China has ordered stepped-up safety measures over the Lunar New Year travel rush in the wake of terrorist threats and a December stampede in Shanghai that killed 36 people.
The government estimates about 2.8 billion trips will be made by train, bus, plane and car during the 40-day travel rush that began in early February and ends around March 15.
While the travel peak is always hectic, special measures have been put in place this year, including the posting of more armed security guards, restricted access to crowded areas such as train platforms and the stationing of watchmen on elevated posts to keep an eye out for trouble. A circular from China’s Cabinet posted over the weekend demanded greater attention to safety and threatened punishment for officials found lacking in their duties. An investigation blamed the officials for failing to take proper precautions at the scene and for not responding fast enough to the disaster — the worst to hit China’s showcase financial center in recent years.
Authorities are also on guard against attacks blamed on ethnic Uighur extremists seeking independence for the northwestern region of Xinjiang. Beijing says that and other attacks were carried out by radicals inspired by extremist Islamist teachings.

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31 stampede in the city’s historic riverfront Bund area, saying some of the officials were attending an opulent banquet as the disaster unfolded. Rumors have circulated online about plots being planned against transportation sites, similar to the March 29, 2014, attack on a train station in the southwestern city of Kunming in which 31 people were slashed and stabbed to death.
Hundreds of thousands of people will need help in rebuilding their lives, and governments around the world will want to do all they can to help. The most unpalatable truth is that no form of energy generation can be completely free of risk. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.

And there is one chilling statistic that we should all have at the forefront of our minds when we consider the alternatives to nuclear – in China, 5,000 people die every year while mining coal for use in power stations. Europe will, in any event, be extremely hard-pressed even to achieve its current renewable goals, let alone meet any increased level of output.
All our plants are licensed by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, which will not allow them to operate if it has any concerns.
Not only would this be bad for our environment, it would increase our dependence on foreign energy supplies, making us less secure.
The industry has a strong safety record and there is no reason to believe that this cannot be maintained into the future – a fact that must not be drowned out by those rushing to condemn nuclear energy.

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