A documentary movie posters image showing THE ANIMAL WORLD 2.The current picture displayed is a reduced size image of the original. If the copyright of any image or wallpaper on this site belongs to you, contact us immediately and we will remove it. Earthlings, Shaun Monson’in yonetmenligini, Joaquin Phoenix ve Persia White’in anlaticiligini, Moby’nin muziklerini yaptigi 2003 yapimi belgesel. Pet shoplar, kopek saglacilari ve barinaklar hakkinda oldugu kadar ciftlik fabrikalari, deri ve kurk ticareti, spor ve eglence endustrileri, tibbi ve bilimsel ugraslar hakkinda da derin bir arastirma sunan EARTHLINGS, gizli kameralarla ve daha once hicbir yerde yayinlanmamis goruntulerle sadece hayvanlar uzerinden kar eden dunyanin en buyuk sirketlerinden bazilarinin uygulamalarini gun be gun anlatiyor. Insan turunun kullandigi hayvan kaynakli urunleri elde ederken kullandigi “insanlik disi” yontemleri anlatir.
Guclu, bilgilendirici ve dusunceleri gozden gecirmeye iten earthlings ; doga, hayvanlar ve insanlarin ekonomik cikarlari arasindaki iliskiyi ortaya seren simdiye kadar cekilmis en kapsamli belgesel.

Food Inc., available on DVD or Blu-ray, is a documentary about the production of food in the United States.
The movie shares startling facts about the corporate ownership of genetically modified soybeans that represent 80% of the soybeans in the nation. A few pictures kept on the site are small and the opposite of magnification may occur but in most cases sizes are quite large. All pictures featured in the movie posters documentary backgrounds collection are for personal use only as a pc computer background or mobile smartphone wallpaper.
An excellent example of documentary that offers discouraging truths, yet hopeful and practical action points people can take to make a difference. What’s most startling is that a company like Monsanto can own the patent to a genetically modified soybean plant, and then prevent anyone from growing it.

These industrial farms are also dangerous for their workers, pollute surrounding communities, are unsafe to our food system and contribute significantly to global warming. This tax payer funded support of the agriculture industry ends up being a hidden cost we don’t see in the grocery store.
This results in nutritious foods being costly while fast food and processed foods are inexpensive.

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