Since then, Shimomura's green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used to decrypt previously invisible processes, like the spread of cancer or the development of nerve cells--earning Shimomura and colleagues a Nobel Prize in 2008.
Fluorescent proteins have also been used to engineer some truly strange beasts (and the odd plant), such as the glowing puppies, monkeys, mice, fish and other animals on the following pages.
Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone.
By Mark Adams, author of Turn Right at Machu PicchuIn recent years, Peru’s eclectic cuisine has earned acknowledgement as one of the world’s finest. Rising from obscurity to the heights of power, a succession of Andean rulers subdued kingdoms, sculpted mountains, and forged a mighty empire.
Currently, Kate works as a professional spokesperson and model, walking the runway for such industry icons as Valentino, Derek Lam, Naeem Kahn and Oscar de la Renta. The all-new and exhilarating exhibit, “Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous,” is part discovery, part documentary, part mystery and all totally mind blowing. Tragically, during the April 1944 Allied bombing of Munich, Stromer’s important fossil collection was completely destroyed. New Spinosaurus fossils were discovered in the Moroccan Sahara along desert cliffs known as the Kem Kem beds. Museum visitors will follow the saga of Spinosaurus all the way from Stromer’s Munich office during the turbulence of World War II to Sereno’s Fossil Lab in present-day Chicago.
The global search to uncover the Spinosaurus skeleton and its mysteries isn ow on public view at the National Geographic Museum. The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade® presented by Events DC will take place Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. They are wiser than many national selections, mostly because they were suggested by Baltimore Foodies' Lars Rusins and not just something they lifted from the travel section of the New York Times or whatever. I stopped by Piedigrotta a few months ago and picked up some tiramisu since the proprieter claims to have invented it. And as for the Spanish Town reference, it appears to be accurate in addition to all of the things previously said in the above commetns.
I hang out in that neighbourhood all the time, and I've never heard it called "Spanish Town." Why would google know better than someone who actually walks those streets and buys from the taco truck? Unless, of course, it is folks from the county calling Upper Fells "Spanish Town." That, I wouldn't know about. I live even closer to Upper Fells Point than Lissa, and I've never heard it called Spanish town either. I think Canton should be Cantonivore, since it is now about 5 times larger than it was 20 years ago.
It is interesting how some neighborhoods with ethnic names can be offensive while others are not perceived that way.
No one thinks twice about using the name Little Italy or Greektown, but the same wouldn't be true for the neighborhood where Attman's is, which used to be called Jewtown. For whatever reason, Jewtown sounds a Warsaw ghetto, while Greektown sounds like a festival.
If you had Googled it, you would see that the Hispanic residents and businesses call it Spanish Town themselves.
Using google without using critical thinking skills to evaluate the quality of sources just leads to repeating crap. You are trying to defend an 8 year old branding attempt as being authentic and what people who live there actually call it. Nice to see Lissa throwing done hard blooding noses with her epistemology knuckle sandwiches. In my experience not one person from Central or South American has ever called themselves "Spanish", particulry in English. The next time you're in any restaurant downtown just ask anyone in the kitchen who speaks Spanish what the area is called.
Lissa - we were talking about Spanish Town being offensive and not accurate, then you drifted to Google, internet references, and reference librarians. The beauty of this is that it is all subjective, and what works for the city government, a respected periodical's neighborhood guide, a neighborhood association, and others works for me as qualifying for not being inaccurate. Shout out to Heather at Amicci's who told people that a women was asking if my name was Dog Meat. OMG - Irish is the official language of the republic, so I'd say that would not be accurate. He takes restaurants seriously but not himself, and his favorite restaurant is the one you love, too. A Greenlander hunter and fisherman steers his boat past a melting iceberg in a fjord on the edge of the Greenland ice sheet in July 2011. Funk, who covered the Arctic landgrab for National Geographic magazine in 2009, traveled to two dozen countries to document the business opportunities created by a global disaster, including an Israeli company that sells snowmaking machines to Alpine ski resorts, a Wall Street investor who buys up Sudanese farm land, Dutch companies that hawk their flood-fighting savvy, and a Seattle company that collects patents on geoengineering technologies. National Geographic spoke with McKenzie Funk about how to profit from a looming catastrophe.
Climate change is often talked about as a global crisis, but you make it very clear that some people and places will benefit to the detriment of others. How do Greenlanders, who are not responsible for much of the emissions that cause climate change, feel about profiting from something that is so catastrophic for others? I think they're as aware as anyone that historically they haven't been a big part of the problem, though if they find all the oil they hope to find, then that equation changes.
The people that you spoke with for the book are trying to adapt to climate change, not stop it. However, the important part of this conversation is understanding that adaptation in rich countries is quite different from adaptation in poor countries.
A lot of the planning for climate change seems surreala€”floating cities to adapt to rising sea levels, genetically modified mosquitoes designed to halt the spread of dengue fever, private firefighters hired during wildfires to protect the homes of the expensively insured.

Brittany Mariscal, an entomological technician with the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, counts dead mosquitoes under a microscope in Key West, Florida. It seems like there's a bit of hubris in some of these ideas, that climate change is something that we can manage or profit from or stop with some cool new doodad. There's been so much focus on polar bears, carbon numbers, UN conferences, and damage to economies. I have had a 1200 gallon koi pond for about 8 years and I love it but I have had to bring the koi into an indoor pond every winter for he last 5 years because of a mink who empties my pond of fish (30 the third year I had my pond).
I have been wanting a small gold fish pond in my yard, but have no idea how to begin or end.
Spring in the northern hemisphere officially begins this Sunday, March 20th—coinciding with International Happiness Day! But while quinoa and pisco sour cocktails have migrated to become favorites around the world, the best Peruvian specialties are still found in their home country.
The interactive, multimedia exhibit takes visitors on a journey spanning decades and continents, culminating with the reveal of the massive skeletal model of Spinosaurus, displayed alongside other discovered species from the Cretaceous period. Music Download will transform Songbyrd into The DCMD Salon, a brand new multi-sensory experience celebrating progressive music, dance, visual art and storytelling from D.C. Last few times I was there, it was late, I suppose, and they'd moved the downstairs tables to make room for DJs and dance floor.
I can put up 8 websites that say that Locust Point is called Unicorn Land by the residents, but it still won't be true.. Ah, yes, the current trendy Internet thing to say when you've realized your position is weak.
I'm saying your sources are old, out of date and bad, and that I've never heard anyone call it that (and I am down there a lot). Before joining the paper staff fulltime, he contributed freelance criticism and features articles about food to area and regional publications. Some peoplea€”the people that McKenzie Funk writes about in his new book Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warminga€”hope to profit from the warming planet. For now, they're just doing what Inuit people have done very well forever, which is adapt to their environment. I think the divide between adaptation and mitigationa€”the idea that we should only focus on cutting emissions rather than living with this worlda€”is a thing of the past.
Tropical diseases like dengue fever and malaria have been neglected for decades because they're diseases of the poor.
There have been various attempts to buy up water rights and put the water in tankers or bladders or all manner of crazy things and ship it. I wondered at their push to drill in the Arctic, but I didn't think they would mess it up half as badly as they did. Houses are very cheap, the Great Lakes are right there, and the cold temperatures are getting warmer. If people pull back and think about what it means that New York City can gird itself with $10 billion seawalls and Bangladesh can't, I don't think that people will want to do bad. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better and found out that there was never a doubt that Greg would spend his life building and enjoying ponds. To people who haven’t experienced it, it sounds a little cheesy, but a water feature draws people outside.
It’s 600,000 gallons, 600 million pond of stone, over 10 feet deep and filled with thousands of fish, frogs and turtles. Waterfall’s in the wrong place and not enough water flow-i need a stream and fish caves. Here are ten to try en route to Machu Picchu.CevicheThe icy Humboldt Current that flows through the Pacific Ocean just off Peru’s coast supports one of the world’s most bountiful sources of seafood. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
One of the Festival’s largest events, the Parade runs along Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th Streets, NW. Along the way, he dispatched for short-distance trucking companies, shilled for cultural non-profits, and assisted in cognitive neurology research – never the subject, always the control. It's at the city level, the state level, the country level, and it is not equally fair for everyone in the world, unless we're very careful about it. Dengue fever has now hit the shores of Florida and is creeping into the United States and might be creeping into Europe. I went to Iceland to report on a guy, a Canadian hedge fund manager, who bought the rights to a melting glacier and had these grand plans to ship it around the world.
I am very much a driven, “everything needs to have been done yesterday” type of dude. My koi are too large to continue to bring in so I tried to alter my pond for this winter by taking out the natural rock around the outside and build an even height patio stone edge that I can build a cap for.
If Peru had an official national dish, it would probably be this preparation of raw fish marinated in citrus juice.
Basically, the more north you are, the more likely some of the effects are going to be positive. If climate change is one of the things that puts those tropical diseases back on the radara€”if there's more money being thrown at denguea€”then that's not a bad thing. In Australia, some of these same hedge funds are operating, but their model is a little different.
The whole thing was a total failure and that's because water is very heavy, 8 pounds [3.6 kilograms] per gallon. They had multiple crashes of drill rigs, they had all sorts of botched EPA emissions problems, they had fires onboard, they had to dodge a giant ice sheet that was drifting toward them when they finally did get started drilling.
People are putting their money into these water indices, and there have been some climate change investment funds.

If some countries get rich off climate changea€”Russia, Canada, parts of the United States, Greenlanda€”then there will be all the more imbalance. When I was 24, I got a patent for that filter system I had made out of garbage cans and cattle troughs, and started selling them across the United States.
It’s a million dollar water feature that was built with over 300 contractors from around the world for the “world’s most extreme pond build” in 2008. A turtle doesn’t get anywhere until he sticks his neck out, and that is my life philosophy. First I built a small 50 gal pond that lasted a few months til I decided it needed to be bigger. The acid in the fruit “cooks” the fish, giving it a delicate flavor and slightly chewy consistency. The point being, NG didn't dream it up, but we're all entitled to have differing opinions about the validity of something that is by definition often informal and unofficial. The obvious case is Greenland, where there's hope that they can make money off melting ice in the form of better fishing and better access to minerals, oil, and gas, which will fuel their independence from Denmark.
If you cut carbon emissions here, they don't go into the atmosphere and that does things for the entire world. The smartest oil company went up against nature in the Arctic, and it was a total mismatch.
It's not the first story of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but it's the biggest one. Our company, Aquascape, grew from that into one of the 500 fastest growing in country with 195 employees. If our client says that it looks like it’s always been here, that it looks like God made it, then we’ve done our job.
When we bought a new house I had to build a pond before we could move the turtles and fish.
The dish is usually spiced with red onion and aji pepper, and served (typically at lunch) with sweet potato or choclo, a white Andean corn with dime-size kernels.
The hedge funds are sitting on this investment that's gaining value as the drought gets worse, and at the same time they've got rental income coming in. I think a lot of people didn't know what to do after climate change really grabbed everyone's attention. This pond build turned out better than the last 4 did,but still has plenty of issues.Now I am needing to do it again as the turtles and fish are getting bigger by the day. Bold gastronomes can drink the leftover citrus marinade, which is known as leche de tigre, tiger’s milk.CuyThere’s no way to sugarcoat it. My parents made me a deal and allowed me to bring 11 of my favorite pet turtles and build a pond for them.
If you need a candidate for a show,I would be glad to work my butt of in any possible way to help. This staple meat raised in many households of the Andes goes by a different name in the United States: guinea pig. Water is everything in climate changea€”it's the lack thereof, it's melting ice, it's rising seasa€”but it's not like you can just go and get your own aquifer these days. It has a pleasant, gamy taste like that of rabbit or wild fowl.CausaA visitor to any market in Peru is certain to find two things—hundreds of varieties of potatoes, which may have originated here (Peru’s longtime rival Chile also claims tuber originality), and piles of avocados large enough to toboggan down. A traditional causa layers these two ingredients into a sort of casserole, which is sliced and served cold. Other layers might contain tuna, meat, or hard-boiled egg.Lomo SaltadoA hundred years before anyone had heard of Asian fusion cuisine, boatloads of Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru looking for work. The ingredients and techniques they added to Peru’s food vocabulary are probably best exemplified by this hearty hybrid stir-fry, in which beef, tomatoes, peppers, and onions are blended in a pan with soy sauce and fried potatoes.
Among them is this rich, velvety stew made with chicken and condensed milk and thickened with de-crusted white bread. A vegetarian alternative with a similar flavor is the ubiquitous papa a la huancaina, boiled potato with creamy yellow sauce.AnticuchosThese skewers of grilled, marinated meat (much like shish kebabs) are served everywhere in Peru. While almost any meat can be prepared this way, the most traditional—and best—anticuchos are made with beef heart, a practice believed to trace back to the days when Peru’s Spanish conquerors would consume a cow’s choicest cuts and leave the organs for their slaves.Rocoto RellenoThis dish is typically associated with Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, but it is served everywhere.
What appears to be a plain-old red bell pepper is actually a fiery Capsicum pubescens (at least ten times as hot as a jalapeno when raw, but boiled to reduce its thermonuclear properties), stuffed with spiced, sauteed ground beef and hard-boiled egg. This is topped with melted white cheese, baked, and served whole.AlpacaIn the Northern Hemisphere, the name alpaca refers to expensive wool used to make sweaters and socks.
In the Andean highlands, this camelid (a smaller cousin of the llama) has also been a source of meat for centuries. The taste is similar to buffalo or other grass-fed meats: somewhat gamier than beef and very lean.
Alpaca’s lack of greasiness makes for excellent jerky, which coincidentally is another ancient Peruvian culinary innovation. Lucuma is a tree fruit that looks like a mango, but it has a custardy taste akin to maple syrup. It’s usually used as a flavoring in desserts, and is justifiably popular as a variety of ice cream.Pollo a la BrasaThis Peruvian-style roast chicken is so delicious—and popular—that it’s now available in cities around the globe.
The secret is marinating the bird in soy sauce flavored with red peppers, garlic, and cumin, which gives the meat and skin a smoky, salty taste. Outside Peru it’s typically paired with French fries, but the more traditional accompaniment is fried yuca, a waxy tuber that has a pleasant chewiness and holds its own against the spicy dipping sauces with which pollo a la brasa is typically served.

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