It might be because, if he did, he would be at war with NATO and probably a large portion of the world.
In the end, North Korea was lost and the longest retreat in US military history was at the hands of the Chinese. Barbary War, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, Philippine American war, Panama War. I think they meant a neutron bomb, which uses fusion with the energy of an initial fission reaction. Indeed, no one on the planet has harnessed nuclear fusion in a controlled reaction for much more than a few seconds.
If anyone in The West actually had a fully functioning brain, they would nuke those lunatics off the planet, entirely ERASE that religion, same as Africa, where Islam has infected the minds there too, and teach those sand-kissing, pigeon-mooning s-for-brains that they truly are NOTHING but mindless and meaningless fleas on a rat’s ass.
If u think destabilizing the world economy will make the world safer then yeah whatever u say. The Sikh would be able to do crap because your primitive Indian technology would be annihilated by the Chinese and so would your primitive culture.
Yet they had enough cannon to make the British run, and have them declare Nalwa would rule Asia. I don’t know much about North Korea, but judging by their poverty and lack of oil, this all sounds very silly to me.
There is a great deal of confusion about what an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is and how best to protect against them. EMP-generating devices can be employed in conventional, large-scale warfare, but they are more likely to be used as asymmetric weapons by a hostile state or terrorist group that strives to inflict great damage without requiring the need for military supremacy.
Not directly harming humans or animals, making full-scale retaliation politically difficult. The area affected by the high-altitude EMP is determined by line of sight and, therefore, largely a function of altitude.
Devices that are most susceptible to an EMP are those that use solid-state semiconductors, such as computers, alarm systems, radios and transceivers, control systems, and communications equipment. The greatest threat from an EMP is its ability to disrupt, damage, and destroy electronic hardware.
Due to the interdependency of systems, a cascade of failures would likely promulgate through every major infrastructure.
The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! This is a possibility that concerns me the most, as preparing for it is so specialize, costly, and has a great many unknowns. With Iran and Russia now cruising the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, along with the Chinese working eagerly in Mexico and controlling the Panama Canal, I fear that we are closer than ever to an EMP attack on our country. I think that it would be really interesting for you and Joel Skousen to contribute a joint article. You obviously know your stuff and your article is remarkably free of the misinformation I see in many other articles on this topic.
The Compton effect is gamma rays hitting electrons and causing them to move at near relativistic speeds until they recombine with another nucleus.
The damage from EMP is line of sight and the higher a weapon is exploded, the greater the area that can be seen line of sight. Even in what you perceive as those idyllic days, we had electric for lighting, tools, telephones, and refrigeration. Electronics is merely a tool and the dumbing down of society is due to a change in morals and ethics, and what we will accept from each other.
While widely criticized as flawed, testing by the EMP Commission showed that only about 3-5% of cars in operation would be permanently damaged by an EMP. Simple answer… probably no on the car (see my answer above regarding the EMP Commission testing), and yes on the electronics.
I have zero electronic knowledge so this topic is quite interesting, though difficult to absorb for me. I also know a CME of the magnitude similar to the Carrington event could cause similar problems, I just wonder if a CME would take out our autos?
I pray I am wrong, but we have made so many enemies and now the US seems to have lost our backbone.. As far as solar coronal mass emissions (or other solar events), they don’t pose a threat to small scale electronics unless those electronics are plugged into the electrical grid. Please help support this site by going through the above link every time that you shop at Amazon. Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine compared with traditional sewing machine: 1. At a bare minimum, this EMP could theoretically damage electronic equipment south of the Korean DMZ. Wars are about objectives, but I don’t think we can have a nuanced discussion on that.
A normal TND uses a heavy lead or uranium casing which absorbs the initial burst of neutrons. It would be like the 1800s almost instantly, except some of the old beater autos before electronics would weather the EMP just fine as long as they have points and a standard 12 volt battery? Korea got those EMP bombs from Russia, I would believe if they got them from China, as to how can they develop their own bombs I will pick China as the first one to help them out. The little faggots from the Sikh Regiment wouldn’t even be able to kill a little Spartan girl.
This three-part tutorial is meant to help clear up some of this confusion as well as dispel a few myths that frequently circulate the internet. It can be the result of many things, including lightning, a nuclear explosion, or specialized EMP weaponry. There are several unique atomic interactions that occur, including photoelectric absorption, Compton scattering, and pair production, all of which result in the generation of free electrons.

The greatest threat is from a high-altitude EMP produced by a nuclear weapon detonated 25 to 250 miles above the Earth’s surface. The precise extent of damage that a particular EMP will inflict is not easily predicted because it is dependent on many factors, including field orientation, waveform polarization, circuit geometry, filtering, and shielding.
Electronic equipment designed for higher currents, such as transformers, motors, and circuit breakers are less susceptible.
Affected systems include the electrical power grid, cellular and wired communications systems, the internet, personal electronics, agricultural systems, airplanes, gasoline pumps, satellites, water purification plants, generators, automobile electronics, and nearly every other type of modern electronic device.
Arthur Bradley is the bestselling author of the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family, the Prepper’s Instruction Manual, the Disaster Preparedness Handbook, and Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms. Bradley is an Army veteran, father of four, martial artist, weapons expert, and dedicated homeschooler.
That series has really caught the imagination of people wondering what it might be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world, following a global pandemic.
The truth is I don’t know the answer to your question, but I doubt it that Canada would fully escape without damage.
I’m no rocket scientist, but was curious as to how high 300 miles is in the atmosphere. To give you an idea, this is the same region at which the space shuttle (when we had one) orbited.
As such the amount of energy in the EMP is a function of the amount of gamma rays emitted by the nuclear weapon. However, the basic law of physics is that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only changed in form. In the long run for our society , it would be a blessing , electronics are part of what is dumbing out America , and making us socially retarded . One set of my grandparents didn’t get electricity until 1963, and I well remember as a 10-yr.
The Soviet version was more like the size of 2 foot lockers.I understand the yield on one of those is about 10-20 kilotons.
I’m wondering how well the alternator, voltage regulator and starter would stand an EMP event. As I posted above, the best guess, and that’s all it is, is there might be 3-5% permanently damaged.
Our community is built on the sharing of information via the comments section below, but before you post your first comment please read our "comments policy" carefully. It costs you nothing extra when you order and we get a small commission that helps to support this site. Professional manufacturer of PCB and PCB assembly specialized in single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB, PCB layout and design and PCB assembly 2. Adopting the digital technology, this instrument can transfer the physical agents into precise digital signals. At higher power levels, a real EMP device can melt any electronic device or system within hundreds of miles. This allows the gamma rays to spread out before they hit the atmosphere, creating a huge area of effect.
Only that just saying it would be war against NATO and a large portion of the world is not the end of discussion.
If a state has open carry and every man does not, versus another place where they do you can predict the outcome. Militarily America could win any war with great ease, but that is not in the interests of bankers or corporations. A neutron bomb uses a thinner casing which allows the neutrons to escape which takes the form of neutron radiation which zaps any human within a given radius depending upon the power of a given bomb, with like 8000 rads of radiation which would immediately incapacitate anyone caught in the burst and cause 100% mortality within 2 days. Taliban’s main fight was to oust the warlord system that supported, post-soviet regime.
I mean a country that is isolated from trade from the rest of the countries, where do they get their materials from?
Of all of these sources, the EMP that results from a high-altitude nuclear explosion has the greatest potential to cause widespread damage.
Most of this ionization occurs at an altitude of 12 to 25 miles (20 to 40 km) in a region of the atmosphere known as the “Source Region.” These free electrons ultimately interact with the Earth’s magnetic field lines, resulting in an intense electromagnetic pulse that affects the surface. It is reported that if even a small 1 to 2-megaton nuclear bomb was detonated 250 miles above the central states, the resultant pulse could disrupt, disable, and damage electronics across most, if not all, of the continental United States. The energy is coupled into electronic systems by three mechanisms: electrical induction (energy transferred to conducting wires or junctions), magnetic induction (energy transferred into closed conducting loops), and through transfer impedance, such as energy transferred to buried conductors.
He is active in volunteer youth organizations, including the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.
While the radiated effects of an EMP might be minimal in Canada from an attack like this, I suspect energy would travel very quickly over the conducted channels, causing some damage to their infrastructure as well. Is it even possible for a delivery system to go that high while still being under control of the operators, or is that altitude considered outer space? There are certainly delivery systems that can get up this high, and as you suggested, they were mostly in the hands of the big three (US, Russia, and China).
Small devices like this have microelectronics, which have been shown to be susceptible to electromagnetic energy.
I figure if this is the worst to expect, everything else will be cake (relatively speaking). The 1 to 2 Megaton weapon cited can only be a hydrogen bomb as no uranium or plutonium bomb can be built with that yield size. The result of this is that the amount of destructive energy is fixed but is spread out over a bigger area as the altitude goes up, so there is smaller amount of energy per square foot. I remember the days when there were no lap tops , no cell phones , and TV was black and white , with only 4 channels .
That percentage might not sound like much but imagine if 6 million cars suddenly stopped working all across the US.

The pulse can introduce very high currents on power lines which in turn will likely damage most anything plugged in.
Bradley, for your willingness to lend your expertise, and to MD for publishing this article.
Also some comments are moderated depending on the content and while we try to get your comment published as quickly as possible, sometimes it may take several hours before your comment appears live. Now toddle off into the hills and fight your Maoist guerillas that you’ve never managed to clean up.
There is still a blast with thermal and overpressure effects including destruction of infrastructure but not to the degree which a normal TND would inflict since part of the energy release is in the neutron radiation rather than solely blast effects. Nothing has 100% good intentions, and no one was the right thing always for the right reason.
When people talk about an “EMP attack,” they are almost always referring to one caused by a high-altitude nuclear detonation. Most modern integrated circuits are susceptible to high-frequency pulses, whereas large electrical systems, including our commercial power grid, are more susceptible to low-frequency pulses. Such a disruption would crush the economy and seriously degrade critical infrastructures, including: electrical power, telecommunications, financial, petroleum and natural gas, transportation, food, water, emergency services, space operations, and government. Also, if multiple warheads were detonated, both the area affected and overall damage could be greatly enhanced. Israel, France, India, and even North Korea are also considered to have some intercontinental missile capability, but I’m not certain which have been demonstrated to reach these kinds of altitudes.
What I don’t know is if there is any kind of high-frequency filtering, shielding, or other mitigation techniques used to make them less susceptible. It would almost certainly result in global war, one in which everyone would lose to one degree or another. Essentially, you can increase the number of systems exposed by increasing the altitude, but percentage of systems damaged will go down. Up to 10-15% would suddenly stall, causing huge numbers of traffic jams, injuries, and delays.
However, the pulse can also transmit radiated energy, causing damage to electronics, even if those items were not plugged in. Of course, other vessels, such as boats, airplanes, and trains could also experience some damage (but it’s not expected to be catastrophic).
China is exponentially most powerful than it was during the Korean War and it has accumulated much.
Many times solar events are also described as causing an EMP, but it’s important to understand the differences between the electromagnetic disturbance resulting from the Sun and the other sources mentioned—more on that later.
With all that said, if the US is the target, Canada would almost certainly be in better shape when the dust has settled. Terrorist attacks would likely be at a lower altitude, perhaps launched from the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, while the line of site illustration is fairly common, no one really seems to have done any unclassified studies as to how damaging the 300 mile burst will be versus those at 120 or 30 miles. Many believe (me included) that older vehicles with less microelectronics would be less susceptible, but that hasn’t actually been proven by testing. Communication systems are more likely going to be the biggest immediate impact when it comes transportation– think about planes trying to land without aid, ships trying to dock, etc. If a big EMP was detonated above the USA, the E1 burst would probably melt most of the electronics within 1,000 miles or so.
They will never risk China’s gains for North Korea because their path cannot be repeated. The Sun, however, only causes low-frequency electromagnetic disturbances, which will greatly affect how we protect against those events – coming in Part 2. An EMP detonated over the Eastern Seaboard (a likely target) would cause untold financial damage to our nation.
As such the weapons held by those most likely to use them against the US will do almost as much damage as the larger weapons. But as you pointed out the largest problem is more of a domino effect stemming from the loss of power. He has been featured in the New York Times, Toronto Sun, Men’s Journal, Costco Connection, Popular Mechanics, and Money magazine. Since then, though, as far as we know, there have been no further testing of nuclear EMPs by either the US or Russia.
Yes, many cars might still run, but without electricity there would be no gas available to fuel them. That is just one example among many of what China did to grow today and how they cannot do it a second time. The E1 induces very high voltages in just about everything, causing wires to melt, fuses to blow, and insulators to break down and become conductors.
It can sometimes affect electric equipment regardless of if the equipment is switched on or off, especially if thy are plugged into an electrical socket…E-BOMBS for under $400 dollarsThe more serious threat is from EMP bombs, which can be built off the shelf using around $400 dollars in supplies.
E3 is hard to protect against, but its effects are generally only felt by larger electrical installations, such as power lines. With modern tooling and technologies, creating an EMP weapon isn’t particularly hard.
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