GeoHub is a portal of open location-based data from city departments that empowers both the public and city employees to explore, analyze and build on the data. Youths are highly enthusiastic about starting their own businesses in order to realize their dreams.
Hundreds of runners and walkers gathered in the afternoon of November 8, 2015 at Ap Lei Chau for the 12th CyberRun for the Rehabilitation with the theme of “Sunset Jogging to Cyberport”.
Esri China (HK) participated in the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of our long-term business partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Co. Esri User Conference (Esri UC) 2015 was once again successfully held in San Diego from July 18-24. In Esri User Conference every year, Esri presents hundreds of organizations worldwide with Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards. GIS professionals, users and friends who open the website of Esri China (Hong Kong) every day may have a pleasant surprise in early August. Smart City promises to enhance the quality of city living by using Information and Communication Technology and related initiatives are generating interests among different sectors in the city.
The revamped Statutory Planning Portal 2 (SPP2) of Town Planning Board launched last fall has quickly become one of the most popular website providing public information. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal on 25 Apr 2015 has taken over 8,000 lives and injured over 19,000 people.
Esri is supporting organizations that are responding to earthquake disasters with software, data, imagery, project services, and technical support. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship.

The Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) has finally returned to Hong Kong after a decade and the 10th Esri APUC was successfully held in 27-28th January 2015. This year, about 600 delegates from 20 countries of Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America descended upon the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Liaise with IT Services regarding IT requirements Hardware, Software, instructions, training etc. Related Terms: Risk Appetite, Risk Likelihood, Risk Impact, Risk Rating, Risk Level, Period of Disruption, Risk Analysis and Review.
School districts and individual schools are responsible for not only the education of their students, but also their safety. To that end, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management has worked with several partnering agencies (see below)* to create some helpful planning tools. The goal of the group was to make sure that every school in Iowa has a plan, and the vision was to give them a template to drive planning conversations at the local level.
The plan has been shared with at least eight states, and soon at the national level through the National Association of School Resource Officers.
HSEMD has worked with Iowa Central Community College's Homeland Security Training Center to offer active shooter training to law enforcement and other first responders since 2003. In addition, the Iowa Association of School Boards has produced a toolkit for schools, built on the lessons learned from the 2008 disasters in Iowa.
For Influenza Pandemic planning purposes, the estimated worst case scenario is for a cumulative clinical attack rate of 50% of the population over 15 weeks for each phase. Risk Assessment is the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation.

Process of identifying internal and external threats and vulnerabilities, identifying the likelihood of an event arising from such threats or vulnerabilities, defining the critical functions necessary to continue an organization’s operations, defining the controls in place or necessary to reduce exposure, and evaluating the cost for such controls. Not only do school staff need to know what to do in case of a fire or severe weather, but also in the event of suspicious packages, bomb threats, hazardous materials accidents, shooting incidents, hostage situations and assaults. These documents were developed for the schools of Iowa to use as a template to enhance current school safety programs. The plan was derived from these conversations and will increase the overall security and safety of every school in Iowa, because the schools were partnered with local first responders and county emergency managers. Threat Information and Infrastructure Protection Program (TIIPP) staff are available to discuss these school safety products and school security assessments. The training center has taught 41,000 first responders and is currently the recipient of grant funding through HSEMD to continue this training for smaller law enforcement agencies. This type of methodology typically applies mathematical and statistical techniques and modeling. Ultimately, schools can decide how much of the documents they would like to incorporate into their current plan.

Survival skills in various disasters
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Rubric: Solar Flare Survival


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