The other side of the way this episode was presented was the very real threat of people who will try to take what you have. Now, I am old enough to realize that you can’t logically expect to strap a gun to your belt and dispatch any bad guy that walks into town and spits on your boot. I know what you mean obxster and I am still amazed at the mental genius it took to go on national TV and tell everyone (including those who live in his town) what his plans were. Question that comes to the front is … How many guys, like this so called marauder, are actually joining up with local prepper groups, attending prepper expos, gun ranges, specialty stores ect ect and collecting info for future SHTF strikes?
I agree with you and I still can’t imagine a valid reason why NatGeo put him on other than to make some preppers out to look crazy and be something that normal people should fear.
Either that, or it was a shameless marketing ploy to get the Prepper universe in a tizzy… Mission accomplished. I thought DDP was actually a parody show like spitting images, never has a TV show so discredited the hard work, planning and preparations of so many people, I reckon there would be a huge culling of these so called tv preppers within hours of TSHTF. If this guy is always trying to improve his tactics and arsenal, you would think this dude would shave some of that fat off and exercise. The bottom line is no matter how your armed and staffed you are, if you have waves and waves of people trying to get you, they will at some point.
Tyler is a convicted sex offender, and is now in jail on weapons charges and failure to register as a sex offender in the state to which he moved.
Lol every article I,ve read about this has been dripping with fantasies of people going to war with this guy and what they would do to him, Especially the comments section Everybody talks so tough, You all are just praying for doomsday lol. It's better to be safe than sorry, which is why FEMA guidelines recommend stockpiling your pantry with three days worth of food in case of a natural disaster.
Range and Haswell are among those profiled in Doomsday Preppers, a weekly TV documentary premiering on the National Geographic Channel tomorrow (Feb.
While the show may highlight a few of America's most extreme cases, apocalypticism - fear of the end of the world as we know it - is at a historic high point, according to Lorenzo DiTommasso, chairman and associate professor of religion at Concordia University in Montreal.
Fear of nuclear obliteration started the rise in apocalypticism, but today, the main factor driving its continuing spread is the rapid exchange of ideas - especially scary ideas - on the Web. Indeed, doomsday preppers Range and Haswell have come to believe that the coming magnetic pole reversal will cause a sudden shift in the continents, triggering enormous earthquakes and rapid climate change.
Others profiled in the show fear a total financial collapse, an electro-magnetic pulse caused by a solar flare taking down the national power grid, terrorist attacks and so on.
He estimates that more than half of the world population believes in some sort of apocalyptic theory, from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim belief in the return of God (called the Rapture in Christianity), to the belief in pseudo-scientific theories like a coming planetary collision. Personally, DiTommasso believes apocalypticists are correct in recognizing that there are grave threats in the world, but they're misguided as to what forms these will take.
From warmest December on record to blizzards, wild winter sets records across the northeastern U.S. Along with reading our own survival blog, there is a wealth of great information on the internet about prepping and surviving disaster situations. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or share with friends.Related posts:Mental Preparation is the Key to Disaster Survival3 Survival Knife Skills You Should PracticeThinking of joining a survival community? SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment. Scouring the internet for information on disaster preparedness sheds an interesting light on what most people think it costs to ready themselves for the unexpected. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the complete “how to” guides, that claim to show a family how to prepare for any emergency.
Preparing for a disaster doesn’t mean that you and your family could survive in an underground bunker for thirty years without ever accessing the outside world.
Disaster preparedness isn’t limited to hurricanes, blizzards, and failures of the national infrastructure. While the ideal disaster preparedness plan includes provisions for long periods of isolation from modern amenities (such as running water and food supplies), the majority of emergencies the average person will encounter require far less extensive planning.
Temporarily Unavailable Food Supplies – Whether it’s a true natural disaster or merely a predicted blizzard, when the newsman warns that rough weather is moving in, everyone rushes to the grocery store and clears the shelves. In both of the cases described above, your total investment is going to be far less than what you might expect. Don’t put off preparing for disaster because you don’t think you can afford it – it’s far less expensive than you think. Whether you are planning on bugging in, bugging out or have some other survival shelter hidden away, you will need a good stockpile of water. Can be used for water or foods like rice, beans, or anything you want to keep safe and dry from the elements.
Great article for understanding the proper balance of plants you will need to grow to survive.
Tagged Basic First Aid, clean water, disaster preparedness, doomsday preppers, emergency food kits, emergency food supplies, emergency home preparations, emergency kits, emergency plan, emergency preparedness, emergency preparedness plans, Emergency Resource Guide, emergency supply, emergency tips, extreme weather, family plan for emergency, fema, fema 123, first aid kits, food insurance, food storage, home food supplies, How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family, how to prepare for an emergency, how to survive a tornado, long term food, natural disasters, practice emergency plan, Preparedness Basics and tagged 72-hour kit, preparing for a tornado, survival foods, survival needs, survival skills, survival tips, tips for a natural disaster, tornado, tornado essentials, tornado kit, tornado preparation, tornado survival, water filters, water filtration, water storage, what is an emergency, why store food, why store water. There are hundreds, if not thousands of uses for alcohol in an disaster or emergency situation, but I these are MY top 11 uses. The modern form of body armor has its Western origins in Italy and England in the mid- to late-1500s.
There are various types of body armor on the market, with different levels of strength, as outlined by the NIJ.
Although the Level IIA offers the lightest weight, and thus is easiest to conceal, it may not be an optimal choice for your protection needs. Provided you care for and wear them properly, a bullet resistant vest could end up being a worthy investment.
It costs $10,000 per lb of food sent to the International Space Station–we’re going to need to grow food as we fly.
Event horizon: the point around a black hole where gravity is so strong that light and radiation can’t escape. Interplanetary dust contains both hydrogen and oxygen, at times mixing to rain down on surfaces.
Auto Guardian Emergency FlashlightThis emergency flashlight is a must have for every automobile. I do this for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is to learn lessons and gain information from other people who are out there prepping too. Most profiles of preppers start with what they are prepping for and how they plan to survive. Not that there are people planning to do this, that has been discussed often, but that National Geographic would put his story out there and group him in the same category as “Preppers”.
That may be supplies, money, guns, people anything that they want and they are able to take.

If we go through some disaster like many are planning for, bad people are simply a fact of life. Maybe that is what Doomsday Preppers was trying to do, but they didn’t seem to come down too harsh on Tyler.
Maybe, but again I view this as an opportunity to learn and that is more important than some traffic my little blog might generate.
Now if you have a larger group that you are prepping with it may be a good time to scrutinize the others you plan on trusting your life with. This seems like a very transparent effort to marginalize some who call themselves Preppers. You have the nut-job painting rubber cement on bathroom tiles and the guy in Costa Rica with a beautiful set up using Aquaponics and showing how to rope your neighbors in.
I mean im pretty good with a gun and have went shooting throughout my entire life and im 100% certain i could hit his fat ass from pretty far away. Interestingly enough, it was his exposure on NatGeo that led authorities to start an investigation on him. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else.
Meanwhile, Paul Range and Gloria Haswell have enough in store to feed 22 people for 15 years - as well as enough guns, bullets and bug-out vehicles to wage a small war. They've learned just enough to inspire a total lifestyle transformation - despite the scientific consensus that the chance of a magnetic pole reversal happening in their lifetimes is vanishingly small. Maybe guns and a huge food store aren't the answer (even though the Powers That Be take the exact same approach) but at least they are aware that there's a problem. This article will take a brief look at our five highest rated preppers websites listed below in no particular order. It features articles that are arranged by category in a convenient drop down menu for easy access. Its layout can be a little intimidating for a first time user, but the wealth of content on the site is unmatched.
It is unique in that it has a direct link to an amazon store where preppers can purchase the best gear. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. Guides abound on how to prepare with minimal investments – but most put the focus on unreliable foodstuffs, tools, and supplies. These guides tend to indicate that the total cost of preparing a family of four for a natural disaster ranges from $5,000 to over $50,000. It means preparing for the inevitable and unexpected emergencies that can arise at any time. It extends into the smaller disasters that we encounter while going about our everyday lives – like getting stranded in a broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere, or finding yourself injured while on a hike.
With a ready-made kit, like the Guardian Elite (which comes prepared in a sturdy, easy-to-carry back pack) you would have food, and first aid supplies on hand.
Having a one month supply of food on hand would ensure that your family doesn’t go hungry, and with kits like the 240 Serving Meal Package, is not only affordable, but incredibly easy to store.
Since the kits are ready made and based on government recommendations for preparedness, you can also be sure that they’re relatively complete.
Adding WaterBrick storage in a pantry, a garage or a bunker is a great idea for emergency water storage. One must take into account calories and nutritional values that you would need to sustain yourself. The greatest shift occurs with the discovery of properties leading to the creation of Kevlar® in the 1970s. For comparison purposes, the vest most commonly worn by police officers is a Level II. Interamer offers a pretty comprehensive chart outlining the specific weapons and ammunitions each armor level will cover. Though the NIJ “rates for five years of service,” that ends up depending on how often it’s worn.
So long as the vest is fitted properly, it has the benefit of offering additional protection in case of vehicle crashes. From black holes to starvation, these are the essentials when it comes to surviving in space after a disaster destroys our Mother Earth. I also watched American Blackout for the same reasons and felt that show was presented in a way that anyone could learn something from watching imaginary people going through an imaginary nationwide power outage that lasted 10 days. Tyler and anyone like him who openly professes a goal of taking from others as their primary survival plan isn’t a prepper anymore than I am a millionaire because I am going to buy a lottery ticket. What I wouldn’t have given to have a torch and some guns at that age and the resources to help me build a suit like that if only to clown around in the woods with my buddies.
We could get into a whole range of security topics like this on how to keep your home secure, but eventually there is no defense that is going to stand the test of time and determined people.
Right now, in the Philippines, there are armed gangs roaming the streets looting from stores. In fact, they commended him for his “innovative” body armor efforts and said he needed to be part of the “solution” not part of the problem.
Forget guns, supplies and preps; if the evacuees reach you or your position, your 90% dead! One they made into an actual show on NatGeo (Doomsday Castle) and another was a guy at an amusement park I believe.
But this fat moron hanging radiators from his shoulders would he shot between his squinty little piggy eyes by any marginally competent person with a handgun. To be honest he had one of the worst set ups ive seen on Doomsday Preppers since its been airing.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
The couple occupies nine steel shipping containers arranged in a castle formation outside Floresville, Texas. On the site you can find advanced information on topics ranging from food preparation to survival skills to self-defense. The site is a blog that takes entries from other preppers across the country and only posts the best submissions as featured articles. Granted this quantity of stock is not very mobile, and is best stored in a bugout or bug-in location. The synthetic fibre known as Kevlar® is extremely strong, while having the benefit of being lightweight. Although the types of ammunition increase incrementally as the armor level goes up, as armor cannot protect against every type of ammunition, they thus cannot be called bulletproof. A vest worn at least semi-daily will have more wear than one worn sporadically, so further inspection is required.

If you’re realistic about what a bullet resistant vest could do for you, the positives of owning (and more importantly wearing) one certainly outweigh the negatives.
The most recent episode of Doomsday Preppers is called “We Are the Marauders” and believe it or not, aspects of this show, while not necessarily instructive were very illuminating, and disturbing at the same time.
He says that he and his friends are who you should be afraid of and we see a rather rotund Tyler busting down the door of someone’s house and demonstrating how he and his friends will take anything they want in a grid-down scenario. Seeing a grown man do this is pretty pathetic and I think Tyler might have a huge wake up coming if anything does happen.
The best you can do may only delay the inevitable and if there is a group of people determined to take something from you there is only one way to stop that. Even worse, there are ex-convicts, gangs and career criminals who will be out there with the same idea.
Whose to say that one of the people in his group won’t put a bullet in his brain when he is bent over the workbench making some other contraption. I admire the idea in both examples, but I think the execution won’t produce the desired results. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. A system of windmills and solar panels powers the compound, and human body waste is used to generate methane, which serves as their cooking fuel. The show takes viewers on a shocking tour of modern-day apocalypse paranoia, from Range, Haswell and their steel fortress to a Californian who has trained himself to survive off garden weeds in preparation for a major earthquake.
On the sites forums new preppers can ask questions and receive answers from more experienced preppers. The articles on the site are very well written and can be a valuable information source to both new preppers and experienced veteran preppers. There are posts on the site concerning disaster survival, self-sufficiency, survival logistics, survival tools, networking with other preppers, firearms and many other important prepper topics.
The blog has over 13,000 subscribers and regularly receives dozens of comments on its posts. You can download or view content covering weapons, food storage, general survival skills, gardening, evacuation, emergency medicine, and many other topics.
This revolutionary discovery lead to the advancement of improvements with body armor, allowing for a less restricted frame of movement while being exceedingly strong. In fact, “an extremely small percentage of cases, a round can even go through a vest that it is rated to stop,” meaning that one must exercise reasonable precaution even while wearing a form of body armor. You should be taking that fact into account when it comes to choosing your vest – if your vest is too heavy to comfortably wear, you’ll likely forgo wearing it altogether. Related to this, due to wear and weather conditions weakening the ballistic fibers, the strength of your vest will end up dwindling over time.
This shows goal unlike most of the Doomsday Prepper episodes I have seen was to show the dark side of survival. At worst, he is a dangerous thief who doesn’t care for life or anyone’s interests but his own.
If society is gone and there is no longer any civilization, we will be living in the Wild West.
When you put people through something traumatic, the rules get thrown out the window and you see the best and worst come out frequently.
If we go through something like an economic collapse you could find yourself faced with people who have the philosophy of Tyler’s in that it is better to take than prepare.
The comments sections on articles are also very active, making it easy to interact with other preppers and contribute to the community. New content is posted on the site daily making it a great regular visit for those that are constantly seeking new information and advice.
The Survivalist Blog is a great daily visit for those looking for a constantly updated preppers website.
The site is easy to navigate and is actively maintained making it a great up to date resource. Though the name Kevlar is synonymous with bulletproof vests, there are similar aramids used to create vests, such as Twaron and Heracron.
As it is unsafe to buy a used vest because of this, I wouldn’t recommend trying to sell it either.Teijin Aramid, the company that produces the synthetic fiber known as Twaron offers a buy-back program of vests.
If I lived up there near Tyler, knowing what his plans are, he would not receive a warm welcome from me. Your neighborhood street might very well become the OK Corral of the future and your only hope of peace will be the kill those bent on the destruction of you and yours. Aside from the fact that such a strategy is just plain stupid, it’s clearly not sustainable. Finally the site even offers 21 free of charge e-books for those seeking more information on prepping. On the whole, Off Grid Survival is a great website featuring easy to access information on the most important prepper topics.
Survival Blog is definitely a must-visit preppers website for any interested in disaster survival. It also contains a great list of blogs for those looking for new preppers websites to visit and read. Stealing doesn’t make you self-sufficient as you are still dependent on others; the theft is just more brazen. If you tell me you are going to take everything I have, I will deal with you and no scrap metal suit is going to stop me from putting a bullet through your face. My lesson will be from the business end of some firepower that scrap metal and old WWII helmets won’t stop. If you are within 500 miles of any city or large town, you are 90% DEAD the moment the SHTF! Overall the site is a top choice for those interested in prepping and is a great way to network with other like-minded preppers. On the whole the site is a tremendous resource and great way to discover new prepping information.
He is the welfare society taken to its logical conclusion and he feels perfectly shameless in telling the world he plans to steal if we have some form of society collapse. Hopefully Tyler will get some therapy and some good advice before then and change his ways. There is an option that allows Preppers to live in or near large population centers and still have a genuinely workable strategy.

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