At a press conference Monday, April 13, Istanbul Festival director Azize Tan was joined by representatives from the fest’s juries in announcing the cancellation of this year’s International, National and National Documentary competitions as a response to the Ministry of Culture’s effective banning of the out-of-competition docu “North,” directed by Cayan Demirel and Ertugrul Mavioglu.
The public screening of “North,” which follows the lives of Kurdish PKK guerrillas in three different camps in the Kurdish region of northern Turkey, was called off on April 12 after the Ministry told the fest that the pic was not eligible to screen because it lacked a formal registration certificate. As word of the scrapping of the “North” screening spread, members of the Turkish industry met to decide on their response. At today’s press conference, Tan and her colleagues called for an end to the law requiring official registration certificates and for a concerted response from the Turkish film industry regarding the Ministry of Culture’s intervention. Turkish filmmakers will hold a public meeting April 14 in front of the Atlas Theater in Beyoglu to further discuss these issues. No written content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused in any manner without permission. Love is All takes us on a journey through the twentieth century, exploring love and courtship on screen in a century of unprecedented social upheaval. Showfilmfirst work with the UK’s film distributors to organize preview film screenings for target audiences.

Astounding documentary centred around the death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld, caused by a huge male killer whale, Tilikum, that had killed twice before. By far its most memorable moments are the home video and press footage captured at SeaWorld, that demonstrate the sheer size and power of the orcas in relation to their trainers. If you enjoyed this review why not click here to follow us on Facebook for all the latest articles.
A law pertaining to films produced in Turkey states that they need such a certificate in order to be screened at festivals.
By cancelling the competitions of the 34th Istanbul film festival, they aim to show that the entire Turkish industry is standing together in opposing censorship of their works and fighting for freedom of expression.
From the very first kisses ever caught on film, through the disruption of war, to the birth of youth culture, gay liberation and free love, we follow courting couples flirting at tea dances, kissing in the back of the movies, shacking up and fighting for the right to love. The regulations regarding submitting new films to the festival have changed, and consequently the formula of the Festival will be modified. Seeing one clamp a man’s tiny foot between its teeth and repeatedly drag him beneath the surface is harrowing unforgettable viewing.

The kind of film that uses entertainment as a medium to engage, inform - and expose our self-righteous flaws.
However, given that the Istanbul fest had already screened several other Turkish films without certificates, many at the festival felt that the implementation of the law where “North” is concerned had more to do with its subject matter and is a mere pretext for preventing it from being seen. Tan summed up by noting that it was a sad occasion, but also an opportunity to press for an end result that would enable all films to be shown freely.
This is the celluloid story of love and courtship since the birth of the movie camera; told with spellbinding footage from the British Film Institute archive and Yorkshire Film Archive and many more! Through interviews with former trainers and experts it paints a remarkable picture of the vast, graceful creatures who clearly deeply affect the lives of everyone they touch. Directed by Kim Longinotto, edited by Ollie Huddleston and set to a stunning Richard Hawley soundtrack.

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