As the devastating Images of the Japanese great quake and Tsunami unfold all over the news media, they serve as a strong warning of what can happen here where we live. 11) Bleach – In the event of an earthquake, the plumbing might be out of order, and we must continue to answer nature’s call, so bleach is necessary to keep our area sanitary, and prevent us from getting sick. 14)Copy of our passports for identification, with family members’ phone numbers written on the back.
The Earthquake Kit is all set and ready, but it is only part I of my emergency preparedness. Part II required me to gather my children together and discuss what they should do in the morbid scenario if my husband and I should die, and they are left to fend for themselves. As I put all the emergency supplies in a sturdy bag, and put it in a place that we all agree is the best spot for an earthquake disaster. Once you have the essentials covered, add personal hygiene and sanitation items to the kit — large trash bags and cans, toilet paper and household liquid chlorine laundry bleach. Rather than being cute plush most Japanese earthquake bags are fire retardant, such as this one from a Japanese emergency preparedness kit maker. There are a few notable differences between Japanese kits and American kits besides the packaging. See our "Get Ready Quick" section in English, Chinese and Spanish, and download our easy checklists.
Let me explain: While E was out of town filming his pilot, I had the unfortunate luck of experiencing not one but two earthquakes while I was alone in our apartment. The second earthquake happened one Friday night while I was enjoying some Pho soup and a sad double feature of August: Osage County and Philomena with the exquisite Dame Judi Dench.
There were also some glow sticks, in case we lose power, and a rather sensible bejeweled cat collar.

See the full-page poster version that appeared in the Winter 2012-2013 print edition of the newspaper.
The California Emergency Management Agency advises that the first 72 hours after a disaster are critical.
Your kit should be easily accessible and have enough supplies for you, your family and pets to survive for at least three days.
The American Red Cross advises using 16 drops of bleach per gallon to sterilize any water that’s not bottled.
The American Red Cross distributes an iPhone app called Shelter View, for finding out when and where shelters have been opened in your area during disasters.
The San-X chara shop released a number of emergency preparedness kits in plush backpacks, including  Hello Kitty, the popular Rirakumma bear and Tare panda. The Red Cross can teach you to be prepared for any disaster with their collection of preparedness and safety apps. But something in me snapped with that second one (my sanity, perhaps?), and I immediately found earthquake kits online.
It’s a big bucket filled with preserved food, boxed water, and all manner of safety equipment. Electricity, gas and water may be unavailable and first responders will be busy focusing emergency services on the most serious crises. The California Emergency Management Agency breaks down kits into: essentials, sanitation, safety and comfort, cooking and tools and supplies.
The kits are shown with a modicum of supplies, including water, dust masks, a radio and other go bag staples. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Earthquake Survival Manual suggests crackers, instant noodles and retort rice (shelf stable pre-cooked rice).

You probably already have most of what you need, so check out our Get Ready Quick page and put together one of your own. But it does give me that placebo calming effect, which is really what these kits are intended to do.
If you think these are adorable, you can make your own by creating a personal earthquake kit for yourself or your kids in a plush backpack. I google cat kits, just for fun, and was quite surprised to find many animal earthquake kits.
But now we have a dog leash, just in case we meet a dog friend in the earthquake apocalypse. Inflatable air bags to protect against falling items, parachutes for quickly evacuating tall buildings and tents that automatically unfold from wallet-sized packages? Your personal earthquake kit is meant to help you be self-sufficient for at least three days. The BBC posted an article about Japanese earthquake kits, detailing the contents of an earthquake kit.
You can stock extra supplies in your home earthquake kit, including additional food and water for two weeks.

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