Shuzi Eternity EMF PendantItem # 88317$339.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229. You will notice enhanced energy and strength, greater endurance and flexibility, and better balance and mental focus. Scientifically ProvenBioMeridian is the world’s largest manufacturer of Meridian Stress Assessment instrumentation, FDA-registered medical diagnostic equipment used by doctors and health practitioners around the world to assess functional health.
How close to my skin does my Shuzi have to be?For maximum efficacy, wear your Shuzi as close as possible to your skin – no more than three inches away.Can I take a bath, shower or swim with my Shuzi on?Yes. How is Shuzi different from magnet therapy products?Magnet therapy products claim to relieve and eliminate physical pain in a specific area of the body, while Shuzi boosts your overall mental, emotional and physical energy states at the most fundamental level of life energy.Is there any scientific testing backing Shuzi?FDA-Registered Medical Diagnostic equipment called Biomeridian, proves that Shuzi products (NVT technology) reduce stress in all areas of the body. Juan Barba San Diego, CAThis sturdy two-tone stainless steel Shuzi cuff makes a fashionable statement on any wrist, using subtle vibration programmed at the nano-level, Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT), to supply health benefits such as greater energy, enhanced strength and balance, and improved mental clarity, blending style and function. Sparkling yet subtle, the Shuzi Eternity Pendant is sterling silver and crystal-encrusted, and is flanked on each side by a double-strand silver link 18" chain, designed to keep the necklace in its intended forward-facing position at all times.
You will likely feel less stress and as many of your body's systems work on minute natural voltages which can be overwhelmed by external EMF's, your will likely be healthier in the long run. Nothing on the market that we have found transmits its protection to all the sources of EMF in your home and to you, no matter where you are. Whenever electricity flows, be it in nature or through technology, it puts out an electromagnetic field. Using a combination of crystals and a complex series of meditations and empowerment enables these natural crystals to replace a number of other devices. EMF protection devices which use electricity (and usually tiny computers and LED's) lok impressive. Some EMF protection devices use unknown elements and come in a sealed enclosure to keep them secret.
One day when the creator of Life Chi Crystals was working on his laptop computer, well aware of the EMF shielding capabilities of the Crystals, an interesting thing occurred. Shuzi Grooved Cuff EMF Bracelet - LadiesItem # $215.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229. Shuzi FAQWhen and where should I wear my Shuzi?Shuzi products work with your body’s own energy system so it’s to your advantage to wear it all the time, even while you sleep.
Features and Specifications:Inspired by the minimalist, the Grooved Cuff Bracelet is definitely a must-have piece.
Earthcalm is an emf protection product invented by Jean Gallick and while the science sounds reasonable we did find some concerns about how the products worked to provide emf protection.
Under the section of the website “What earthcalm products do” we found this statement that had us wondering is earthcalm the right way to get protection from electromagnetic frequencies? The next thing that concerned us was that some eathcalm products actually contributed to the problem of excess EMF radiation simply because the products used electricity to be able to function.  This idea seemed counter intuitive to us at best. That being said we have asked earthcalm to provide some of their products for a proper independent review however they were non responsive unless we paid for all of their products, which we noted are very expensive. Other emf protection products that we have reviewed do an excellent job of cleaning up the negative excess EMF’s using natural processes that balance energy naturally while at the same time help your body to remain in balance with the natural earths magnetic field as nature intended.
To help prevent the detrimental effect of low level mycotoxins, EMF Nutrition recommends an effective broad spectrum toxin binder such as Integral AL.
For more information on this and other Alltech solutions, contact your EMF Nutrition representative!
The right mantel cabinet around your fireplace can improve an ordinary fireplace and make it stand out. Michelle teaches us how to re-tune ourselvesto the frequencies being brought to Earth by new planetary bodies and existing planets that will cross us through the2012 gateway to the evolutionary frequencies of theNew Earth in the new world cycle.Author and recording artist of The Planetary Meditations, holistic practitioner, hypnotherapist and Acutonic sound practitioner, Many brings her visions as a Native American from the Chippewa nation to her integrative work as a paranormal researcher as she gives us a new look at such things as String theory, M theory, parallel worlds, EMF, the aurora borealis, planetary sound and how they affect us as human beings.
Over 1,000 Shuzi wearers were tested before and after wearing the product and all showed a significant reduction in stress levels immediately after putting the product on. Our bodies normally operate with miniscule naturally occurring voltages controlling not only our brain but other systems too. Life Chi Crystals contain sophisticated programming which connects with all household members and sends out positive chi to them, everywhere they go, to eliminate the need for individual cell phone EMF protectors and all other EMF protective devices.

Just like a radio transmitter, these crystals send you helpful protective chi to counter whatever you may encounter. You can liken it to a modern smart phone being not only a phone, but a computer, camera, GPS, game console and more. You'll also receive our newsletter with helpful Feng Shui tips, special offers for subscribers only, and more. You are encouraged to seek proper medical care both for health maintenance and acute care if it is needed. Tests have shown that the product is effective as long as it is close to your biofield, therefore if the product is placed around your neck, in your hand, pocket, or even in your shoe – basically anywhere close to your body – The NVT (Nano Vibrational Technology) effects will be the same. It was assumed previously that… »Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF RiskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health. The reality is when mycotoxins are present, producers will notice a substantial economic impact due to reduced efficiencies, immunity, feed intake and an increase in condemnations.
If ingredients are known to have higher exposure levels, running the toxin binder at treatment rate can reduce the effects on the birds considerably.
Masked mycotoxins are linked to proteins and other molecules and can be essentially undetectable by conventional testing methods. This wooden mantel cabinet from Empire is meant to be used with their 24 inch Vail fireplaces, and with designs available in cherry, oak, white, and nutmeg, there is a finish that can match any interior.
Cells communicate with each other by known methods of chemical reactions and through the biofield. Upon completion of BioMeridian testing, Shuzi was proven to effectively lower and balance stress levels in the human body.Shuzi FAQWhen and where should I wear my Shuzi?Shuzi products work with your body’s own energy system so it’s to your advantage to wear it all the time, even while you sleep. Each piece is embedded with an NVT chip, made of a specially selected non-magnetic material, chosen for its lattice structure and atomic properties. Our natural electrical system is fighting off the effects of cell phones, computers and even simple electric power lines. However to actually reduce the fields themselves, you would need a carefully constructed room with wire mesh or other conductive medium thoroughly sealing out EMF's. You are invited you to try Life Chi Crystals and experience the incredible power of simplicity.
Plus receiving energy from the crystals directly through your eyes enhances your experience.
He stepped away from his laptop and felt better and wondered, what could be causing the problem?
First, highly toxic chemicals are used in production of computer chips and the essence (energy pattern) of the toxic chemicals was radiating out and affecting him. However, our theory is that there are some minor benefits to wearing it closer to the area needing the most help.
Low levels of individual toxins can be hard to detect as they may not have immediate and obvious reactions.
It is imperative that poultry feeds do not become the dumping ground for poor quality grains since their performance is directly impacted by the quality of feed ingredients.
EMF Nutrition has the resources to test for approximately 39 mycotoxins with our 37+ program. They have a resonating frequency at which they operate in order to stay healthy, but these cells are affected by outside electric and magnetic environmental conditions. This raw material, which must meet strict criteria including a specific size, shape and weight, then goes through a special processing sequence. For example, if you are running laps around a track, keep it in your pants pocket close to your legs.
There is often a significant increase in lameness issues, reduction in bird performance and even mortality before a producer determines the cause.
However, when several mycotoxins are present, they have an additive effect causing mycotoxicosis. This tool identifies the degree of exposure and the impact of the treatment with Integral AL.

Simply put, Shuzi just makes you feel better and harmonizes your mind and body so that you bring your best to whatever you do.
Subtle vibration can reinforce a cell’s natural frequency to override outside environmental influences, which cause cells to communicate better. As a speaker, writer and guided imagery expert, I travel a lot, present in huge convention centers, use my cell phone all the time and am at my computer more hours than I care to think about.
Generally speaking though, it is good to avoid or be protected from all electromagnetic fields which disrupt our body's natural electrical flow. The chi of the exploitive working conditions was making its way into my computer, and from it to him.
Although we may answer your general customer service questions, we are not licensed to address your particular medical situation.
There is no hard evidence as to whether or not multiple products increase the effects, but it is definitely not harmful.When will I feel the effects of my Shuzi?Solution Effects differ from person to person, ranging from subtle to very dramatic.
General symptoms in poultry include scabbing of the mouth and tongue, reduced feed intake and performance, metabolic disorders and immune suppression as well as liver and kidney damage. Whether you are an athlete, student, parent or business executive—Shuzi will help your overall well-being.Shuzi is similar to the Qlink products as they help protect you from harmful EMF pollution.
This is when the NVT is actually programmed into the chip.The programming phase uses techniques which are derived from the principles of electro migration and scalar induction to shape the material’s nanostructure and form “statistical tuning circuits”. Since I started wearing the Shuzi (rhyms with Suzy) I have more energy, greater clarity and less jet lag.
Life Chi's sophisticated energized natural crystals not only are more effective than anything else on the market, they do much more than just basic or even advanced EMF protection.
Some feel these effects right away, whereas most will notice effects increasing through the duration of a 30-day period, at which point 80% report positive changes.
Although all varieties of birds are sensitive and will react similarly, it can be noted that broilers do have a slightly higher tolerance for vomitoxins.
The best example for statistical tuning circuits would be the ferromagnetic material, iron.
Rooms like this would not be healthy for people to live in as the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields of the earth and sun would also be blocked. Ferromagnetic material does not exhibit the properties of magnetism until it is itself magnetized by a magnetic source, meaning that the individual dipoles in the material are not aligned until it is forced by an external source such as a magnet.
Of course, these programming elements and thousands of others are included in the crystal you will receive. However, upon subsequent examination of these individuals, we usually find beneficial changes that have simply gone unrecognized, so even if you don’t notice, Shuzi is helping you. The strength of the retained magnetization is an effect of how many dipoles stay in the newly aligned position.This programming creates multiple identical tuning forks that emit their own frequency. The NVT chip is programmed to emit not just one, but many unique frequencies chosen to be compatible with human cells. Simply put, Shuzi products are programmed to resonate with your body’s own natural frequency, providing a stronger signal to help you function more efficiently. It’s like pushing a child on a swing – if you don’t hit that certain tempo, you won’t get the swing to go any higher. What is the biofield?The biofield, as it is called by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), is an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from the body. A strong biofield not only supports and nourishes the body, but also strengthens a person’s ability to cope with stress. A resilient and balanced biofield can be thought of as a protective force field against life’s stresses.

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