Several historic structures throughout Colorado have been affected by natural disasters, namely fires and floods. The September 2013 floods affected 17 counties including Boulder County where the most rainfall was recorded, 9.08 inches, an amount comparable to the counties annual precipitation.
Not only can renovation save money today, but a rehabbed historic property is more valuable in the long run than a new building. Donate to CPIWe hope you will extend your appreciation for Colorado's past into an investment in its future by making a tax-deductible gift today.
Homesteaded in 1895 by Dick McQueary to provide a stop for the Georgetown Stage Line, the 320-acre 4 Bar 4 Ranch has strong ties to Grand County and Colorado's heritage. Ed believes that lawyers need to learn to think more like entrepreneurs and act more like business managers–two skills not taught in law school. In this follow-up companion volume to Ed Poll's highly praised first Secrets collection, you'll learn how to be even more efficient, more effective and more profitable in your practice. Providing attorneys and law firms specific and practical suggestions for being more effective and making more money in the process.
Read about the legal issues related to planning for disasters and what happens after one strikes. The Committee's video on disaster preparedness was recently honored with a Gold StevieĀ® Award.

Flash flooding, tornadoes, fires, ice storms and power outages, all disasters families need to be prepare for, yet hope never happen. Planning and preparation for your family and your pets needs to be in place long before the disaster strikes. This part of the emergency preparedness plan is the most overwhelming but sets the stage for all the other steps.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The floods ripped out half of the foundation of the circa-1902 Little Church in the Pines in Salina, everyone reacted quickly in order to understand the damage and work to stabilize the Church.
Recognizing the need for immediate preservation after natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, or fires, the Fund offers emergency funding to damaged buildings, structures, or sites for temporary stabilization until property owners are able to pursue permanent preservation projects.
The Royal Gorge fire that occurred in June 2013 burned 3,218 acres and destroyed 48 structures, including damage to several historic structures located in the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.
The State Historical Fund awarded emergency funding to stabilize this important community landmark.
It is quicker, and a repaired historic structure grows in value faster than a new building. Public and non-profit property owners of historically designated properties are able to apply for up to $10,000 with a 25% cash match.

Disaster planning is one of the most specialized, most overlooked, and most vital business planning endeavors. Owners of damaged properties are discovering that it can be faster and cheaper to renovate than to demolish and build a new structure.
Likewise, the 2013 flood crashed its way between the two historic barns at the Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park, but the properties were stabilized and protected through a State Historical Fund emergency grant.
Figure out exactly what needs to be done, write it down, and walk through your structure with contractors to get a ballpark figure. Private property owners of historically designated properties are not able to apply directly; however, a non-profit organization is able to apply on their behalf.
The goal is to develop a recovery strategy to get your firm up and running again and thus ensure its survival.

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