The recent earthquake in Napa brings to light the importance of having a disaster preparedness kit for your home.
Are you preparing to sell your home in Santa Barbara, Montecito or Hope Ranch, and beginning the search for a new one?
Include any personal items such as medications and emergency phone numbers or other items your health-care provider may suggest. With more than 25 years in the industry, consistently rated in the top 1% of Sotheby’s International Realty nationwide, I have the experience to guide both sellers and buyers in their luxury home needs. All you need to know is the number of people in your party: Emergency Kits Savvy and thrifty? We even sell individually packaged tablets and single-use ointment pouches as so you doni??t have to buy a new one just because Aspirin ran out: First Aid Refills An emergency or natural disaster can happen anytime and anywhere.

Sure, you may stock your pantry with food and be sure the medicine cabinet has an ample supply of medications, but those things are unlikely to help you if a flood strikes or someone gets hurt. For this reason, it is very important that you have emergency supplies such as first aid kits in your home, office and vehicle, as well as survival kits that are easily accessible in case of a natural disaster. Keeping a supply of first aid kits and emergency supplies is vital to insuring the survival of your family in the case of the unexpected. When natural disaster strikes, people are often unsure of how to handle a difficult situation. Having fully stocked disaster kits can help to alleviate further problems that can occur when food and water is not available, as is common in the case of earthquakes and tornados. Furthermore, when medical attention is not accessible, a life or death situation can be easily brought under control with the use of first aid kits and emergency kits. Being prepared for any situation with emergency supplies means that you are more likely to survive and help others who need attention. The use of survival kits is not limited to natural disasters.

If you often go camping or hiking, you should always carry emergency kits to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality that may occur when out in nature. Now a new show, Doomsday Preppers, on Discovery channel, is highlighting the importance of being prepared for any eventuality.People are commonly hurt or separated from their party while hiking and having emergency supplies on hand will make all the difference in survival.

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