You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The relationship between the four legged machine you call your partner, is as close as a man and dog can get. Tytek Medical 6" Trauma Bandage-This Trauma Bandage incorporates a non-stick pad affixed to the bandage, delivering a one-step fast application of the pressure dressing.
Celox Hemostatic Granules were originally developed to assist military medics with some of the worst wounds imaginable. Multi-Purpose Universal Splint- Comfortable and easy to mold, this splint is designed to support a injured or fractured limb. Page contains pictures of ambulances and the pills and aircraft rescue and Stethoscope and medical bags and other.
Summer is in full swing and hopefully you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy some hiking trails with your dog by now! Disclaimer: The information I’m about to give you is by no means professional medical advice, rather this is my own opinion. Okay, some of you men out there might raise an eyebrow at that last item, but besides their original use, tampons are obviously really absorbent, so if you have a severe bleeding injury, a tampon can help stop the bleeding.
I recently added the eye drops and mirror because on two separate hikes I’ve had a bug fly straight into my eye and then poked around with my finger trying to get it out, only making the situation worse. Benadryl (or Diphenhydramine) is a must-have in my first aid kit, especially because it can be useful for treating allergic reactions in both humans and dogs.
Hydrocortisone and antibacterial ointments are also fine to use on dogs, just make sure to clean the wound with soap and water first, if possible.
A SAM (Structural Aluminum Malleable) Splint is a lightweight, thin and versatile device that can be molded to fit any type of injury that needs to be immobilized – even a dog! Use tweezers to remove ticks as well as cleaning debris from a wound; scissors can be useful for cutting the SAM Splint or Ace bandage and trimming a broken toenail. Keep in mind when treating your injured dog, even the friendliest, most loyal pet will bite when they are in pain. You don’t need a fancy case for all your supplies… I just throw everything in a big zip-top baggie so I can easily see what’s in it rather than rummaging around looking for something. Honestly, I hope I never need to use my first aid kit; I just feel better knowing it’s there. I just put together a first aid kit specifically for the dogs that we will carry in the car.
Additional supplies may include pain medications, antibiotic ointments, products to induce vomiting and antihistamines to treat bug bites and stings. Dogs by their curious and rambunctious nature are susceptible to a range of injuries and illnesses. Having the same person every month is a big help, because that person knows the kinds of things we need for our dog.
Three other things I love are: your friendliness toward us and Misty, familiarity with Misty, and how delighted she is when she preens for us afterward!

What I like best about Awesome Doggies is the convenience, less stress on Bobcat, having the same groomer for him over the past few years and a groomer who is great with cats and has cats of her own. Why then wasn’t I prepared when Monty cut his paw badly during one of our regular walks in the hills a few months ago? I’d recommend keeping a book of basic animal first aid procedures with your dog first aid kit. TIP: It’s a good idea to write the phone numbers of your vet and the nearest emergency animal hospital and keep them with your first aid kit.
Unlike traditional elastic wraps which can become uncontrollable in the field, the Tytek bandages have integrated hook and loop stays throughout the bandage, ensuring controllability in all applications. Not just a next generation tourniquet, the SWAT-T also does double duty as a pressure dressing and elastic bandage. Proven in the operating Room and on the battlefield, Celox can even stop potentially lethal bleeding fast.
100% of your donations will be used to fund an organization currently “fighting the fight for your right”.
Since Charlie and I spend so much time together out on the trails, I decided to get certified in Wilderness First Aid earlier this year.
I hope you find some of this information helpful in preparing your own first aid kit and administering first aid, but always consult your veterinarian when in doubt and seek follow-up treatment after administering first-aid to your pet. That’s why it’s important to always carry first aid supplies; I don’t want to have an emergency and not be prepared. Just apply the tampon to the wound and wrap the Ace bandage or Vet Wrap around it to provide pressure… voila! It’s an antihistamine that relieves swelling and itching associated to allergic reactions caused by bee stings, food allergies, etc. Just bend the splint into a comfortable shape to prevent the injury from moving and wrap the Ace bandage or Vet Wrap around the affected limb.
Before attempting treatment, use a loose piece of Vet Wrap to secure their muzzle – tight enough so they can’t bite but loose enough so they can breathe freely. Even the baggie can end up being something useful in a first-aid situation out in the field! For hiking I just added some extras to my first aid kit because, as you said, much of the stuff works on both dogs and humans. Just as you should always have a first aid kit on hand for humans, also have a first aid kit that's custom-made for your four-legged family members. If you're always on the go, consider packing everything into a small knapsack that can be toted along on hikes and vacations. Consult with your veterinarian about which emergency treatments are safe to use for your particular dog.
By having a first aid kit at the ready, you will be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to basic canine mishaps. We had taken the corgies to three different groomers and weren't happy with any of them, even the service provided by our vet.

After having experienced all the pampering you provide, our minds are at ease and we're thrilled with the experience. Cost became no problem because my pets seemed comfortable with the service, haircuts were fabulous and my time saved with less stress to my pets was immeasurable. It’s difficult to say exactly what should be in a first aid kit but I think it’s safe to assume that they all cover the basics of dog first aid. Surprisingly, much of what I learned could also be applied to my canine hiking partner and my first aid kit contains a few things that can be used for humans and dogs.
Some people’s recommendations for “necessary” first aid supplies include a long list of things that you will probably never need. Eye drops can help flush out any debris in your eye without causing further injury, however using eye drops in dogs is controversial – some people say it’s okay, others say no. Administering the correct dose is important – too little won’t help at all and too much could be dangerous. I took a Wilderness First Responder course a few years ago and ended up with a pretty beefy first aid kit. And while a number of pet-supply companies offer ready-made emergency kits for dogs, it's easy and affordable for pet owners to assemble their own kit using common items that are usually already on hand. My thinking had always been along the lines of “That’s what vets are for.”  A silly attitude really because surprising enough, when Monty cut his foot in the middle of nowhere there wasn’t a vet on hand to help him. My backpack is already full of stuff, but the bare minimum of first aid supplies doesn’t add much bulk or weight. I err on the safe side and would opt to use clean water to flush my dog’s eye if she had a problem. I didn't want to drop him off at a pet grooming store front since he would have been stressed out by the other pets, mainly dogs. When you work in a dangerous environment on a daily basis, a little Luck is always welcome. No matter what part of the country you live in, some of the most common medical emergencies are universally treated. As always, head to your veterinarian’s office as soon as possible for professional treatment. Also, Bobcat doesn't like to be in his carrier and taking him to a groomer would require more time in the carrier and a car ride.
The Tactical K9 Trauma Kit gives the working dog handler the tools to provide emergency medical treatment to injured K9's when Veterinary care is not immediately available.

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