The 17th National Earthquake Safety Day promotes the importanct of earthquake preparedness from government to individual level. Concerns as Israel Hit by Two Earthquakes in One DayIsrael experienced not one, but two earthquakes on Sunday, raising fears that a significant geological event is in the offing. Israel experienced not one, but two earthquakes on Sunday, raising fears that a significant geological event was in the offing.
There were no injuries or damage in either quake, but both were felt distinctly in communities around the Kinneret, including Tiberias, where police received a barrage of calls from beachgoers and residents. Eight days ago, an earthquake was felt in southern and central Israel, measuring at 6.4 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter beneath the Mediterranean about 40 kilometers under the sea bed, 70 kilometers west of Crete. Scientists at the Israel Geophysical Institute said they were examining the quakes, searching for patterns and clues that could indicate if the sudden confluence of small earthquakes could indicate that something bigger was imminent. In recent years, school children around the country, from kindergarten age and up, have participated in annual earthquake drills in their schools, practicing safe steps to take when the ground starts shaking. Kav Lachayim brings 22 sick children from around the country together for an emotional bar and bat mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel. Magen David Adom issues the full guide for safety whilst cleaning and preparing for Passover. If Los Angeles’ Jewish day schools are prepared for a major earthquake, they have the accreditation requirements of BJE-Builders of Jewish Education, an umbrella organization for local Jewish education, in large part to thank.
For example, at Sinai Akiba Academy, the school for Sinai Temple in Westwood, which has both a preschool and kindergarten through eighth grade in the day school and is located at the busy intersection of Wilshire and Beverly Glen boulevards, approximately 1,000 students and staff are on campus on any given weekday.
BJE, for instance, recommends that schools have advance communication technology, which can take many forms, such as auto-dial messaging, Hess said.
Meanwhile, at Ilan Ramon, educators don’t need to worry about alarming their students. Volunteers participate in an earthquake drill during an event on earthquake preparedness October 14, 2014 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.
An Earthquake Safety Exhibition was organized to disseminate information regarding earthquake risk reduction measures among the public. Just after concluding National Meeting of 14th Earthquake Safety Day held in Jawalakhel on January 16, 2012; Right Honorable Prime Minister Dr. The Exhibition has remained integral component of Earthquake Safety Day celebration since the very beginning. The poster designed for this day outlines several key tips on preparing for and mitigating earthquake risk. Sunday's quakes followed one that occurred early Saturday morning, which was preceded by one last Thursday night.
The epicenter of that quake was in the northern Kinneret, five kilometers north of Ginnosar. In Israel, reports of the tremor were received from citizens in central and southern Israel, including Raanana, Rehovot and Ashkelon. Ephraim Laor, who headed the National Steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness, told Arutz Sheva that individual Israelis must prepare themselves for a major earthquake that could hit Israel. Serving approximately 150 students, the Agoura Hills school is located in a community of mountains, urban sprawl and stables.
Federal and local officials joined national experts to discuss earthquake preparedness and to provide details regarding the upcoming international Great ShakeOut day of action, an earthquake drill taking place on Thursday, October 16. Owner of the chain restaurant has realized his principle idea that he wants to serve French and Italian dishes at a reasonable price with high-quality ingredients.

Unlike public baths in some foreign countries you can go in with swimsuits on, swimsuits are not allowed in Japan with rare cases and it is a rule, or etiquette to take off the clothes to use these facilities. While many foreign people regardless of age or sex wear tattoo as a part of fashion or for ethnic or religious reasons, Japanese people tend to associate tattoo with yakuza (gangsters) or anti-social groups, and so there have been cases where foreign tourists are rejected by those facilities to take bath due to their tattoo. According to the Public Bath Act, the owners of each facility have the right to accept or refuse people with tattoo.
On the other hand, less and less Japanese people are drinking traditional Japanese sake (rice wine brewed from rice grains) over the years, while the export of sake has been increasing.
The government is trying to enhance social infrastructure since they presume over ten million tourists are coming to Japan. Under the Inns and Hotels Act, anyone who rents out the room for commercial purpose must obtain a license.
Shoko Noda, Country Director, UNDP mentioned that September 18 earthquake was the lesson to put the DRR agenda forward. Nationwide exercise of this individual safety was initiated since the 10th Earthquake Safety Day, 2008. Experts have warned that Israel is expected to be hit by a major earthquake in the coming years. Despite the school’s smaller size and quieter suburban setting, its students participate in earthquake drills every few weeks.
Nowadays, there are mainly two types of sushi restaurants; traditional sushi restaurant and conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.
In Japan, soba noodle stands where customers eat the buckwheat noodles standing up can be found quite easily as well as soba noodle restaurants with chairs and tables. In order to achieve the goal, he maximized the seat turnover by not furnishing any seats in the restaurant and keeping stand-up bar style.
Needless to say, high-quality steak is expensive and the atmosphere of such restaurants tends to be very formal. Not only for the Tokyo Olympic, Japan has been heightening the rank as a tourist destination for its traditional food, architecture, and omotenashi (hospitality). Recently, facilities around the country have started loosening their policy, thereby attracting more foreign tourists.
With traditional Japanese cuisine added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013, increasing interest has been paid to Japanese sake as well as to Japanese cuisine.
However, nowadays this old tradition has been broken due to the lack of individual (family member) who takes over the brewery.
Cheaper hotels should be attractive for foreign tourists and the number of the vacant rooms in Japan is increasing because there are more elderly people than before who live alone and have rooms that are not used in their house. Baburam Bhattarai inaugurated the National Meeting of 14th Earthquake Safety Day 2011 amidst a large public gathering at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. The distinguished guests also observed the stalls placed there by various governments, non-government and DRR related agencies.
The school also takes part every year in the Great California ShakeOut, a statewide earthquake drill that draws the participation of millions of people from schools, workplaces and elsewhere, according to
Other than soba noodle, there are some other food served in standing style restaurants that have been drawing attention and interest.
This concept fits with customers’ needs that they want to enjoy high-quality food reasonably and this chain restaurant has made an instant success. For example, some facilities permit people with tattoo to take baths on the condition that they use the patch to cover and hide their tattoo.

Now a lot of women are working in the sake market and their participations have produced positive outcome to the market. Hidetoshi Nakata says that the brewers of sake want people to enjoy sake with better condition. The meeting was preceded by a mass Earthquake Awareness Rally that walked along inner streets of Patan city. Bhola Prasad Siwakoti put forward the government commitments toward making disaster resilient communities in Nepal.
The exercise was done at 14:24 for one minute to represent the time of 1934 Great Earthquake.
Main contents were to demonstrating earthquake safer construction technologies, knowledge and skills required for earthquake safety and initiatives for earthquake risk reduction by different agencies. Moreover, there is a web site introducing onsen and sento throughout Japan that accept people with tattoo. One of the examples is sparkling sake and fruity sake which have been produced to target female customers. Furthermore, he is planning to develop the cellar which can store both sake and wine for the purpose of use in foreign countries. It has been reported that some foreigners are causing trouble to the neighbors by making the loud noise at night or ignoring the rule of garbage sorting. Everyone present in the meeting starting from the Chief Guest, Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. So, same as the French and Italian restaurants introduced earlier, they offer stand-up style.
Although sake has been thought to be drink for men, it’s becoming more approachable for women, too.
As their unique ordering process, the steak can be ordered by the gram so customers can enjoy as much steak as they want. Due to evil sprits’ being thought to appear at the time of seasonal division, scattering beans took place to drive away devils and bring in fortune as the imperial event. Eating the whole sushi roll has the meaning which is not to cut the good relationship but to bring it in the body. Bijaykumar Gachhadar, other dignitaries on the dais including each and every individual in the audience performed this drill. This groundbreaking style of eating steak standing up has made it accessible for business people to eat steak for lunch who can usually spend only 20 or 30 minutes in restaurants for their one-hour lunch break. One demonstration was done before the audience from the dais so that everybody could perform it in the right way. Bijaykumar Gachhadar from the Chair committed on behalf of Government of Nepal on institutional capacity building on earthquake safety promotion.
The original meaning of this custom is getting the good luck and wishing for thriving business by eating sushi roll.
Companies were suffering from citizens’ low attitudes to purchase since in February there are less events than other months.

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