Floods have been triggered due to continuous heavy rains in several parts of north-eastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh causing rivers to rise above high flood danger levels.
In Arunachal Pradesh river Lohit ( encircling Tezu Dist HQ ) a tributary of Brahmaputra at Dhola Ghat and seasonal tributaries Durra –nallah, tezu nallah, Sukha nallah (Tezu Dist HQ) connecting river Roing (at Lowe Dibang Valley) and Tinsukia (in Assam) has been rising , while river Nao- Dehing (at Mahadepur Circle) and Berrang, Kamalng, Tengapani river and Sibiri nallah (encircling Chongkham Circle) are over flowing affecting Tezu , Mahadevpur , Chongkham and Wakro circles of Lohit, Anjaw and Lower Dibang Valley Districts . Arunachal Pradesh 3 affected Districts Lohit( Tezu, Mahadevpur & Chongkham Wakro circles ) and 7 villages with 200,000 population and Anjaw District ( Hawai, Walong, Kibithoo, Manchu, Hayuliang, Goiliang, Choglangam circles and Lower Dibang Valley have received 685 mm in the past 4 day. In Jammu Division of Jammu & Kashmir the district administration has informed all people inhabiting along the banks to move to safer places and the administration is on alert as the water level of rivers fall below danger level. In 2015, ReliefWeb covered 88 natural disasters, with the Nepal earthquakes the most significant. Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to common problems and learn more about ReliefWeb. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Defense and attached emergency agencies conduct relief operations for Hurricane Gustav at the Hurricane Gustav Joint Field Office Sept. Naturally, when it came time to evaluate new office headquarters for GRT to meet our strict operational and business requirements for the growth of GRT’s Rapid Data Management System (RDMS) technology we looked first at Pease International. Global Relief Technologies (GRT) recently announced they moved their Global Headquarters to a new office space within Pease International.
The Pease International community is comprised of the Pease International Tradeport, the Portsmouth International Airport (PSM), Skyhaven Airport (DAW), the Division of Ports and Harbors, and the 27-hole Pease Golf Course.
GRT President and CEO Michael Gray had this to say about the move, “Global Relief Technologies has enjoyed and prospered at Pease International since we first moved our global headquarters here in 2005. Global Relief Technologies (GRT) recent growth has been stimulated by their Rapid Data Management System (RDMS) technology solution which operates on the Android Operating System, Windows Mobile & Windows Phone, as well as the Apple iOS mobile operating system. Rapid Data Management System (RDMS) by GRT is an advanced data capture solution which enables Mobile Workforces, Operations and Management personnel the ability to collect, access, manage, analyze, and share key data and business information with the highest levels of security and reliable performance. Organizations seeking to deploy enterprise-level advanced mobile data collection and analysis solutions to the field can now benefit from GRT’s experience launching, managing, and supporting thousands of devices worldwide. Global Relief Technologies (GRT) core competency is designing, developing and supporting cutting-edge Total Enterprise Mobile Field-Data Workflow Technology Solutions.
American Red Cross GIS & GPS Damage Assessment Mapping and Analysis with RDMS by GRTEmergency Responders from the American Red Cross were deployed to Alabama in April, 2011 in response to severe tornadoe outbreaks.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Also due to landslides and erosion of embankments has lead to congestion and siltation of river channels. Affecting power supply due to damage of power lines , submergence of water supply sources and transportation networks (suspension bridges, culverts, bridges and retaining walls, roads, embankments and spurs) have been washed way, damaged and blocked to due landslide and rock boulders. In Assam , Karimnagar district administration has distributed gratuitous relief item of rice and salt to the affected. In addition, RDMS by GRT continues to be a leading mobile data collection and analysis solution for Emergency Response Management, Disaster Recovery, Expeditionary Medicine, Relief & Reconstruction, and Military Operations worldwide. Pease International is a prospering business and aviation industrial community covering 3,000 acres of world-class office and industrial space.
Offering a Foreign Trade Zone with access to the east international trade corridors by land, direct air cargo or by sea via the Port of New Hampshire, Pease is ideally suited for any import, export or global business. RDMS by GRT is a flexible and adaptable Total Enterprise Mobile Field-Data Workflow Technology Solution that provides the ability for field personnel (mobile workforces) to quickly and accurately collect, transfer, and analyze data.
Armed with this highly accurate real-time information, authorized personnel can accelerate business and operational decisions, can significantly improve operational productivity and performance, can simplify work processes, and can allocate resources more effectively.
GRT has a history of success rapidly collecting over 500,000 highly accurate assessments all across the world including the countries of China, Chile, Nicaragua, Haiti, Philippines, Thailand, and the United States. GRT’s proprietary Rapid Data Management System (“RDMS”) technology (1) is easy to use, configure, and integrate, (2) is highly secure, adaptable, and customizable, and (3) offers exceptional real-time mobile field-data collection, communication and collaboration capabilities. 132 houses have been damaged due to erosion by river Kundil in Sadiya Sub -division of Tinsukia District and 33 in Majuli( Jorhat Districts). Irrigation departments have been alerted to monitor the river flow at all gauging stations. It is home to over 245 companies employing more than 7,000 people occupying some 4 million square feet of office and industrial space. Pease International is conveniently located adjacent to Interstate 95 just 50 miles from Boston, MA, as well as 35 miles from the Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, NH, and about 50 miles from the Portland International Jetport in Portland, ME.
In addition, the RDMS technology solution offered by GRT will enable companies to eliminate massive amounts of paper processes and deliver increased corporate profits with an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI).

In fact, through a subcontract with the Raytheon, RDMS by GRT’s Logistics Solution is being used by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan to support systems that protect military and civilian personnel. Since 2005, RDMS by GRT has proven to perform successfully in normal to extreme work environments all over the world, and is being utilized by the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corp (USMC), the American Red Cross as well as AIR Worldwide (AIR), the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), and Northeast Utilities.
Significant damage has been reported to agriculture and horticulture fields such as orange gardens, and paddy fields. NH 52 has been submerged at several stretches by overflowing waters from River Jiadhol cutting off Dhemaji in Upper Assam. Global Relief Technologies (GRT) has developed best practices for success with their Rapid Data Management System (RDMS), allowing you the ability to collect field-data faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before with proven outstanding reliability and performance.
GRT is a Verizon Wireless Business Solution Alliance Partner, a Motorola Solutions Provider – Gold Level, and a member of the AT&T Industry and Mobility Alliance Program.
In Lower Dibang Valley District road commutation is disrupted between Roing ( District HQ) and Hunli due landslide, blocking road links to Nanda Pass. Vast tracts of land in Jonai subdivision in Dhemaji is inundated by rising waters of Lali and Siang rivers.
Other formalized GRT strategic business partnerships include: Raytheon, GeoEye, Vizada, Stanford University, and Dartmouth College. The Kabang village bridge over Kundli river was washed away also damaging the wing wall of the RCC bridge at Adali-Denlo over Aba River. GRT is also a member of the National Emergency Management Associaton (NEMA) and GSA Contract holder. In Majuli, Asia's largest river island, three embankments are breached and the road link between Upper and Lower Majuli is disrupted. In areas where road connectivity is blocked and nallahs (tributary channels) are not traversable elephants are being used to carry out rescue and relief operations. 3 breaches has been caused at Katabari , Nurulcherra under Patherkandi Circle, Berartuk under R K Nagar circle and 2 breaches on marginal embankments under Patherkandi Circle of Karimnagar District is reported.

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