This Ministry evolved from the Colonial System of Government and was inaugurated in June 1959. Building resilience of coastal communities to disasters and climate change in Scarborough, Tobago. The Comprehensive Disaster Management Policy Framework of Trinidad and Tobago (2010) has as one of its imperatives to mainstream Disaster Risk Management in government operations, business and the society.
Natural hazards: High winds and heavy rain can easily disrupt communication as is often the case with Direct TV, cell phone signals, wireless internet signals and other wireless signals.

Hardware and software failure: This may have some of the effects as discussed in the Sabotage section. IT refers to both the hardware and software that are used to store, retrieve, and manipulate information. All power generation and industrial processes are electronically controlled as well as banks and other financial institutions. Interference with these systems can lead to financial instability, loss of power to communities and may trigger huge catastrophes in certain industries.

This ability to operate systems with great precision, speed, from great distances and store masses of information also can cause catastrophe if the system fails or is accessed by unauthorized personnel.
This can cause an escalation of events like financial corruption, disruption of industrial processes, communication issues and loss of irretrievable information.

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