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He tells me I should know, that as a pretty girl not knowing means I don’t care, like I don’t have respect for myself.
By sleeping with x amount of men, it does not make me less efficient in my career or unequipped to read my niece a bedtime story. If a guy coming into my room is going to judge me based on the only reason that he’s there, than he can leave.

Living the #indieparent life with her partner Rich and awesome daughter Gretchen, she spends her days typing and drinking copious amounts of tea, and watching Gilmore Girl reruns.
I no longer go into these trysts feeling dead inside, trying to get something more out of it than what it is. Denying myself that would be silly, especially for the sake of some archaic concept of how my womanhood should be.
It does not mean I won’t do my taxes on time or give up my seat on the bus for an elderly person. Furthermore, I recognize anything I do as a woman with a negative connotation would be a high-five and a round of shots at a bar if a dude did it.

Because I don’t care, especially when the story behind each fellow is a lot more interesting.

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