The myriad artistic endeavors of Oscar-nominated actor James Franco have, of course, been deconstructed to the point of atomization.
Cruising centers on Officer Steve Burns (Al Pacino) who's investigating a series of murders during an awful heat wave in late ‘70s New York City.
It’s a problematic film, to say the least—one that depicted Pacino’s descent into the gay underworld as a dark and perilous journey akin to Dante’s descent to hell in his Inferno.
Friedkin was apologetic about the film, telling HuffPost Live last year, “Gay liberation had begun to make powerful steps forward and I’m sure when Cruising came out, it was not the best foot forward for gay liberation.”Which brings us to Interior. Later, Lauren is seen receiving a call from his friend while driving to the set of the film.“I know you’re at the ‘Franco Faggot Project’ today,” the friend says.
Lauren’s apprehension at participating in the film—and its gay scenes—is meant to parallel Pacino’s character’s sense of unease while infiltrating the gay leather clubs. If these labels seem contradictory to you, then you’re exactly the kind of person freshman director Jake Witzenfeld hopes will see his first feature documentary, which stars Abu-Seif.
Maybe approaching the subject as an outsider added new perspective to the doc — Witzenfeld was born and raised in the U.K. Witzenfeld approached Abu-Seif two years ago with the idea of making a film about his life after stumbling upon a viral video Abu-Seif and his friends had made about gender and national equality in Israel and Palestine. The trio are at once exceptional and entirely ordinary, and the film’s strength comes in documenting the trio’s quotidian struggles, such as the Palestinian nationalism that these friends feel, and their love for the hedonistic life in Jewish Tel Aviv. Witzenfeld zooms in on breakfast table discussions and soulful car rides home, exposing a hidden corner of the Middle East. It’s a film, both Witzenfeld and Abu-Seif say, that could be cut into a version that’s much longer than its 80-minute run time. When viewing this documentary people need to remind them selves that all these gay human beings in this film are only fit to kill , well at least this is how they are viewed by over 90% of there fellow mid – east Muslims .
Steele's crew spent time with members of different anti-gay groups, gaining enough of their confidence to be allowed to film their activities. The brutality of these attacks is clear, but if that weren't enough, a bomb threat is phoned in to a theater hosting a gay film festival, and the zealots talk openly about - and even distribute literature - encouraging gays to commit suicide.
Most gays interviewed, meanwhile, insist on anonymity, living closeted lives due to concerns about losing their jobs or having their children taken away if they're exposed.
Narrated by Matt Bomer (who recently co-starred in HBO's "The Normal Heart"), "Hunted" doesn't offer any rays of hope or notes of comfort.
Long before Houston banker Paul Broussard brutally was murdered in a Montrose gang attack on July 4, 1991, Ray Hill, a blustering ex-con and gay activist, was a master of media manipulation. Kyrgyz authorities have banned “I Am Gay and Muslim” from the Bir Duino (One World) documentary film festival in Bishkek. Democratization activists in Kyrgyzstan are worrying about a roll-back of basic freedoms after a Bishkek court prohibited a film festival from screening a Dutch documentary about homosexual Muslim men. Officials have compared the 59-minute film, which is set in Morocco, to the now-infamous “Innocence of Muslims,” a low-budget production that mocked and insulted Islam and ended up sparking riots across the Muslim world last month. In a written complaint, the State Committee on Religious Affairs cited an interview in the film where a middle-aged man says, “In Islam, we say everything is planned by God.

Tabyldy Orozaliev, deputy director of the religious affairs committee, told that his office does not have the authority to ban films, but passed its recommendation onto the Prosecutor General’s office, which filed suit in Bishkek’s Pervomaiskii District court. Most Kyrgyzstanis identify themselves as Muslims, but many only loosely adhere to the faith. Prohibited from screening his film, Belloni spoke briefly before an audience of about 500 people on September 28 and then took questions.
Tolekan Ismailova, who helped organize the festival and heads Citizens Against Corruption, a prominent watchdog in Bishkek, said the State Committee on National Security (GKNB, still known colloquially as the KGB) had acted illegally by forcing the theater to hand over a copy of the film two days before the screening.
Referring to a group of people shouting “Kyrgyzstan is an Islamic state” in the theater, she said, “radical Islamic groups dictate how our government should work. Another attendee bemoaned what she portrayed as a widespread, closed-minded mentality in the country. The Dallas International Film Festival released the names of the first 10 films confirmed to show at the festival next month, and among them is one about gay rodeos. Police suspect that the perpetrator is a serial killer who picks up gay men at S&M clubs in the Meatpacking District, takes them back to seedy motels, and stabs them to death. There’s a similar scene in Steve McQueen’s Shame in which the sex-addicted protagonist, played by Michael Fassbender, has exhausted all “straight” sexual possibilities, and takes a walk on the wild side. I implore readers… to give Friedkin and his production crew a terrible time if you spot them in your neighborhoods.”So, Voice readers did everything from blast boomboxes at nearby apartments, fire off air horns, and point mirrors at the shoot to screw up lighting.
It’s an interesting meditation on straight people’s fears of, as Franco calls it, the “gay lifestyle.” What we witness with Lauren and the other straight actors is a fear of the unknown. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonFranco: “I don’t like the fact that I’ve been brought up to think a certain way. At the time, Abu-Seif was in a relationship with a Jewish Israeli, and while he was quick to agree to have cameras follow him and his boyfriend around, he wanted to be sure that Witzenfeld’s film wasn’t going to fall prey to cliches. The director followed the trio for a year and a half, filming as tensions brewed in Israel in the run-up to last summer’s war with Gaza, and then continuing to roll as sirens blared and missiles rained down on Tel Aviv. Indeed, in its bows in Sheffield and Los Angeles, the post-screening discussions stretched longer, and were more heated, than the docu itself.
If these people had been Palestinian homosexual refugee’s in Syria they stand a good chance of being thrown off a 5 story building and then stoned if they manage to survive this . You can also be inspired in our local DC wedding idea galleries or find the best Washington DC wedding vendors. Homophobia obviously isn't confined to Russia, but the extent of that hostility, and these efforts to harm and humiliate gays, are captured with unflinching candor. Some perform what amount to sting operations, seeking to lure gays online to what victims think are sexual encounters, only to physically and emotionally abuse them, then post the videos to out and humiliate them.
The film merely places its lens on a situation that, for those enduring it, must feel like a dystopian nightmare, and for those watching it, provides yet another disheartening glimpse of cruelty masquerading as righteousness.
But with Broussard's death - and the crime investigation that followed - Hill faced the biggest challenge of his career. Several activists interviewed for this story expressed the belief that nationalists bent on imposing a strict “Kyrgyz” identity are utilizing Islam as a rallying point.

Though many wanted to discuss freedom of speech, he says a group of men wearing traditional Kyrgyz felt hats tried to boo him off the stage. In our constitution, Kyrgyzstan is a secular state.” Ismailova added that she has filed an appeal and will seek to screen the film in Bishkek. So, Pacino’s cop must go undercover at the gay leather clubs of Downtown Manhattan in order to catch the killer. The acts of sabotage culminated in a thousand protesters marching through the West Village and demanding that Mayor Ed Koch (himself a famous closet case) shut down production. Lauren, who also starred as Sal Mineo in Franco’s biopic of the late, openly-gay actor, Sal, released earlier this year, is reluctant about the mystery project—one that, while it consists of a short script treatment, will also give the actors plenty of room for improvisation. Since there’s only a skeleton of a script, they have no clue what they’re about to get themselves into, only that it will be gay-themed. I don’t like realizing my mind has been twisted by the way that the world has been set up around me. The friends never felt self-conscious, they say, mainly because they accepted Witzenfeld as a buddy, but also because the majority of their dialogue is in Arabic, a language Witzenfeld does not speak.
Stunningly, the perpetrators are so proud of their efforts, they grant producers access to one of these assaults, before rethinking the idea and trying to block the cameras.
But Kyrgyzstan’s courts have a reputation for bending to the wishes of powerful forces, especially in the security services, and few expect an appeals court to overturn the original decision.
The MPAA made Friedkin cut 40 minutes of footage—much of which, legend has it, featured hardcore gay sex—in order to avoid a dreaded X rating.
Fear of the unknown.Then, after the thirty minutes of foreplay, we’re treated to five minutes of the recreated Cruising sequence.
And yeah, I’ll say it, it was a little shocking to me at first, watching that—but only because of the world around me.
Leather Bar., a meta-documentary that set out to imagine what the “lost footage” that the MPAA ratings board made director William Friedkin cut from his highly controversial 1980 film Cruising looked like.
Only because every fuckin’ toilet paper commercial has a man and a woman living in a house together, and every fuckin’ love story is a dude that wants to be with a girl, and the only way they’re going to be happy is if they walk off into the sunset together. Or, you’re allowed to talk about it in certain ways—like locker room humor or frat house humor—but oh, don’t show gay sex. Everybody has sex, and everybody thinks about sex all the fuckin’ time… everybody’s fuckin’ watching porn, they just don’t want to talk about it in public!
Afterwards, Lauren approaches the two men, who are a real-life couple, and tells them, “I think I learned something. I don’t know what it is, but I’m definitely not the same guy I was when I came in here this morning.

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