Being prepared can help you during those critical hours or days after a catastrophic earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis, tornado, fire, car breakdown or terrorist attack. Having the right bug out bag, survival kit, earthquake kit, survival gear, emergency food and water can make the difference between life and death. Earthquakestore also guides you in creating your own emergency handbook that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, power outages, snow storms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and even terrorist attacks. According to FEMA have two weeks supply of food and water, and other survival gear to survive a catastrophic event like a hurricane, earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster. After moving into our own first house, I brought to a happy corner of our finished basement my ready-made backpack preparedness kit and a large plastic bin. As months and years wore on, our new home came together, and situations arose that prompted trips to our basement preparedness kit. Organizing the boxes in our attic necessitated my use of a dust mask to keep allergies from devastating my sinuses and latex gloves to protect my hands from the dry air and possible splinters. The first aid kit in the bathroom ran out of bandages, but the first aid kit in the basement was full.
A pair of feral cats moved into our garage in one of the coldest winters on record – the emergency mylar blanket from our go bag and a couple leftover Styrofoam coolers from summer became a make-shift insulated shelter to help shield them from the cold. A “boil water warning” that followed a storm that had knocked out power had me snatching bottled water from our emergency supply.

The can opener at my husband’s office kitchen disappeared, and he needed one to take with him to open his soup for lunch. The first few times I felt badly about dipping into our “stash” of preparedness supplies, until I realized that not every disaster comes with lightning, thunder and 50-mph winds or is accompanied by sirens or warnings from the Emergency Broadcast System. That epiphany was followed by another thought – while it’s okay to take from your preparedness kit when faced with life’s little emergencies, you also have to replenish your supplies. As I inventoried our disaster supplies, Chewbacca pointed out that our kit seemed seriously lacking in emergency kitten supplies. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners who do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this blog post.
Geological Survey is reporting that a strong magnitude-7.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of El Salvador and a tsunami warning has been issued. We offer individuals, communities, governments, and businesses with ready-to-use emergency supplies for surviving a catastrophic event like the recent earthquake in Chile or the disaster in Japan.. The experts at Earthquakestore have ready made survival supplies, disaster supplies, and emergency gear to help you survive.. Our disaster preparedeness survival guide will help you protect your family, pets, personal property and home when disaster strikes. Over the course of a few weeks, as we moved around and unpacked boxes, I filled the bin with all the things I know you need in a disaster preparedness kit.

Sometimes we just need to be ready for the scraped knee that comes from falling while riding a bike or be prepared to offer creature comforts to a stranger (or two) who crosses our path. You want to be sure they are ready and waiting for you the next time you have a skull-splitting headache and reach into your medicine cabinet only to find the bottle of aspirin is empty.
He’s right, of course, so cat food, treats and toys are being added to our replenishment list. However, it’s also a good idea to check annually and replace out-of-date items, including foods, OTC meds, first aid supplies, etc. A new family first aid kit, bottled water, travel-sized toiletries for me and my spouse, a few rolls of extra toilet paper and so on.
We reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments, including but not limited to removal of comments. I keep extra kitty food, medical record in the pocket of her soft carrier and keep it in the home office, quick to grab in case of fire. The comments are moderated, so you may have to be a tiny bit patient in waiting to see them.

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