The latest edition of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival runs April 9-12, 2015, in Durham, NC. The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, kicks off this Thursday, so I wanted to provide a preview and share some of the films that I am most excited about seeing.
Sadie Tillery: Full Frame is organized and intimate, which allows attendees to concentrate on the films instead of worrying about shuttles or other details that can complicate the film going experience.
Doc Soup Man: It’s my first time at Full Frame, can you give me one pearl of wisdom that every first-timer should know going into the festival? I had followed this case of an African-American teenager who was shot and killed by a middle-aged white man while sitting in a car with friends at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. If you’re interested in the ethics of documentary, you gotta wrestle with issues of representation, which is what this film does. When I heard religious zealotry was motivating the Taliban to knock down ancient Buddhist statues, I was livid. I knew director Jessica Edwards when she was a publicist and I’ve been excited to see her work her way to her directorial debut with Mavis, about singer Mavis Staples and her group, the Staple Singer. I’m a fan of the band The National, the subject of this film, but somehow missed seeing it. The five-day annual event, which attracts a large number of serious film buffs from and outside the state, is organised by Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. An academy release here today said entries are invited to both Competition and Focus (Out of Competition) sections. The entries can be sent in the categories of Long Documentary (above 40 minutes), Short Documentary (below 40 minutes), Short Fiction (below 40 minutes), Music Video, Animation and Campus Film, it said.
Trailer for the upcoming Live-Action Terraformars prequel Panos Kotzathanasis Watch All Episodes Of The Fantastic Anime Samurai Champloo For Free On Youtube! This annual festival is organized jointly by the cities of Goyung and Paju, from the Gyeonggi Province, in a buffer zone called the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Shelly Ortiz (L) and filmmaker Nicole Boxer attend a reception following a screening of "How I Got Over" during the AFI DOCS Documentary Film Festival at the Naval Heritage Center Theater on June 21, 2014 in Washington, DC. Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is proud to announce the acceptance of films for the 2012 Film Festival! The quaint century village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio is gearing up to take center stage in the documentary film world with the third annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival.

Brooklyn Castle, Directed by Katie Dellamaggiore, Fame High Directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Glenafooka: Glen of the Ghost Directed by Mary Sue Connolly.
Environmental Documentary – Bittersweet Directed by Andrew Kappel and Peter Bicknell (Ghana, Netherlands), Carbon for Water Directed by Evan Abramson and Carmen Elsa Lopez Abramson (USA), Crabnet Antarctica: The Hunt for Invading Crab Directed by Frank Weyer (Antarctica, New Zealand, USA), The Lost Bird Project Directed by Deborah Dickson (USA).
Emerging Filmmaker – Gay with God Directed by Brandon Schneider (USA), The Hidden Hand Directed by James Carman (USA),Holding the Line Directed by Patrick Wells (United Kingdom), Love and Other Anxieties Directed by Lyda Kuth (USA), World on a String Directed by Dawn Schwartz (USA), I Need a Hero Directed by W.H.
Human Spirit Documentary – A Good Hindu Directed by Kiley Vorndran (Singapore), Book Club Directed by Hope Hartman (USA), Come on Down and Pick Me Up Directed by Nicholas Corrao and Jonathan Bougher (USA), Fambul Tok Directed by Hannah Ewing (USA),The House of Tomorrow Directed by Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan (Canada, United Kingdom, Rise and Dream Directed by Judy-Anne Goldman (USA), ), Women of Bhakti Directed by Hilary Tapper (India, USA).
International Documentary – A Balloon for Allah Directed by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen (Norway), After the Factory Directed by Philip Lauri (Poland, USA), Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Directed by David Schmidt (Australia), Canary in the Mine Directed by Danielle Heifa (Canada), Faisal, Legacy of a King Directed by Shems Friedlander (Egypt), Tango Your Life Directed by Chan Park (USA). Short Documentary – Bu Qtair Directed by Jack Swanstrom (United Arab Emirates), Crab Ladies Directed by Jason Rosette (Cambodia), Espectadores (Spectators) Directed by Roger Villarroya (Spain), Future Learning Directed by Eli Akira Kaufman (USA),The Joseph Szabo Project Directed by David Khachatorian and George P.
Student Documentary - Expressions of Hope Directed by Karlem Sivira and Kelsey Greene (USA), The Fish Artist Directed by Stephen Veneziaand and Kelsey Scholes (USA), Humble the Poet Directed by Brendan Nahmias (USA), Living Room Directed by Nikki Heyman (USA), Metro Directed by Guiherme Hoffmann (Brazil, France), Mijo (My Son) Directed by Chithra Jeyaram (USA), Sebastian Directed by Katie Valovcin and Dan Duran (USA), Still Directed by Michael Barth, Pasqual Gutierrez, Ruby Stocking, and Jose Tadeu Bijos (USA), The Love of Adventure Directed by Tyler Thompson (USA), Unconquered Directed by Michael Hicks and Ray Brown (USA), Wolf Mountain Directed by Sam Price-Waldman, Dan Duran, and Brendan Nahmias (USA). Compelling documentary films will be featured from Wednesday October 3 through Sunday October 7 at venues in and around Chagrin Falls, Ohio including: Chagrin Falls Township Hall, Philomethian St.
The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is a program of Fevered Dreams Productions, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to empowering talented filmmakers to tell their unique stories. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. I’m not going include here the films that I already have watched and know are exceptional (Montage of Heck, The Wolfpack).
All of our venues are within a few city blocks, so guests have an easier time connecting with one another and packing in multiple screenings.
It seems like the perfect example of a story that needs illumination from a documentary deep dive. Especially when it takes me to the flip side of the argument of Pandora’s Promise, the doc that got me considering the viability of nuclear power.
For me, this is the most compelling documentary at the fest, because of its subject matter, a sheriff who took part in the militarization of police departments in the U.S. This 2002 film looks at photographer Shelby Lee Adams, whose entire body of work focuses on a single community in Appalachia. He is a former Premiere magazine senior editor, who graduated from Brown University and started his career in journalism at The Nation and then Vanity Fair.

The festival aims to present documentaries with the theme of peace, reconciliation, coexistence and to promote the documentary genre as a means of communication. The Festival is proud to announce the films which will be featured from October 3 to October 7, 2012 at venues in and around Chagrin Falls. Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives--The Environmental Footprint of War Directed by Alice and Lincoln Day (USA). Pozderec (USA), The Missing Note Directed by Wes Carrasquillo (USA), Sunset Kiteboarding - Sail Bay Directed by Charles Eva (USA) .
Full Frame is not a marketplace, which relieves some of the pressure on filmmakers and allows them to focus on sharing their films and seeing other filmmakers’ work in theater. And Abandoned Goods is a meditation on art by psychiatric patients, which sounds like it can go either way, but I can live life dangerously.
While they are quite different, both films document articles that stand to be lost or forgotten, and offer a form of preservation by presenting the articles on film.
Cabral received the Grant in 2013 for (T)ERROR and we’re proud to screen the finished film this year. Tom's freelance work has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and other publications. The 2015 Grant recipients will show excerpts from their works-in-progress prior to the screening.
He has written several Kindle Singles, including the bestselling Kindle Singles Interview: Ken Burns. Best of Vancouver, BOV and Golden Plates are trade-marks of Vancouver Free Press Publishing Corp.
All of these films look at a person’s work and private life in different ways and use archival footage, and sometimes, personal materials, to great effect. Music Win tickets to see Rain: A Tribute to The BeatlesRain play the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on April 20.

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