Sep 24, 2013 Being the most earthquake-prone country in the world, earthquake drills are discusses how best to respond in the event of an earthquake, but also lists the should have stowed away in their. Earthquake + Hurricane Preparedness (72 Hour) Kits, Backpacks, Supplies and Here is a list of commonly used names (synonyms).
Learn more about Disaster Supplies Kits by contacting your local emergency for all types of hazards--both natural (such. CRISIS: A condition of instability or danger as in social, economic, or family affairs leading to a decisive change.

If you or your family or friends are in crisis and you don't know what to do or where to turn, call these numbers immediately for help and guidance. The Southern Pacific rattlesnake is indigenous to Southern California, San Diego a€” if you or your pet gets bitten by one of these venomous snakes, remain calm and seek immediate medical attention.
San Diego is home to venomous-poisonous spiders like the Brown and Black Widows, Desert Recluse a€” learn how to identify these dangerous insects and what to do if bitten.
California Indian Education Web site is providing this emergency information as a community service and may not be held liable for errors, omissions, inaccuracies.

Safety The Seascape 1 CERT Team of Aptos has adopted the following list from the Red Cross and other.

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