BORN AND BRED will be available nation-wide on December 1st as a Video-On-Demand, Digital Download and Official DVD. Born and Bred 2 is the story of Rocky Balboa coming out of retirement one last time.Justin - you ARE kidding, right? I guess it comes with the territory.Being involved in boxing at the amateur level and filming the stories as they evolved was a profound experience for me.

I can't say the same about getting the film out distribution-wise but we got it in the hands of Warner Brothers now so at least anyone who wants to see it can see it.Thanks for all your help. After 12 rounds of brutal boxing, with the crowd covered in blood from the vicious blows on both sides, Balboa knocks out his opponent. He picks him up, though, lifting him on his shoulders and tells the ecstatic crowd that The Jackal is a true warrior and he'll take a rocket launcher to the INS before he gives up his new American.

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