A DIY first aid kit is the perfect gift for any college student, because they will be the most grateful for this gift once an emergency hits. January 30, 2015 by Tiffany Davis 3 Comments A simple DIY Mini First Aid Kit is easy and inexpensive to assemble. For this mini first aid kit I used a soft sided eye glass case that I found at Dollar Tree. This is not meant to be a survival kit and certainly not an all-encompassing first aid kit. Please know that any advice or information I share on this blog is purely informational and should be implemented at your own discretion.
Imperfectly Happy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. These sponsor and affiliate links supplement our one-income household so I can continue to bring you this blog. You know it’s officially winter when your cheeks are rosy and your nose runs like a leaky faucet. Once your primer has dried, paint one or two thin layers of acrylic paint on top in your chosen color.

Once you’ve attached fabric to the two sides of the box (the short side on a rectangular box), spray the other sides.
To really prepare for the winter, we filled another emergency kit with chocolate and candy, because you shouldn’t have to brave the snow for a little treat. Share photos of your creative winter projects with us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative. Anusha is the DIY blogger, artist and daydreamer behind the blog Fish & Bull where she shares fun and colorful DIYs! Now line up your ruler with one edge of the box and mark a straight line on the fabric with your pencil. Spray the sides of your box starting with the sides where you have extra fabric and glue the fabric in place. Line up your ruler with one edge of the box and mark a line on the fabric with your pencil.
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You could use a pencil bag for even more room, even a quality sandwich zipper bag could work in a pinch. When you cut along this line, you’ll use the extra inch of fabric to fold over the side. First, glue down the overlapping fabric from the other sides, then adhere the last two panels of fabric.
This will create a light colored, solid background so the final color that you paint on top looks awesome.
With a quick little roundup of sick-day essentials, you can skip a last-minute dash to the drugstore and stay healthy. Our DIY Winter First Aid Kit is packed with our favorite flu busters, like immune boosting vitamin C drops, lozenges, soft tissues, herbal tea and other goodies. If you have a friend that’s fighting the sniffles, give them a winter first aid kit to share the love.

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