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Website maintained by Revenue Disaster Management, Government of Andhra Pradesh Best viewed with JavaScript enabled browsers. DRI Singapore organizes business continuity events from time to time and we will update them here. ISACA May2014 seminar features networking dinner and an expert talk by our prominent member Mr.
The Loma Prieta earthquake in California 25 years ago sparked the modern discipline of Business Continuity Planning ?data centres were up and running within hours or less, thanks to well-developed disaster recovery planning, but buildings and bridges had collapsed and power was out in wide areas. Since then, businesses and government agencies are increasingly moving to fully online models, abandoning outlets, branches, and service counters for cheaper, faster, better digital services. To be online all the time requires significant planning and investment ?to keep your business viable and competitive. And if you’re involved with financial services in Singapore, you know what the Monetary Authority requires of you! Come hear our panel of experienced business continuity planners share their expertise and field your questions to help you be online all the time. DRI2014 is the premiere industry event where business continuity, risk management, disaster recovery and emergency response professionals can learn from and network with top industry experts and collaborate with their peers. DRI Singapore and ASIS International (Singapore Chapter) strengthen collaboration in promoting Security Best Practices and Business Continuity Management. ASIS International Singapore Chapter and DRI Singapore will be signing an activity collaboration MoU during the event. Please join us together to a great networking night with ASIS members and meet personally with Mr.
If you missed DRI2012 in New Orleans, take a look at the conference video on this page to see for yourself what a great event it was.

DRI2013 promises to be an even bigger and better event, with an outstanding conference program, unique volunteer activities, the second annual DRI International Awards of Excellence, and access to an exhibit hall filled with the industry's latest innovations. The Ten Professional Practices have been updated to reflect current issues and challenges in the Business Continuity Management world..
DRI International selected a group of subject matter experts with valuable knowledge in fields of business continuity, emergency preparedness and enterprise risk to conduct an in-depth evaluation of each of the Professional Practices over a significant time period. We encourage all DRI International members to utilize these documents to assist them in building, maintaining and auditing their program.
Comments and recommendations from certified professionals are always welcome to help us continue to improve this body of knowledge and mature the Business Continuity Management industry. DHS Requesting Comments on New Proposed Standards for Business Continuity Management and Preparedness. NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 16 2009: On October 15, 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced in the Federal Register newly proposed standards under the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep). Singapore training has an additional half day Q & A revision session to ensure participants have sufficient time and study for the qualifying examination. Business Continuity Management Institute (BCM Institute) Glossary in Wiki (Version 1.0) or BCMpedia provides Business Continuity (BC), Crisis Management (CM), Crisis Communication (CC), BCM Audit and Disaster Recovery (DR), Professional with definitions that help to reduce confusion, thus promoting a common understanding and interpretation when implementing the BCM planning process. For government agencies, the same level of planning and investment is required to maintain service levels. Ong Liong Chuan has been a key driver of the work in the Technical Committee on BCM under the Singapore Standards Council. It aims to bring together members of the business and IT controls community, to discuss and share industry best practices regarding these complex challenges at a strategic and thematic level. Significant changes have been made to all the practices with a special emphasis on organizational resiliency, emergency response and operations and business continuity and resumption. The goal was to update the documents and set strategy for them to continue to be the primary standard and reference for our professional membership.

They have proven history as a knowledge base which continues to show business value and makes a very positive impact on not only your programs but those of your critical partners. The practices will be placed on a regular review cycle and comments and feedback will be used to enhance the practices and maintain currency within the industry. While a defined word or phrase can have several other meanings or connotations especially on its usage and interpretation, this BCM Institute's Wiki site or BCMpedia will provide you with one of the closest definition. They include petrol, diesel, thinners, oils, paints, wax, cooking fat and plastics that melt.
Heavy reliance on online availability introduces significant risks ?if you’re down, you’re done! His leadership led to the successful completion of the National and International BCM standards which benefited the business communities in improving business resilience through better risk management. The conference promises to bring new insights into the current IT and regulatory environment needed to develop strategies to address these growing risks and concerns at the root cause.
We believe the team has delivered documents which are technically current, remain generic to all sectors, tie accurately to support of business processes and will be of business value to those utilizing them.
It is also the most comprehensive set of business continuity and disaster recovery definitions as it includes most of the key definitions from the other sources. The definition will also include similar terms used by ISO ISO22301, British Standard BS25999, Singapore Standard SS540, Australian Standard ANZ5050, and ASIS, etc. Business Continuity Management: Preparedness,Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery, etc.

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