Score a home-run for you and your family at Hurricane Preparedness Day with the Norfolk Tides!  Join five Hampton Roads localities and Ready Hampton Roads at Harbor Park on Saturday, June 1, 2013, the official start of hurricane season, for an evening of baseball, prizes and disaster preparedness. While the Tides tangle with the Buffalo Bison, emergency management professionals from Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Isle of Wight County, and Ready Hampton Roads will turn the concourse into a classroom for disaster preparation. Drawings will be held during the game for Go Kits, a backpack full of disaster supplies and other prizes.
Here are five valuable lessons that disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina or Sandy, have taught us. Dona€™t forget to incorporate a scenario where some of you arena€™t home but are at work or in school. During a hurricane, the safest place in your house is the basement or innermost closet or bathroom with no windows.

Keep a bag or container packed with useful resources a€” like a flash light, batteries, water, knife, rope, blanket and first-aid kit a€” that you might need during an evacuation.
During a hurricane watch, make sure to stay informed and know which kind of hurricane is coming your way.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Ready Hampton Roads is the region’s emergency awareness and preparedness program supported by the HRPDC. Local meteorologists from WAVY-TV 10 and WVEC-TV 13 will be available to answer your severe weather questions, and representatives from Navy Region Mid-Atlantic will also be on hand to provide additional disaster preparedness information specifically for Navy families.
Make a movie of the inside and outside of your house with your tablet or cellphone and make pictures of important documents like insurance documents.

If you have nothing backed up or everything is in paper format, don't wait, get prepared. Having an emergency plan and being prepared for hurricane season can really make a difference when these disasters force us to switch to survival mode. While the basement can be one of the safest places, when the area floods, it is the last place where you want to be.

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