We will never distribute or sell your personal information to third parties without your express permission. The electric motor as we know it was first designed by Nikola Tesla and then vastly improved for commercial use by George Westinghouse with many improvements along the way.A  Todaya€™s motors follow two dominating designs called permanent magnet and induction that are descriptions of the rotating assembly inside the case that delivers the twisting force of energy.
An electromagnetic field induction motor is somewhat more complex in understanding, yet can also be quite inexpensive to manufacture.A  There are wide variations depending on expected use, available current such as single phase or three phase, and choices in how the motor would be started. Currently, most of the rare earth minerals to make reliable long life magnets are coming from China, which give some reason for pause, as a single element embargo would have worldwide market stopping effects. EVs are capable of operating over a much wider speed range than typical fixed-speed industrial motors, necessitating new materials, sophisticated electronic controls and some clever design variations.A  The Chevrolet Volt will use a permanent magnet design. Induction motors do not suffer proportionate losses as size increases, and the design makes them capable of generating high power by operating at high speeds.A  The motor in the Tesla Roadster spins up to 14,000 rpm.

Most likely this will be done during maintenance checkups where the mechanic will have the proper tool available to look for roughness in the bearings signature – the way it is done industrially.
To have independent analyzers will be a bit difficult and expensive while providing little additional information. This article although very informative for the general public does not deal with the complex issues regarding the electric motor type selection process for an electrified vehicle (of which there are many types). Ia€™ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Ted Loder of the Disclosure Project discusses various aspects of Energy Testimony about Free Energy, How he got involved, UFO Technology, Government Secrecy and Cover-Up etc. At the end of Wikipediaa€™s page there are links to the other designs in detail plus a link to an Italian educational site with an interactive motion shown.

Permanent-magnet motors generate less rotor heat than inductive types, which aids efficiency. It is worthwhile to point out that as of the summer of 2010 every hybrid vehicle in production uses an internal magnet type PMAC synchronous motor for traction (known as an IPM). But as the motora€™s size grows, magnetic losses increase proportionately, reducing efficiency.

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