A HERF gun, or an otherwise-nicknamed personal electromagnetic device, is the fantasy weapon of anti-government drone-haters and corporate saboteurs. The herf gun, he was explaining now, the electromagnetic radiation device, was the size of a backpack, putting out a sixteen megawatt pulse, and she suddenly found herself afraid, boys being boys, of some punch-line involving accidentally baked internal organs. In the mind of the aspiring perpetrator, a HERF gun would be something like a ghostbuster’s proton pack that emits pulses of electromagnetic waves that can fry electronic devices. Larger, more extreme Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons are also a common boogeyman among doomsday planners, many of whom are certain a massive version of such a device will zap a nation back into the Stone Age, thereby justifying their unhealthy obsessions with melee weapons and dehydrated food. Employing electromagnetic waves, including high-energy radio frequency, as a weapon large or small is more complicated. As for personal devices, the so-called HERF gun, this too is based in reality, but the severity of the pulse that smaller versions can generate (at least on a sampling of several YouTube videos) is pretty limited.
Clearly, the home uses are less frightening, but in the hands of those in power, like most things, the threat gets more realistic.
For example, Raytheon created a jeep-mounted weapon that fires a beam of energy from long distance, giving the sensation of heat on skin, first just warmth and eventually the feeling of being on fire.
Certain frequencies can also manufacture feelings of confusion, dread, anxiety or intense drowsiness. As an infinitely wealthy martial artist looking down upon the denizens of his city, usually as he glides over them en route to his luxury tank, Batman isnt really touched by the small indignities of living in Gotham.
After youve been to the Gotham City Police Department for the first time, venture into the game options and set the Batmobiles tank mode toggle to on. You can take the shock gun, or Remote Electrical Charge in gadget parlance, as soon as you arrive at the Gotham City Police Department for the first time. The wonderful cadence in Arkham Knights combat has you flitting between numerous goons, delivering a biff here and a pow there. Brutes, the large and padded men populating every respectable supervillains menagerie of minions, can really trip up your flow.
Discussion of personal EMP devices are disturbingly common on white supremacist and anti-government militia message boards, members clutching the idea of an off-the-shelf ray gun that could disrupt the workings of federal surveillance or attack drones without detection. An easy way to test this fact that you absolutely should never do is to simply toss your iPhone into the microwave for a few minutes.
Probably the most commonly feared and portrayed-in-movies version of such a weapon is the high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device.
The idea is similar to an EMP, but the radiation is directed in one location to create a surge of voltage in electronics. For example, in 2010, the United States Air Force put a call out for a device that could, nonviolently, stop a car in its tracks.
For example, weapons manufacturers have experimented with technology that uses high-energy waves on human biology. It’s not in use, but police departments and military have explored using it for crowd dispersal.
And, as suggested in Zero History, the burny-nervous-sleepy rays can go right through walls. The rain-slick city, which recently beat out Chernobyl in a ranking of the worlds best places to live, is an ever-escalating battleground for Batman and the super-criminals always tugging at his cape for attention. A tap of the right bumper or R1 will now switch Batmans armor-plated city sled between drivin and blastin modes, making for a more sensible control scheme overall.

Its locked up in the evidence room, but its shielded only by a pathetic layer of glass, belongs to you in the first place and - oh yeah - YOU ARE BATMAN.
Some enemies are temporarily knocked down, leaving you free to deal with the others behind you, but your merciful restraint is costing you in the combo meter. Usually, you need to stun them with your cape (you know, like how you were stunned and dazed as a child when you ran through sheets on the clothesline) and then punch them 15, 20 times while countering incoming blows from behind.To speed up the process, try pushing or luring Brutes to environmental hazards, activated with Square + X, or X + A.
An EMP device sounds pretty sci-fi, but really they have been warming up leftovers on countertops since 1967. This is when a nuclear weapon is detonated at high altitude, and the resulting electromagnetic pulse sends power surges and scrambles electronics below. In most cases it’s enough at a few yards away to mess up the time on a digital clock. Canadian company Flight International reportedly created a suitcase-sized, 50-lb device that, from up to 656 meters away, could stop a car by disabling the electronics in the engine. In Batman: Arkham Knight, the city is wider and in greater danger than ever before, demanding bigger and better solutions from Batmans futuristic fanny pack. The tanks vulcan cannon goes on left trigger and its primary cannon goes on the right, just as the video game tank god intended.Before this change, the Batmobile turns into a roving gun whenever you hold the left trigger - or whenever you want to brake in the Batmobile and mistakenly extend Batmans cannon with embarrassing prematurity. Just take it.As you leave the room youll overhear police officers consider and then quickly cancel the idea of stopping your impromptu removal of evidence. If you have a chance, you can press RT + Circle (or RT + B) to lift up dazed opponents and thrust them back into the fight.Why do we fall, minor henchman?
Electromagnetic radiation exists in all kinds of applications along a wide spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays, and can have varying effects on all sorts of matter, from machinery and biology. But it is pretty basic, and most makers just turn the parts of an old microwave into a device that directs the microwaves (so not technically HERF) in a certain direction. It takes advantage of microprocessors that modern cars need to function, so wouldn’t work on an older car. Who has time to sweat the small stuff?Still, that doesnt mean your quality of life, a truly alien concept within the borders of Gotham, needs to suffer in such a grand scale of things. Another bonus with toggle: The drift button is mapped to Square or X, making it far easier to handle tight corners in the Batmobile. You can march out with confidence, knowing that youve gotten early dibs on one of the most useful gadgets in the game. A crude nuclear blast high above the United States sends us back to the Dark Age and we have to defend our families using panic rooms and homemade catapults.
The detail-oriented design of Arkham Knight means that keeping in mind a few tiny tricks will ultimately grant you the upper hand and an easier, smoother way to pummel the Scarecrow into a wheezing pile of creepy-straw. Not that you should be too worried about threading through alleys: Batmans car can withstand plenty of scrapes without losing speed, so dont worry about garbage cans, benches, trees or any of the pointless attempts at obscuring Gothams terribleness.
Its handy in solving a few of Riddlers conundrums later on, but youll really want to fire it during combat (LT + Circle, or LT + B), where it will stun enemies, trigger their machine guns in undirected fire, and remove electrical shielding from the crooks you cant normally punch. A well-timed pummelfest can help push you past the 8x multiplier quickly, which then lets you do an instant takedown of a tougher enemy nearby.

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