The Disaster Management and Relief Ministry has identified in Dhaka city around 72,000 buildings which are vulnerable to earthquake, reports news agency UNB.
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The university's distinguished alumni include Fazlur Rahman Khan (pioneer of modern structural engineering), Muhammad Yunus (winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, pioneer of Microcredit), Muhammad Shahidullah (Famous educator, philologist and linguist), Rehman Sobhan (social democratic economist), Mohammad Ataul Karim (physicist), Abul Fateh (one of the founding fathers of South Asian diplomacy), Buddhadeb Bose (20th century Bengali poet) and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (the founding father of Bangladesh). Today, it is the largest public university in Bangladesh, with a student body of 33,000 and a faculty of 1,800.
Before Dhaka University was established, near its grounds were the former buildings of Dhaka College.
The establishment of the university was a compensation of the annulment of the 1905 Partition of Bengal. In 1913, public opinion was invited before the university scheme was given its final shape.
Established in 1921 under the Dacca University Act 1920 of the Indian Legislative Council, it is modelled after British universities. The university played a significant role in the Bengali Language Movement, when Bengalis joined together to fight against Urdu being the official language in East Pakistan.
The Dhaka University Library comprises three buildings: The administrative building, the main library building, and the science library building.
Besides the Faculty of Business Studies of the university has an E-Library which is the largest in the Asia of its kind.[20] This advanced level E-Library is connected with 35 internationally renowned libraries and publication houses in the world. The Medical Center of the University of Dhaka, near the Science Annex Building, offers free medical service and free pathological examinations to students, teachers and staff and also family members of the teachers and staffs. The Teacher-Student Centre, University of Dhaka of the university has its own cafeteria while another cafeteria stands on the Dhaka University Snacks (DUS) chattar. The university contains about 220 trusts and foundations offering scholarships and medals to meritorious students of the University. In 2011-12, the University of Dhaka made it into the list of 'Top World Universities' by QS World University Rankings.
The university of Dhaka organizes sports and other extracurricular and recreational activities. Directorate organizes and conducts interdepartmental and inter-hall tournaments, individual hall athletics, Dhaka university athletics, and inter- university games and sports.
After the establishment University of Dhaka in 1921, the BNCC Corps initiated its activities under the provisions of the Indian Territorial Forces Act, 1923. Badhan is a voluntary blood donors' organization that mobilizes fresh blood donors in Bangladesh.
Since then, Badhan has become a pioneer of voluntary blood donors with 34 wings in universities of the country.
The Dhaka University Cultural Society, from 2015, also known as DUCS is a university affiliated voluntary organization with the motto is 'Express to Explore'. Dhaka University Tourist Society was formed on October 30 of 1995 and has been being functional till date. DUTS focuses on the tourism development of the country and facilitates tours for the students of the university at comparatively lower cost.
Dhaka University Information Technology Society (DUITS) was formed in September, 2011 with a view to digitalizing the university campus and make the students of the university aware of the uses of information technology. Dhaka University Photographic Society (DUPS) was established on August 29 of 1999 and is working till date relentlessly to encourage the students of the university to learn to art of photography to open the eyes of the society.[43] DUPS not only facilitates the privileged and professionals, and motivates the passionate ones.
Dhaka University Model United Nations Association, popular as DUMUNA is the only Model United Nations (MUN) club of the university and the first of its kind in Bangladesh. DUMUNA is credited for organizing the most prestigious internationally recognized MUN conference of Bangladesh, Dhaka University National Model United Nations (DUNMUN).[48][49] DUMUNA has been successfully organizing this conference since 2012. The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) launched an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service to disseminate updated weather information among the common people.
The service, yet to be made public formally, is available through mobile phone calls at 10941.

For example, fishermen can now decide whether the climate is ideal or not to go fishing by listening at the IVR service, he said, while talking to recently. SM Kamrul Hasan, meteorologist at Bangladesh Met Office, said they are sending each and every type of weather information immediately to DDM for updating the IVR. The DDM director general confirmed that people would have to pay around Tk1.50 to get weather updates through this service. He also said, DDM would go for mass publicity for the service once they get a popular short code like 555 or 777 as the present short code (10941) is a bit long which might be tough to remember.
Airtel, a private mobile phone operator in the country had introduced a telecommunication based digital system to deliver weather alerts, and tracking services for vessels out at sea specifically targeted towards Bangladesh’s coastal community on October 29, 2011.
As part of Airtel’s initiative, thousands of fishermen in the Bangladeshi coast could be able to subscribe to weather alerts and forecasts thus allowing them to avoid rough seas and sail safely. Currently the service is halted due to technical constraints; however, it will resume soon, said Airtel officials. Taking lessons from a cyclonic event in 1991, which caused huge losses in property and took lives of 138,000 people, Bangladesh has improved a lot regarding disaster management and early warning system in the last two decades. The free course, run by the fire department, included lectures, drills and exercises on search and rescue, first aid, fire safety and equipment handling. The training is also useful for dealing with manmade disasters like the collapse of Rana Plaza.
Abdul Alim, head of a fire station in the Mohammadpur area of central Dhaka where some volunteers are trained, recalled how a volunteer used the wrong kind of saw in an attempt to free a woman who had been trapped in the Rana Plaza rubble for days. Redowan Ahmed Srabon (right) and Khairul Islam became urban volunteers two years after both helped rescue workers following the collapse of Rana Plaza in Dhaka. Cyclone volunteers do not receive as much hands-on training as urban volunteers – the former focus mainly on warning and evacuation. As a volunteer, Islam learned basic firefighting skills as well as search and rescue for collapsed buildings.
Part of Islam’s training looked at how to work systematically and coordinate with professional rescuers. They also say three days’ training is not enough to learn everything they need to know.
Established during the British Raj in 1921, it has been a significant contributor to the modern history of Bangladesh.[2][3][4][5][6] After the Partition of India, it became the focal point of progressive and democratic movements in Pakistan.
The partition had established East Bengal and Assam as a separate province, with Dhaka as its capital. The secretary of state approved it in December 1913.[9] The first vice-chancellor of the university, Dr. Dhaka University was the main place where the movement started with the students joining together and protesting against the Pakistan government.
11 of 1973 re-constitute and re-organize the University of Dhaka to improve the teaching and research provided thereby and the administration after 1971 Independence war.
The library holds a collection of more than 617,000 volumes, including bound volumes of periodicals. The centre provides service round the clock, seven days a week, with 30 doctors working in shifts.
Besides, a large number of scholarships are offered by the university, Dhaka University Alumni Association and the government.
Students participate in national championships in games and sports for which prior training and coaching are offered. Till now 21 rover scouts from this group have received the "President's Rover Scout Award" from the Honourable President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The zonal office of Badhan in the university is on the ground floor of Teacher-Student Centre. DUTS works to create awareness among the people of the country regarding tourism and promote tourism in every aspect. DUITS has been working to enhance the knowledge of the students with the best utilization of the information technology.

DUMUNA promotes the concept of Model United Nations in the university and practices it since 2011 after being established by one of the students of the university, Mr. In addition, DUMUNA organizes workshops on MUN, mock MUN, and sends delegation to MUN conferences including Harvard National Model United Nations. Negotiations in this regard are ongoing with Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Instead of just following the TV updates, he took a bus from central Dhaka to the factory, on the city’s outskirts, where more than 1,100 workers died and 2,500 were injured. He is still haunted by what he saw and heard: the voices of people trapped in the rubble, begging him to cut off their arms or legs pinned under concrete, or beseeching him to take care of their children if they died.
Since 2011, it has trained 30,000 volunteers in nine cities, and aims to reach 62,000 by 2020. Although the country experiences regular cyclones and flooding, it is alsovulnerable to earthquakes.
In poorer countries where infrastructure is lacking, civilians often arrive on the scene of a disaster before under-resourced professional emergency personnel.
At the fire station where he was trained, volunteers practised rescue techniques, learned how to put out small fires, and how to use saws and drills. Between 10% and 20% drop out of the programme, mainly because they move away, said Masud Khan, a disaster response specialist with CDMP. Funding for the scheme is an issue – the money to train the next 32,000 volunteers has not yet been committed. Syeda Rumpa, 23, a student at Dhaka’s Jagannath University, began volunteering in the spring. Its students and teachers played a central role in the rise of Bengali nationalism and the independence of Bangladesh.
However, the partition was abolished in 1911 due to severe opposition from Indian National Congress and Bengali Hindus.[10] To appease the people of East Bengal, Lord Curzon declared that a university as a center of excellence would be established in Dacca. Throughout this order the word Dhaka was substituted for the word Dacca by section 2 of the University Laws (Amendment) Act, 1987 (Act No.
In addition, it has a collection of over 30,000 manuscripts in other languages and a large number of microfilms, microfiche and CDs. In 2016, the group will be celebrating its golden jubilee with year-long programs and activities. DUTS organizes programs like National Tourism Rally, Migratory Bird Fair, Indigenous Fair etc. DUFS is an active member of the Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies (BFFS).[42] DUFS is TSC based students' organization.
If an earthquake of 7.5 on the Richter scale struck Dhaka, an estimated 72,000 buildings would collapse, according to a 2004 CDMP study.
Their abilities can determine whether people live or die, and if they do not know what they are doing, they could put themselves and others at risk. As a senior volunteer he spent 18 days at Rana Plaza supporting rescue and first aid teams. Islam was among the volunteers dispatched there in teams, each with specific duties such as searching for victims and marking locations, rescuing people and giving first aid. The volunteers have also called for refresher courses, as well as travel and food allowances and more ways to stay engaged, such as through festivals for volunteers and online networks. Erfan Uddin[45][46] on January 13 of same year with the motto, "United We Work, United We Achieve".[47] The Chief Advisor of DUMUNA is Professor Dr. Present moderator of Dhaka University Film Society is AAMS Arefin Siddique; present vice chancellor of the university. After independence, Bangladesh Cadet Corps comprising college students and Junior Cadet Corps comprising junior students were formed in addition to the University Officers Training Corps.

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