The main poster for Amy, the forthcoming documentary film about Amy Winehouse, has been unveiled. The feature-length documentary from Asif Kapadia, the BAFTA-winning director of Senna, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (May 16) to rave reviews and will open in UK cinemas on July 3.
Speaking about the film earlier this year, David Joseph, UK CEO of Winehouse's label Universal Music said: "About two years ago we decided to make a movie about her - her career and her life.
The first trailer for the documentary film was unveiled last month (April) and will be followed by a second, main trailer to be released tomorrow (May 20).
The idea for the movie came from a December 2005 story in National Geographic magazine that explored the creatures of the Cretaceous seas. Shot and created entirely in 3-D, the 40-minute film contains a lot of computer-generated footage, and Truitt says five animation houses in four countries worked on the film. Kansas is also a treasure trove of marine fossils, because during the Cretaceous Period, the Western Interior Seaway stretched from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico, with much of present-day Canada, Mexico and the western and southern United States underwater.
Kids (and grown-ups) with a thing for dinosaurs should see this thrilling IMAX 3-D spectacle about the 82-million-year-old creatures that swam about the world’s oceans killing, playing, surviving and generally being just totally cool to look at. With ample production help from the National Geographic Society, this gripping adventure narrative is undoubtedly as accurate as it is well-told. Five special-effects companies in four countries had a hand in creating the stunning computer animation that makes up the bulk of the film. The re-created scenes of scientists doing their work in the field are also fairly astonishing for their 3D-friendly framing and orderly sense of movement.
We saw the preview for this when my youngest sister visited and we took her to the IMAX for the 3-D version of Harry Potter. During the set up of the show Billy Corbin and one of his producers approached Eddie and explained their project.
Here is another clip from the sports television production we produced at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida for Action Fight League, Rock N Rumble 2.
AMP FILM STUDIOS is a full service film, video and multimedia production company with headquarters in Florida, New York, and California.

It promises "previously unheard tracks" and "extensive unseen archive footage" and is billed as the story of the six-time Grammy-winner "in her own words". A posthumous compilation album titled 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' followed later that year. Check the website for showings in your area, to view the movie trailer and to download cool kid’s activities related to the subject. To get realistic-looking water for the ocean scenes, Truitt and her team needed footage of open water. Using photos of those actual sites, they “found places in Kansas that looked very, very similar. Narrated by Liev Schreiber and set to music by Peter Gabriel, this Imax extravaganza, produced by National Geographic (and funded in part by the National Science Foundation), follows its little dolly from birth to her extraordinarily peaceful death from old age. Whether the scene is of ghostly prehistoric jellyfish floating before your eyes or time-lapse scenes that depict millions of years going by in seconds, the results are consistently extraordinary. Dirt stains on a car window or dust filtering through a paleontologist’s brush never looked so lifelike.
We have worked on hundreds of projects and Edward Isin has Directed and Produced many Award Winning Documentaries and Sports Television productions.
Action FIght League puts on a great MMA show and we where happy to produce a 90 minutes show for Television for them. They asked if they could get a feed from our HD live to tape mix (packaged with graphics and slow motion playback) of DADA’s fight, since this was a pivitol point in their story. In this video we see the winner chosen and a fight break out in the crowd because the fans do not agree with the decision (time code 1:05). Call us at 1-877-267-4111 and ask about our 100% money back video production guarantee and Turn It Up! However, the Winehouse family has recently distanced itself from the film, claiming Amy is "both misleading and contains some basic untruths". Because modern-day sea life wouldn’t have existed in the Cretaceous Period, they could only use shots of fish-free ocean.

In a few contrasting live-action segments, paleontologists unearth the bones of these creatures, some of which have undigested fossilized fish within their petrified bellies.
Of course, there’s a science lesson in all this excitement, but that can take a backseat to the coolness of the high-tech fakery. We have produced many mixed martial arts shows, and other sports television including Swamp Buggy Racing for sports television networks like HD NET, Fox Sports, and MAV TV.
We assembled a five camera HD, live to tape production which included a 30 foot jib, live slow motion playback, and cutting edge graphics packages. Recently, while producing a 90 minute MMA sports television show, we assisted in the documentary film production of a newly released sports documentary, Dawg Fight (2015). The footage we produced makes a great ending to Billy’s film, said Producer Edward Isin. In good form, we are credited in the final credits of the film as Active Media Partners, CORP – AMP and Edward Isin (see photo). It would have been really cost-prohibitive to have gone to Israel and Australia and all the various places that appear in the film,” she explains. The film, directed by Billy Corbin of Cocaine Cowboys fame, tells the story of Dahfir Harris (DADA) and his┬árise from the ghetto in West Perrine Florida by using his braun and illegal backyard bare knuckle fighting. Dada grew up blocks away from Kimbo Slice who became a Youtube sensation and eventually went to work for him. During this time, seeing Kimbo’s fame and rise to stardom (what a let down, talk about hype), DADA decided to become a fighter.

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