Now you can do this with anything, a dance studio, a personal interest story, or on a general topic where you are hunting for  shots so you can add your voice over. Justin grew up a country boy in a female-dominated family that smoothed him into the softie he is today.
In the feature film, shot by Adman Simon Lee, told about The Dakar Rally, the race and the inner world of the common man, who has no sponsors, no command, not even a mechanic. Through a dialogue on documentary film, Guest Editors Fridus Steijlen & Bart Barendregt spark the debate in this issue’s pullout section of the Focus newsletter. November 2013’s issue of the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) included a theme program on ‘Emerging Voices from Southeast Asia’, featuring fourteen recent documentaries from the region and several Q&A sessions with some of the directors. The Newsletter is a free academic publication produced three or four times a year by the International Institute for Asian Studies.
From comedy and dramas to horror and documentaries - the history of cinema goes back decades. Now it its fifth edition the AmDocs takes place in beautiful Palm Springs, and is a film festival that continues to push the envelope on how a film festival is defined. While all the films delivered a different concept, I found the ones below to be exceptionally intriguing. A film that needs no introduction, Brothers Keeper, was directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. Brilliantly following the trial of The Ward Brothers (four brothers who lived in poverty on their 99 acre farm in a two-bedroom shack in Central New York that did not have running water or toilet), who's life shattered when one of the boys was found dead in the bed he shared with his brother Delbert. Following the murder mystery of The Ward Brothers the film displays larger social issues, poverty, as well as the American justice system. It was a great weekend filled with documentaries that brilliantly showcased a variety of pressing issues in today's society - unapologetically. The main poster for Amy, the forthcoming documentary film about Amy Winehouse, has been unveiled.
The feature-length documentary from Asif Kapadia, the BAFTA-winning director of Senna, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (May 16) to rave reviews and will open in UK cinemas on July 3.

Speaking about the film earlier this year, David Joseph, UK CEO of Winehouse's label Universal Music said: "About two years ago we decided to make a movie about her - her career and her life.
The first trailer for the documentary film was unveiled last month (April) and will be followed by a second, main trailer to be released tomorrow (May 20).
It’s amazing to watch, and he was presenting at a gallery and we got permission to shoot the entire event.
A Seattle radio personality since 2007, he's perfected the art of never taking himself seriously and isn't afraid to cry at movies. Over the years many film festivals showcase and celebrate filmmakers, actors, and crew in order to honor the power of storytelling through film. As Teddy Grouya, director of the AmDocs and film fund, stated, "AmDocs (is)  seeing the bigger picture, one film at a time and where art meets reality".
It promises "previously unheard tracks" and "extensive unseen archive footage" and is billed as the story of the six-time Grammy-winner "in her own words".
A posthumous compilation album titled 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' followed later that year.
You ask if you can interview people (and have them sign a release) or put up a sign that says DOCUMENTARY FILMING IN PROGRESS and you are golden.
Opening day the gallery, we shot all this exhibited paintings, we shot people looking at Robert’s artwork, we shot Robert presenting to a student body of artists who made the trip to see his gallery event.
Get to know your equipment, see when you recorded without sound, see when your record button got hit(turned off) in the mash pit while you trying to record your friends band!
Find him riding a scooter (nicknamed "Ivy" after Blue Ivy Carter) through the mean streets of Queen Anne in Seattle or twitter-stalking the Seattle Mariners! There is one more film festival that perfectly does just that - The American Documentary Film Festival (AmDocs). After experiencing such loss comedian Margaret Cho decided to spread the message, "Don't grieve Robin, Be Robin.".
Congrats to the filmmakers for once again shedding light and creating films that continue to inspire.

However, the Winehouse family has recently distanced itself from the film, claiming Amy is "both misleading and contains some basic untruths".
Later Robert Weibel did a demonstration of his gunpowder painting technique and we got that on film, had him wear a GoPro to get the artists perspective, and  even had a guy on the roof getting a long shot from on high. You are still free of the stress and problems you need to overcome with narrative filmmaking.
Get to know your gear, and get to know the million little things you need to watch out for when you shooting a film. Through the streets on Santa Ana Peterson has created bonds and memories with the homelesswhen all they needed was love and the security of having a "friend". Through spreading awareness about homelessness and mental health Cho has assisted in raising money as well as donating much needed items such as clothing, food, and items needed for personal hygiene to those in need. Now all we had to do is do an interview, create a montage of this artwork, show the demonstration, and do a small amount of voice over to structure and finish the documentary. Scholars are familiar with close reading of texts, but do they similarly ‘close read’ images? This will make you a great filmmaker, and is the best route to go when you are starting out.
He has bought vans, food, and more in order to spread kindness and cheer through his big heart and willingness to help others. If you are going blank on topic, just find some events.And shoot the event, talk to the people, get there opinions, they are already there and are very receptive to share there thoughts on camera.

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