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This book gives guidelines to help prepare your own plan of action in the event of a catastrophic event.
Focusing on natural disasters (earthquake, flood, typhoon, etc), our goal is to develop a relief preparedness education game for teenagers and young adults.
What is a community-based learning experience that will accurately inform teenagers and young adults about the unpredictable nature and important steps to take after a natural disaster?

Using the unpredictability of natural disasters as a key component of game play, we will illustrate how fortunes can change based on decisions made during the game. FEMA Games related to disaster preparedness, FEMA Guidelines and Disaster Instructions regarding getting yourself safe before helping others. Finalize the instructions and produce a rule set that can be tested by actual target age group. The First Aid Flippers® and the Disaster Preparedness Flipper® make great promotional items.

Details of the strategic resilience projects being delivered throughout Queensland in response to the disaster events of 2010-11. First Aid Flippers® are based on American Heart Association and American Red Cross guidlines and the Disaster Preparedness Flipper® is based on FEMA guidelines.

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