The issue brings to light an important tip: keeping emergency kits handy at home or in your vehicle.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) developed a website dedicated to helping people create and maintain their disaster kits with items such as food, flashlights, first aid supplies, a whistle, dust masks, a manual can opener, and batteries.
Rather than preparing your own containers of water, the most reliable source is commercially bottled water, stored in a cool, dark place. OTTAWA — A government source says elements of Canada’s Disaster Assistance Response Team are being sent to the Philippines in the wake of last week’s catastrophic typhoon. The rapid-response team, known as DART, comprises 200 Canadian Forces personnel and was last deployed following the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010.
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the members of the team would be leaving at 5 p.m. The federal government has already promised up to $5 million in aid money and has pledged to match donations from Canadians to relief organizations.

The true scale of devastation wrought Friday by typhoon Haiyan has yet to emerge, but some estimates put the death toll in the thousands, with hundreds of thousands badly affected. The Philippine military has confirmed 942 dead, but shattered communications, transportation links and local governments suggest a final toll — which some say could reach 10,000 — remains days away. Haiyan, already described as one of the most powerful recorded typhoons to ever hit land, is believed to be the deadliest natural disaster to strike the Philippines.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino declared a state of calamity to speed aid to communities ravaged by super Typhoon Haiyan, which may have killed more than 10,000 people, as a lesser storm approached the nation.
The government has $429 million to fund reconstruction after Haiyan unleashed storm surges and gale-force winds that caused vast destruction, Aquino said yesterday in a televised address. The devastation may harm the economy, the government said, sending the peso and stocks weaker yesterday. During hurricane season it is important to be prepared ahead of time with supplies and evacuation plans.

For articles published prior to January 2013, please visit our Newspaper Archives at Miami's Community Newspapers. Today, a fresh storm threatening the southern Philippines may pass through some areas battered by Haiyan. The storm affected almost 9.7 million people, according to authorities, and 22 countries have pledged assistance. Most written communications to or from City Officials regarding City business are public records available to the Public and Media upon request. The lists below can act as a guideline to help prepare your household during the next few weeks.

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