The mission of the International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide.
We are a non-profit advocating for the disabled in areas of public access, education, integration, job skills, physical rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation and disaster relief.
We engage children and adults in art projects geared to developing an understanding of disability. The media has documented the extensive international involvement with disaster response and rebuilding following the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. Thanks to the excellent work of Congressman Mike Conway and his excellent administrative assistant, Corbette Padilla, Fred's passport was renewed in two days.
Plans are underway to use the adaptive sport of amputee soccer to help earthquake amputees overcome tramatic injury. Our short-term goal is to establish an amputee football program to assist the thousands of amputees integrate back into society.
Pictured right, ten year old amputee Jean Peter enjoys football practice as his father looks on. The call came on Friday afternoon at about 3:30PM - a charter flight of the Wheelchair Foundation had permission to land in Haiti and was scheduled to leave from Ft.
All the reasonably priced flights from the Dallas Fort Worth area to Fort Lauderdale were booked, but Dr.
On Sunday, January 24, Pastor Rudy Bond, Senior Pastor at New Life Worship Center in Tyler Texas, met with Dr.
Having knowledge that Texas Federal Surplus had a warehouse full of 20-man tents sitting unused and unwanted, Pastor Bond contacted the Commander of Texas Federal Surplus on our behalf.

As a direct result of this call, the entire warehouse of tents has been re-commissioned by the U.S. AP reported on January 25 that only 10,000 family-sized tents were available for tent cities in Port-au-Prince and that 100,000 were needed. Disaster and Crisis Planning and Management Planning and Preparing Logistical Planning Federal State City District Staff Students Parents Volunteers Others Emergency Preparedness Emergency situation.. Crisis Planning for Business Interruption How to minimize the impact of the unexpected on business operations Goals of Crisis Planning Preserve, protect and enhance your organization's brand, even i..
Fred Sorrells was asked to lead a disability seminar for members of the young adults department of a church in Port-au-Prince.
Sorrells encouraged the Port-au-Prince Rotary to partner with other chapters in the USA in collecting forearm crutches. Amputee football will enable many recent amputees overcome their disabilities and re-integrate back into society.
Sorrells wrote, "I went by the school for the disabled where Herold and JoJo (taught art).
Fred Sorrells arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti, this morning and is preparing to make his way to the location of the St. Sorrells is pictured on the tarmac in Port au Prince with the supplies he was able to quickly purchase and pack for the trip. Sorrells boarded the plane chartered by the Wheelchair Foundation at 7:30AM, and he is pictured with the pilot here.
Fred Sorrells, President of the International Institute of SPORT, to discuss ways to get immediate aid to the disabled in Haiti.

UDDI The UDDI registry structure Identification of information entities The identifier and category bags UDDI binding template UDDI tModel Linking WSDL to a UDDI registry WSDL authoring for UDDI .. Corporate reputation 78% of these business leaders agree that companies that integrate responsible practices will be more competitive 73% agree that sustained social and environmental engagement .. In other words, if the amputee victims are playing soccer, maybe there is a real chance I will have a place to live and the country is returning to normalcy. Our longterm goal is to establish a therapeutic recreation center here in Haiti that offers physical therapy, leisure, recreation, sports for the disabled and job training. Our Haitian artists Eder Romeus, Herold Alvares, John Paul Joseph and Pierre Guy Theodore are disabled and unable to help themselves or the people around them.
Impact of Culture on Disaster Responses Group Exercises Being the Stranger in a Strange Land (2 Exercises) Courtesy of Helena Davis, MHANYS Exercis..
Lauderdale, he spent part of the night in Wal-Mart purchasing medical supplies and toiletries for the disabled artists he intends to find.
Clemson University Crisis Management Plan University-related crises will occur and must be managed efficiently and effectivel.. We advocate for the disabled in business and government affairs to help secure access to jobs and transportation.

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