In particular, great job of aging on the face design and ease of use has been made in the latest versions of this P2P client. Those who make extensive use of this software, you will appreciate the integration with RSS technology that allows you to stay up to date on the availability of new files.
Furthermore, for large users of P2P client, uTorrent also offers the possibility of being operated remotely, even from mobile devices.
Another small but important characteristic, the integration of a small player in the software. Easy, but also very complete and highly customizable with the ability to install third-party applications that expand the possibilities of use. Obviously, given the nature of the software, we recommend that it is used properly, sharing and downloading from P2P circuit only legal material not protected by copyright or other use restrictions.
Torrent best known, appreciated and used by the network with which download from the internet music, movies, games and any other kind of material.

To operate optimally uTorrent is no longer necessary to perform the port fowarding in our router, all to the advantage of immediacy of use. For example, we can program the software to use only a certain amount of bandwidth of our internet line at a specific time of day.
Torrent can be searched through the powerful internal search engine, or you can import them from the network after removal of a thousand sites dedicated. This will make it possible to have a handy preview video or audio of what we’re downloading. Like its cousin BitTorrent, offers user experiences of the highest level thanks to the renewed use interface ensures that even novice users maximum convenience.
The reason for this success is simple and is to be found in the fact that uTorrent was used as a basis to create then BitTorrent, the official client for the protocol.
But what copisce from the start of this software is the high possibility of customization and configuration.

The third-party software installed, just like BitTorrent, uTorrent ingigantendone allow you to completely transform the capabilities and potential. Very useful to see if the audio or video files that are downloading meets our expectations.
And just like BitTorrent, uTorrent is presented to users as easy, intuitive, yet powerful and effective.

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