer.

Crossbows are quiet but take long to reload and you need to retrieve the ammo you spend (if you have a crossbow, make it a secondary weapon). Bath Salts and Synthetic cause erratic tendencies and aggressive behavior, and often have to be physically and chemically subdued to prevent harm to themselves and others. Keep your self clean, keep your hair short,keep your clothes tight, and do not wear anything loos like jewelry. I think you get the picture, but if you do not, I’m sure the Internet will provide you with those in due time. You should also have a pair of military goggles to protect your eyes from runaway splashes of zombie blood and other bits and pieces. Carry lots of building material to keep your self protected but don't carry so much that they slow you down this mistake can and will risk or take your life.
A sword is much better than a kitchen knife, a spear will get you much further than let’s say a shovel. If worst comes to worst, you can always run away to fight another day. Hit The RoadFact - Zombies like the city. As soon as you think something strange might be happening, just pack up and move to the countryside. Find a nice field (not a forest as zombies will be able to sneak up on you) and stay there. Become a farmer and wait for it all to blow over. Never say 'I'll be right back'The first person to say 'I'll be right back' always gets murdered, or in this case, eaten. Keep your wits about you, stay with other people and if you find yourself alone – find some! Just check they aren't already zombies. Act like a ZombieA very cunning way to avoid being eaten by a Zombie is to act like one yourself!
The vacant stare, drooling an incoherent mumbling will make you fit in with any real zombies that break into your home. Don't worry about getting the act spot on, just remember the way you felt last weekend when you were hungover. DecapitateDecapitation is another sure fire way to kill a Zombie.
Think of Gimli from the Lord of the Rings films when you're swinging and remember to put your weight into it. Get CreativeSo you have run out of bullets and you haven't got an axe, it's time to get creative. Anything that you swing or throw can be used as a weapon, made famous in the film Shaun of the Dead, the trusty cricket bat is a great option. Not only a heavy, blunt implement but also the handle grip is designed to prevent blisters.

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