This interactive fillable template will help businesses of all sizes get started on disaster recovery planning for their IT resources.
This document is a comprehensive disaster recovery plan prepared documenting the keysystems and resources that must be recovered in the case of an IT systems failure. To me, creating a business plan or an organizational chart is a big waste of time.  How about figuring out how your business is going to make money first?  Or how you’re going to sell the first product?  And every product after that?
I just finished a conference of business people and CEO’s, all selling great products.
The one thing that none of them had was a marketing calendar…  And furthermore, very few of them understood it.
They wanted affiliates to promote their stuff NOW, and people with email lists to email their products NOW…  But that’s just not feasible because the folks with email lists have them booked for at least a few weeks out! Jason has been online professionally for the past 8 years, as a coach and consultant, a product owner and a super affiliate. Most of Jason's time is spent here on this site, as founder of Leveling Up Academy, or in creating and selling niche products.
Bahnson remained at Johns Hopkins until 1963, when he was offered the job of the Chairman of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

Bahnson retired from his position in 1987, the longest serving Chairman in the University’s history. No part of this work should be produced or used without the permission of the authors: Michael Turner and Dr.
There are so many resources out there that talk about the details of DR, but this is the first one that actually shows you what a finished DR Plan would look like. DR plans aren't the most exciting thing to work on and this templates helps me get on with it.
Even with a proud legacy of surgical acumen, Bahnson achieved new heights as an administrator, building the small school program into a world-renowned center for surgery and research. Bahnson’s papers are also held at the Archives Service Center, and are open for research.
This template is a starting point; as disaster recovery plans naturally evolve withtime, you are encouraged to make changes to the template to best fit your business. He was instrumental in recruiting some of the biggest names in medicine to come to Pittsburgh, Starzl foremost among them.
Even in retirement, his energy was limitless; he was an avid skier, mountaineer, and even decided to pick up the harmonica, patenting a new version of the instrument after becoming a more-than-proficient player.

One of the results of the plan will surely be a document outlining the DR strategy for that service. Starzl was looking to leave the University of Colorado to an institution that was more receptive to his use of cyclosporine as an antirejection drug. Bahnson left his legacy on the University of Pittsburgh and on Tom Starzl, believing in the potential inherent in each. After making the difficult decision not to move to UCLA, which he details in The Puzzle People, Starzl turned to his old friend, who had been following the transplantation field closely himself.
Bahnson had been among the first in the United States to perform the heart transplantation surgery, first done in South Africa in 1967 by Christiaan Barnard. Bahnson continued to support his friend in all of his endeavors, helping to strengthen the fledgling transplantation program and getting involved in lobbying for the creation of a national organ procurement program.

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