In my last article, “Where Recovery Begins,” I discussed the importance of prioritizing your critical data. Backup options: Company data should be securely backed up offsite and available for recovery at any time. Dress rehearsal: Practice a recovery process every few months to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Check the location of your critical data: Make sure you know where the critical data is stored at your company. Assume that your normal methods of communication during a disaster or emergency will not be functioning.
It is imperative that your employees know where to go and what to do if your office or computers are down. Designate and prepare for alternative working sites and suggest remote work facilities for a temporary period.
Distribute the plan to all employees and upload a copy where it can be accessed by everyone. Put a copy of the plan somewhere that won’t be affected by data failure or office evacuation. Jennifer Walzer is the CEO and Founder of BUMI, an online backup and recovery provider that serves over 500 businesses.
Contracting with hotels is a much more complex process than people may think, especially when it’s on a contingency basis. And, Jennifer, thanks for sharing your thoughts on DR and getting the conversation rolling. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.

Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Businesses need to determine what data they would need immediately to continue functioning after a disaster or loss of corporate data.
A business can’t function going forward if they can’t retrieve their critical data after a disaster. An excellent way to do this is via online backup whereby a company’s data is backed up each night and stored far away from the company’s location.
If people store their data on their desktops instead of the file server, make sure all desktops are backed up.
These services allow you to forward office lines or even create virtual lines that can be accessed from anywhere.
That process will show you where you’re backup is insufficient and the difficulty of the process may lead you to consider a more robust solution (with tech support).
I love DropBox as a storage method as it gives everyone in your office access to shared information and also backs everything up in case of emergency. Boot up Order, Server dependencies, Vendor Contact information and everything else you would need to Rebuild your IT infrastructure in a Disaster Recovery Scenario?
Once the business defines the significance of all of their data, they can begin to develop their disaster recovery plan. Most people don’t think it will happen to them, but all it takes is one small instance to ruin a company.
A properly structured plan is comprised of three components: data, communication, and people.
The best protection against such a scenario is a well thought-out plan that’s been tested and communicated to everyone.

Creating quality DR documentation is one of those things that is easy to overlook, but one of the most important things in any business.
If our phones went down, we would be able to immediately forward our calls to Grasshoppers 800 number which would then forward our calls to our personal cell numbers. Now-a-Days, Data is priceless – and every moment the systems are down it will most likely end up costing the company shit-loads of money.
Performing poorly in a DR Scenario due to poor documentation, testing, or planning could very easily cost you your job.
If you have done a bit of research already trying to find a comprehensive DR Plan Template you probably have already discovered that there isn’t a really good free option available.
When I started creating my own guides – I actually went through the restore process as I documented it.
While the same thing can be accomplished in a simple Excel document – I encourage you to improve your own documentation whenever possible. Documenting your Backup procedures will allow you to accomplish 2 very important things.It will afford you the chance to go through each Server, DB, VM, etc.
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I’m glad I was able to help in documenting your DR process – I know first hand how daunting that task can be Fanus Swanepoel Hi There Ryan, thank you for the info, I would like to read more on the DR Procedure Guides section but the link seems to be broken, can you please let us know if the info is still available?

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