Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for small businesses need effectual strategies to deal with and to recover from disrupting occurrences. It is apparent that disasters such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes and several other disasters inflict thousands of businesses to suffer heavy losses and many of them even get locked. As an owner of a small business, it becomes unavoidable to protect critical units of your organization, including your IT server room, power utilities, and highly expensive and heavy equipments including employees and customers from injury within your business premises in an event of disaster. Our BCP & DRP packages comprise of templates, forms, checklist, guide, policies, standards and samples. Enter your email to learn about the latest news and offerings from Contingency Now by signing up! Although it may not be immediately apparent, one of the most important assets any company has is its data.

In addition to these questions it is important to think about what could cause data loss for your company. By providing industry proven Disaster Recovery solutions and testing these solutions for you on a periodic basis, IQX can allay these fears.
With the correct plan in place, in the event of catastrophe you will know what data you can recover, how long it will take to get back, and what process to follow.
What would you do if disaster struck your city and your home or business office was wiped out?
These are real issues that could wipe out your business if you don’t have a contingency plan in place. There are simple and effective strategies you can implement right now to start protecting your business.

With my Emergency Business Planning package, you are COMPLETELY covered – no matter what happens to get in the way of your business.
We leverage a range of different technology and we are therefore able to put a disaster recovery plan in place for you whether your business is small or large.

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