From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. Be prepared when disaster strikes with this comprehensive guide to the basics of disaster preparation and response. The global community has become increasingly concerned about the climate change and its disastrous impacts. This realization has given birth to regime of disaster management in the wake of calamities like earthquakes, floods and cyclones causing colossal damage to life and poverty throughout the world. East Tennessee State University is continually preparing for the possibility of disaster on campus. All students, faculty, staff should familiarize themselves with the university's general emergency procedures. Register for approved East Tennessee State University emergency communications and other important information via text message and email, hosted by Rave Mobile Safety.
An international search and rescue team responds to the earthquake in Padang, Indonesia in 2009.
In 2012 the focus has been on supporting Governments in managing disaster response and preparedness, including the management of international assistance. The handbook, titled The Guide for Disaster Managers in Asia-Pacific, will explain how Governments can ask for targeted support and how they can ensure that this support meets their requirements.

Legal issues are often invisible in emergencies, but effective disaster response laws underpin the efficiency of emergency responders and the success of recovery efforts.
Romano Lasker, Regional Partnerships Officer,  is overseeing the development of the guide for the OCHA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Disaster Management is a system that embodies four phases during its cycle: response, recovery, relief and rehabilitation. As an ETSU student, faculty member, or staff member, personal preparedness is necessary at the individual level. They are posted in all ETSU buildings. These procedures give students, faculty, and staff specific information about what to do in the event of fire, severe weather, power outages, and hazardous material releases.
Governments in the region are making it clear that they want the response to emergencies within their borders to be led by them, with greater assistance from neighbouring countries. When the Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos, was in the region for last year’s Humanitarian Partnership Meeting in Shanghai, the idea of a handbook for Member States was agreed. Between 5 and 9 November, close to seventy humanitarian and disaster management professionals  from the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Bangkok to discuss the information that should be included in the publication.
They include floods, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, droughts, dzuds, conflicts, political instability and pandemics, all of which often have dire humanitarian consequences.

Rosaria Cabrera is the Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defence and the Chairperson of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council in the Philippines.
The International Federation of the Red Cross says laws can save lives, with legal preparedness working in the interest of Governments.
The posting also provides specific procedures to follow for building evacuation and response to the GoldAlert emergency notification system. For the United Nations and its humanitarian organizations, such as OCHA, this has meant a change in the way we approach Governments on disaster response. The workshop included representatives from as far as Afghanistan, Fiji, Mongolia and Australia. Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have taken steps towards ensuring their laws support effective disaster response. Including references to what is available in terms of legal support in the Guide will further assist this process.

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