Since we handle a lot of hospital and first responder training, as well as continuity of operation planning (COOP) we checked out a few of the apps that Thomas recommended. From KingsBridge Disaster Recovery, their Phoenix line of products are all about disaster planning and recovery.
This is an emergency notification system that functions as an automated call tree, delivering messages through text and voice.
With the exception of FEMA’s mobile app — which is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry — none of these other apps were cross-platform, working on every type of mobile device. We hope to see one of these app developers take the plunge and develop a cross-platform app that everyone can use.
Troy began his safety career in August of 2001 at Parkview North Hospital in Fort Way[ read more ]Frank KrizFrank has been with Lighthouse Readiness Group (LRG) in Plainfield, IN since 2010, and currently serves as a Consultant, Level II Instructor. Your mission, since youa€™ve already chosen to accept it, is to be as ready to execute on the move as soon as possible. Plan more strategic workload migrations via blocks such as move groups, and data sets in workloads in order to migrate more efficiently and in batches.
Migration methods vary by speed and complexity, but many organizations choose a hybrid model of using primary location storage devices as the copy source for replicating data to secondary and tertiary sites for greater efficiency, flexibility, and security. Disaster Recovery policies are living documents that guide you through all possible scenarios and contingencies in case disaster strikes.
Contact a NewCloud Networks specialist to review your readiness checklist and learn more about how a cloud DR solution can benefit your business. What are the emergency contact number and email addresse(s) of the cloud service provider (CSP)? Have you identified the contacts in various departments who will spearhead the disaster recovery process? Is there a stakeholder list that details who will be affected when each of the different cloud services goes down?
Do you have a list of contacts at partner firms who must be alerted if the cloud service goes down?
Trusted since 1986, Asigra makes award-winning enterprise backup and recovery software that leads the industry in secure, reliable, manageable and affordable data protection.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Vicki Thomas at the Disaster Recovery Journal came up with a very comprehensive list of disaster recovery apps that you can use for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. With Phoenix Enterprise, you can push your disaster recovery plan to your iPhone and iPad — an important consideration for anyone who keeps their computer servers and workstations in the place that was just leveled by a tornado or fire. It even keeps track of when messages are received, and can generate reports on those acknowledgements.

While that can be extremely expensive, this does limit the usefulness of that app to our clients. And in certain disasters, that will be an impossibility, making phone-based information all the more important.
As a Consultant, Mike provides training in Emergency Medical Services and Public Health Preparedness for hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout Indiana. He has over 20 years of emergency management experience at the state and local level and has participated in 11 Presidential declared disasters. As a Consultant, Jason designs, develops, delivers, and evaluates training exercises for clients in order to test and adjust their current policies, plans and procedures to enhance practices.
Like most business endeavors, the quality of your plan can make or break a strategic objective.
It provides a step-by-step process for determining which data systems are to be migrated, by whom, and when. Plans should account for considerations like listing emergency contacts, identifying the team responsible for implementing the plan when needed, and whether or not youa€™ll back up to the cloud for redundancy. Sure, ita€™s impossible to plan for everything, but continuously poking around for weak spots in the plan will help to ensure maximum coverage.
He or she will oversee initial meetings, migration, testing, deployment, and project close out. Organizing your business to be ready for a cloud DR migration is key to keeping your business running, secure and profitable. If this is an e-commerce website, then a tool to track customers' existing purchases and a static page that states the website is down for maintenance could form the minimum working subset. For instance, the IT person identified in the list would start working on getting the backup servers activated, the HR contact would calm down the employees and appraise the situation, while the PR contact would start working on the press strategy in order to weather the storm. For instance, if your email service goes down, then employees are the primary victims, while if your corporate website goes down, your customers are the primary victims.
If you use multiple cloud services, have a separate contact list for each category of service. The training could include providing standard responses without causing further panic, the ability to handle a barrage of questions from angry customers, and providing customers with alternative ways to do something, where applicable.
Asigra Cloud Backup™ works in the cloud or on-premise, for everything from mobile devices to entire data centers. Asigra, the Asigra logo, Asigra Cloud Backup, Recovery is Everything®, Recovery License Model and Recovery Tracker are registered trademarks of Asigra Inc.
The department also reviews and tests departmental emergency plans to ensure city departments are ready to fulfill their respective emergency missions. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

Phoenix Mobile helps you locate and contact your team in the event of a disaster, and find the hot-site. And because this all functions in the cloud, it’s not based on any one operating system.
Set up rules to tell you about green, yellow, and red alerts, like emergency notifications from work or family members, or disaster notifications from other SMS-based systems. The app contains preparedness information for different types of disasters, a checklist for creating home emergency kits, emergency meeting locations, and just about anything else the public would need to stay safe before and after a disaster. While numbers vary, Android and iPhone dominates the mobile market, but we know plenty of hospital administrators who are still holding on to their Blackberry.
This is especially true for something as critical as migration and implementation of a cloud DR solution.
Consequently understanding the relationships among thema€”especially identifying and mapping dependencies--is a crucial step in executing a successful move.
A well-defined backout plan details each aspect of the process for restoring things to the way they were before the migration in the event of implementation problems. The policy will specify migration timeframes and spell out how long it will take to get your data to the cloud, which is dependent on the amount and type of application data being migrated.
The people on this list should have undergone relevant training and should be able to handle the situation. Ideally, the PR team should work to calm down the atmosphere, by updating the press and customers, and dispelling any rumors.
The one downside is that the sender has to be aware of the system and use the proper keyword trigger — **redalert**, **yellowalert**, **greenalert** — but it will let the user know when one of those messages have arrived. In this role, he trains and tests hospital plans in Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), assists in the creation of customized plans for specific needs and is the lead consultant for evacuation training and exercises. As a Consultant, Gary provides training in hazardous materials and incident command, including hospital decontamination in the form of classroom facilitation, on-site and hands-on training, post-scenario evaluation, and recommendation. Similarly, administrators can view reports from almost any device, including iPads, but not Android.
As a Consultant, Jason helps design, develop, and deliver training exercises and hazard management to multiple hospital and healthcare organizations throughout the State of Indiana. Troy is an OSHA 10- and 30-hour General Industry Training Program instructor and is well seasoned at performing safety audits and inspections.

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