The only human rights documentary film festival in Hungary, Verzio, has been organized by Verzio Film Foundation and OSA since 2004.
Graduate of Film Directing Department in the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz (1971). Composed of people with specific interest in acting, directing actors, or anyone who wants to be part of an area of experimentation in the field of performing arts. After the show all are invited out to dinner, a stroll, maybe even a picnic, for the chance to share thoughts about evening's film.

In 1994, nominated for the American Academy Award and for the European Film Academy Award for the documentary - "89 mm from Europe". No special credentials needed -- if you enjoy films, discussions, and spending time with others who like these things too, please join us! Since 1995, member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science awarding Oscars. Lectured at FEMIS film school and the School of Polish Culture of the WARSAW University; ran documentary film workshops in Marseilles.

We may even set up for a matinee now and then, so we can all enjoy some daylight after a show. Runs Dragon Forum -  the international documentary film workshops in the middle of Europe.

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