Climate - Vulnerability to Nature, Environmental Disasters and Disaster preparedness - Education - Recovery - Etc. Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, PAGASA confirmed earlier.
Where we work Caritas Australia has over 170 long-term development projects across the globe. Our development approachDiscover how we empower communities so they can help themselves out of poverty.Global issuesUnderstand the issues that underpin human development and impact on poverty. Food For AllOne human family, food for all, is a campaign by Caritas Internationalis aimed at ending hunger by 2025. Why act?Find inspiration to join Caritas Australia's campaigns for a more just and compassionate world. Make a donation Together we can help the poorest of the poor live a life of dignity, free from poverty.
Emergency AppealsDonate to current emergency appeals - Typhoon Haiyan, Syria, Africa, Sri Lanka, DRC Congo.Global GiftsChoose from 6 charitable card gifts that make a real, lasting difference around the world. Support Caritas Australia's Disaster Risk Reduction programs by donating to our long-term development projects today.

Disaster risk reduction People living in developing countries are more likely to be affected by natural disasters than developed countries. Project Compassion helps end poverty and promote justice so the world's poor won't need to rely on charity. Caritas Australia acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land, past and present, on which all our offices are located.
Caritas Australia is the international aid and development organisation of the Catholic Church in Australia. Posted by John Kimbrough on Tuesday, May 26th 2015 It only takes one bad storm to kill or injure thousands, inflict billions of dollars in damage, and wreak havoc on communities in its path. Find out what's on across Australia.SubscribeStay informed about our work and choose the publications and eNewsletters we deliver to you. Caritas Australia strives to respond to communities affected by disasters and deliver assistance to them for both the short and long-term. We are a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia and the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). MultimediaView photos and videos of Caritas Australia's aid and development work around the world.

Why not donate instead of buying or receiving gifts.Corporate partnershipsPartner with Caritas Australia to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.
We are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (ABN 90 970 605 069) with charity status. Disasters can destroy lives, national economies and development programs alike, setting back years of progress. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is an attempt to prepare, mitigate and adapt to the impact of disasters, hopefully decreasing the socio-economic impacts faced by millions of people worldwide every year. Our Caritas approach Caritas Australia and our partners are helping communities before, during and after the headlines. We believe it is important to not only react quickly and provide assistance in the event of an emergency, but to also take steps to identify, assess and reduce the risks the poor face from future disasters.

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