One year ago, Hurricane Sandy swept through the Caribbean and northeastern United States, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. People like you quickly responded with prayers and financial support to help the church assist our brothers and sisters through their recovery and rebuilding. Maryland – Working with Diakon Social Ministries, we have served 81 households, rehabbed 52 homes, helped in the construction of two homes, and have begun construction of six other homes in Maryland.
New York – With Lutheran Social Services of New York, Lutheran Disaster Response is providing case management for more than 260 families to assist them with unmet needs. Cuba – Working with the Cuban Council of Churches, a partnership of 20 Protestant churches, Lutheran Disaster Response provided food security, water, shelter, roof reconstruction and livelihood restoration to more than 1,000 families. Haiti –In collaboration with The Lutheran World Federation and the Lutheran Church in Haiti, Lutheran Disaster Response worked to drain excess water to help reduce the risk of cholera outbreaks following the hurricane. Please continue to pray for the people and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy as they continue to restore their homes, lives and hope. Natural and human-caused disasters strike with little notice, leaving survivors with immediate and long-term behavioral health needs. In an effort to reduce the behavioral health impact of disasters on America’s communities, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) developed a Disaster Kit, which includes 28 evidence-based materials on disaster behavioral health response.
According to the World Health Organization, as many as one in five people will require psychological first aid during or after a disaster. Recognizing the trend toward digital resources, SAMHSA requested that IQ Solutions explore the utility of transforming its hard-copy Disaster Kit into an interactive mobile application. Under a contract to SAMHSA, IQ Solutions acted on that data to develop the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App. The SAMHSA Disaster App has been downloaded 8,221 times since it launched in January 2014 across broad platforms, i.e. In addition to increasing access to much-needed behavioral health resources, the SAMHSA Disaster App has also significantly reduced the long-term cost of producing printed disaster response materials. The SAMHSA Disaster App has been recognized with a Silver Web Health Award in the mobile category from the National Health Information Center in June 2014.
Last year, the local American Red Cross serving Allegheny, Greene, Fayette and Washington counties responded to nearly 350 disasters and provided assistance with immediate, disaster-caused needs to more than 400 local families. Read about the legal issues related to planning for disasters and what happens after one strikes. The Committee's video on disaster preparedness was recently honored with a Gold Stevie® Award.
The thing that has always made ASIMO impressive is that it walks like a human, which is exceedingly difficult for robots.
Somehow I really doubt that billions of years of evolution were actually preparing you to crawl into a collapsed building or nuclear reactor.
You know what was built by evolution to live in such environments (cramped, featuring rugged and uneven surfaces, alternating solids surfaces with liquids and high drops, etc.)? It’s logical to conclude that a robot imitating human form is prepared to do whatever a human form was designed to do and is not *optimal* for something else.
But when it comes to crawling through very tight spaces, jumping over obstacles, carrying victims outside, etc. Almost a year ago when I quit my old job , I was very depressed in that situation than I get introduced to following job opportunity online which saved me … I feel blessed for that ….
O Cool fact about the job is that the only requirement for being able to start is basic keyboard operating and internet facility …. Fukushima is probably a horrible example, Honda’s new robot probably would have been of little help.
The components of this kit are intended for use in mostly dry atmospheres against dry particulate agents.  In wet and or high risk areas, a more substantial respirator will be required in accordance with OSHA regulations and NIOSH guidelines. Contact manufacturer for suit permeation data and OSHA for guidelines concerning use of the components in this kit in chemical or biological high-risk atmospheres before use. McKinney-based Minuteman Disaster Response Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Tracy Rath of McKinney to the position of Executive Director. Since Joplin, the organization has deployed relief efforts to aid families in the aftermaths of the Bastrop wildfires and the tornados that struck Moore, Oklahoma and in Forney, Lancaster and Granbury, Texas.

December 3, 2014 IOCC volunteers joined relief workers from NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster in Iowa last July to help families clean out their homes damaged by devastating summer floods in the Midwest. Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership-based organization that serves as a forum for organizations to share knowledge and resources in aid of disaster survivors and their communities. IOCC’s Orthodox Frontline has worked extensively with VOAD members on many occasions during large-scale events, providing pastoral counseling, cleanup assistance, and distribution of relief items to people affected by emergencies. IOCC’s participation in this coalition is part of a broader effort by IOCC to develop the Orthodox Christian Action Network (Orthodox CAN!), a US-based initiative to nurture and activate Orthodox volunteerism across all age groups. IOCC is the official humanitarian aid agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. Lena Zezulin: I think that some parishes in the United States continue to feel that they are a diaspora.
The areas were impacted with widespread flooding and fallen trees, which damaged and destroyed homes and businesses. Through your generous gifts, Lutheran Disaster Response raised more than $4 million to assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery. Disaster case managers are matching client needs for counseling, health issues or food support.
A volunteer hosting site at Reformation Lutheran Church, in partnership with Long Branch Covenant Church, has housed more than 125 volunteers, culminating in more than 896 volunteer hours for site support. We’ve also provided lodging for more than 60 volunteers, culminating in more than 1,400 hours of rebuilding in Queens, N.Y.
In New York, New Jersey and Maryland, we continue to provide volunteer coordination, home reconstruction management and disaster case managers, who advocate for individual families’ needs. To date, the SAMHSA warehouse has shipped over 52,101 Disaster Kits, revealing the high demand for these resources.
For responders, access to behavioral health resources is critical to their ability to provide quality support to survivors. IQ Solutions engaged in formative research and interviews with subject matter experts and end-users from across the U.S.
The new app features resources from the original Disaster Kit, in addition to SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Services Locator and information about psychological first aid, responder self-care, and more. The ability to deliver resources to disaster victims, to assist them on their path to recovery, is only possible through the dedication and commitment of the organizationa€™s staff and volunteer network.The local Red Cross has appointed Lisa Herter of Pittsburgha€™s East End as a Disaster Response Specialist, overseeing disaster incidents in the chapter with a specific emphasis on Allegheny County. Okay, well it might not be completely unfounded, but most of them aren’t designed to take the lead in an unpredictable disaster situation.
So why go to all the trouble of making the still-unnamed disaster response robot humanoid in the first place? Actually billions of years of evolution prepared you for running on the plains or in a forest maybe. Yes, the artificial environment is built to match your set of characteristics (shape, dexterity, senses). Form follows function in the natural world and the function of the human-like body was never to be put to use in the kind of environment presented by a collapsed building, an obstacle course presents, or carrying weights that move the center of gravity outwards as say… when you carry a victim from a disaster site. Once the intelligence and autonomy are sorted out they can be transplanted to any shape or size. If Honda intends for this robot to be used for disaster response for things such as nuclear reactor melt downs then I’m sure Honda thought of vulnerability to radiation. We delivered goods and materials that had been donated from churches across the Dallas Ft Worth metro area,” said Paul Pogue, founder of the organization. As the newest member of the national VOAD, IOCC will belong to the nation’s largest network of disaster response volunteer agencies prepared to aid American families and communities before and after manmade or natural disasters. Founded in 1970, The National VOAD coalition is made up of more than 100 member organizations throughout the country, including many of the leading faith-based disaster response agencies. In addition to becoming the latest organizational member of National VOAD, IOCC currently belongs to state and regional VOADs in Arizona, Colorado, Northern California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Virginia.
The IOCC Orthodox Christian Emergency Response Network (ERN), developed with the support of the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment, Inc., is one facet of the Orthodox Christian Action Network that is made up of more than 100 clergy and lay members trained to respond in times of disaster. Since its inception in 1992, IOCC has delivered $488 million in relief and development programs to families and communities in more than 50 countries.

And because we are a trusted partner, the American Red Cross granted us $1.9 million to support our commitment to assist the millions of people affected by Hurricane Sandy. We also helped bring Camp Noah to New Jersey – a fun and safe environment that has helped more than 90 children heal after Hurricane Sandy. Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the American Red Cross, universities, and state health departments.
All content can be pre-downloaded in case of limited Internet connectivity at the disaster site. The 8,221 mobile downloads of SAMHSA’s disaster resources has translated to a savings of $73,900. Herter will ensure service delivery from the Red Cross office located in downtown Pittsburgh.In her new role, Herter will be responsible for the implementation of disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs in the chaptera€™s coverage area. For all its expertise with robotics, Japan was unable to deploy robots during the Fukushima meltdown that could have saved lives or even made it possible to stop the meltdown in the first place. A wheeled or treaded robot might be more stable and faster, but the world (and especially industrial sites like Fukushima) are designed for humans. For search and rescue a rat shaped robot with a couple of dexterous limbs (hands) would be a lot better. Because when the form and function of the human body were cemented there were no such environments. This diverse group of emergency service organizations provides a wide range of skills in service to American communities before and after manmade or natural disasters. IOCC staff also hold leadership positions in the network, with IOCC Assistant to the Executive Office, Pascalis Papouras, serving as President of Maryland VOAD and a member of the National VOAD Board, and IOCC’s US Country Representative, Daniel Christopulos, serving as Secretary of the Minnesota VOAD. In addition, Herter will lead and manage an extensive volunteer team, ensuring the development of leadership roles within the service delivery function. There are ladders, stairs, doors, and walkways that a rolling robot would be unable to use. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.
As a specialist, Hertera€™s main tasks will include disaster response, volunteer management, program delivery and community mobilization.Although Herter is new to the role, she is not a new face among the local Red Cross team.
If a collapsed building was great for humans then we wouldn’t live in standing ones, would we? Herter served as a disaster response team volunteer for more than one year for the chapter. Despite being able to walk, carry objects, and even break into a short sprint, it’s not capable of navigating the chaotic environment of a damaged nuclear reactor. During this time, she gravitated to the work, finding satisfaction through the ability to give back to her community.a€?We are pleased to welcome Lisa to our strong, vital workforce in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter,a€? said Victor Roosen, Disaster and Program Officer for the local Red Cross. Just one bit of rubble in the way and suddenly your multi-million dollar robot has fallen over and broken after accomplishing nothing of value.This obvious shortcoming has led Honda engineers to begin work on prototype disaster response robots. The sensors make continuous real-time measurements of the robot’s position and velocity, allowing the software to compensate for any errors when walking or climbing.
With all the work that has been done on ASIMO over the years, Honda already has a working robot that’s able to negotiate obstacles and climb ladders.
The same sensors help it move to quadruped mode without maintaining a static center of gravity. The robot’s design is described in two papers that were presented to the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. Formerly from Millford, Conn., Herter now resides in Pittsburgh with her daughter and five pets, one dog and four cats. One explains the way the robot can shift from bipedal to quadrupedal when necessary to squeeze under something, and the other covered the make use of ladders and narrow walkways.

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