Documentary about Martine and Louise Fokkens, identical twin sisters, who both worked as prostitutes in the Amsterdam Red Light District for almost 50 years. Gabrielle Provaas graduated in 1996 at the University of Amsterdam in Film and Television Studies, with minors in Art History and Psychology.
Estonia was part of the Soviet Union for 50 years, a period of great turmoil and uncertainty in which citizens came up with creative ways of surviving totalitarian oppression. Film follows a young, homeless couple (Rico and Starr), struggling to survive on the streets of Hollywood. Goro Toshima is an award winning fi lmmaker of documentary short films and cinematographer.
We’ve been fantasizing about an extraterrestrial visit for decades, but what would happen if it actually took place? Michael Madsen is a conceptual artist and director of the multiple award-winning Into Eternity (2010). On October 3rd 2013, a boat carrying 500 Eritrean refugees sunk off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. Morgan Knibbe graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2012 with his short experimental film A Twist in The Fabric of Space selected for the IDFA and awarded with Wildcard by the Netherlands Filmfund.
From an American linguist who explores the grammar of happines with the Piraha people of the Amazon, to Croatian plutocracy and secret affairs in Brussels, all the way to Moscow's Garden of Time where the astonishing private art collection is uncovered. In the exercise yard of a Brazilian jail, prisoners are praying, playing football, singing and practicing capoeira. A voice, which might initially belong to anyone within these walls, talks about crime, family and freedom.
Naked nation is a tale of love and hate, a satire about the interpretation of national stereotypes and an exploration on the social role of the sea. Matchmaker Nediljko Babic, also known as "Gangster", helps a Bulgarian single mother find a new husband in Croatia. Nediljko Babic aka Gangster devoted his life to helping young men and women from his mountain region to find a soul mate.
Director and screenwriter Nebojša Slijepcevic graduated in film directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1991 Schröder was asked to work for the VPRO, he designed a great number of programmes.
Against the backdrop of a dilapidated village, in a partially staged setting, local people tell personal tales from that era of how they stole from the state. Recent films include Halden Prison and part of Cathedrals of Culture initiated by Wim Wenders and screened at 2015 ZagrebDox.

The true reason is that unlike Croatians, Czechs still live the adventurous spirit of animated films, which we all grew up on. In 2005 he graduated from FAMU's Department of Documentary Film in the masterclass of Karel Vachek.
But a series of comically disastrous dates discloses the true nature of conservative Croatian men. But lately his job is more difficult than ever - women do not want to live in villages anymore. They freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes. His documentary Jolly Old Farts was screened at 2012 ZagrebDox, in the Baltic Dox programe.
The story of this film centers around how they confront one of the biggest challenges of their lives - an unexpected pregnancy. These and many other questions are addressed in this philosophical film about a hypothetical initial contact with aliens. In addition, Michael has been guest lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, The Danish Film School, University of California, University of Western Sydney, School of Architecture, London. Abraham, one of the survivors, walks through a graveyard of shipwrecks and vividly remembers the nightmarish experience. Currently, Morgan is developing a feature-length film which will revolve around the lives of refugees at the borders of Europe. Patio is the second part of the Prison Trilogy that began with the fiction short film The Factory (honorable mention at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2012, shortlisted for the 83rd Academy Awards, and winner of 62 awards all over the world) and that is going to be finished with the feature film Inside Out Men (work in progress).
Even as adults Czechs still keep the unflagging optimism of animated film characters like Pat and Mat and enjoy life the same as Bolek and Lolek. He co-founded the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) and he is actively involved in lecturing at the Ex Oriente Film, an international documentary development workshop organized by IDF. In recent years Gangster’s clients have mostly been uneducated middle-aged men, seemingly desperate to find a life partner. A seamstress recalls how her husband who worked in a meat factory hid kidneys in his shoes – enraging her mother, who thought he should have brought home something better. As a cinematographer, Goro’s work has aired on HBO, PBS, the Sundance Channel and Bravo.
Scientists and space affairs specialists at the UN and NASA and in the British government cooperate in this cinematic simulation of the undoubtedly exciting meeting between extraterrestrial life and humanity.
This is a film about the passing of time, the importance of space, and the relationship between the group and the individual, and between captivity and freedom.

In 2013 he received the Sundance Institute Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award for his screenplay The Man Who Killed My Beloved Dead, what will be his first feature film. When Maya (33), young and pretty Bulgarian girl, comes to Gangster looking for a new husband, it seems that it will be an easy case for him.
The film has won nine awards at prestigious international festivals, and in Croatian theatres it was seen by over 7500 people.
A portrait of these remarkable women, as well as a history of the Red Light District in Amsterdam over the past fifty years. As a director and commissioning editor she worked on various TV programmes and made short documentaries.
And a group of wedding party guests all have their own anecdotes, including one about a boy smuggling in sugar and butter in his hollowed out prosthetic foot. The interviewees speak directly to the unknown entities as if they’ve already arrived.
His article The unhappy soldier Svejk was the central inspiration for Filip Remunda’s new film. But the fact that she is a single mother, and a foreigner, makes it a mission impossible for Gangster – it seems that Croatian guys, no matter how desperate they are to find a woman, do not want a Bulgarian with a child. While celebrations at the wedding party become increasingly wild and the new season dawns, a four-piece gypsy band makes its way through the hilly Estonian landscape full of wrecked tractors, weed-infested gas stations and peeling apartment blocks. TRAILER Two documentaries concern the European Union from different perspectives: Plutocracy Croatia directed by American filmmaker Steven Ellis is a portrayal of the rise of Croatian kleptocracy revealing corrosive relations that corrupted politics, regulations and judiciary, while The Brussels Business by Friedrich Moser and Matthieu Lietaert takes us on a journey through the corridors of power in the largest global economy, disclosing secret networks that govern the lives of 500 million Europeans. TRAILER The film Gatekeepers by Israeli Dror Moreh focuses on six former heads of the Israeli secret service Shin Bet.
Above all, the alien visit raises questions about the relation between our own history of exploration, colonization and warfare, and the expectations with which we approach the unknown.
For the first time they publicly revealed many of their secrets and commented on their actions and decisions from the past.
The film is currently running for Oscar and the American National Film Critics’ Association proclaimed it the best documentary in 2013.

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