Surprisingly, recent research indicates that LESS THAN HALF of all Californians have taken necessary steps to prepare for disaster and reduce their risk of damage and injury. This week, on October 20, millions of Californians will participate in the 4th annual Great California ShakeOut, the largest earthquake drill in our nation’s history.  It is an opportunity, not only for participants to practice the skills that can save lives in an earthquake, but to also focus on what needs to be done and how easy it can be to prepare yourself. Simple steps such as building an emergency preparedness kit for every member of your family – including your pets – will ensure you have essential items that will sustain you should you need to evacuate immediately or find that you must go it alone until help arrives.  In fact, you most likely have many of the items you need already in your home. In an effort to promote preparedness and encourage Californians to take action, the California Emergency Management Agency, California Earthquake Authority, and California Seismic Safety Commission have partnered to launch the Totally Unprepared earthquake readiness campaign.

The campaign, which features several of the links above, is a year-long effort aimed to present preparedness info and action steps in a new, more interactive way.  Californians are encouraged to get involved via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to not only learn for themselves but to easily share the valuable information with their own network of friends and family. In a state so prone to disasters, we all share in the responsibility of getting prepared to the greatest extent possible.  While we can’t prevent or predict when and where disaster will strike, we can all be proactive in our preparedness efforts.
For each pack of underwear we sell we donate a pair of underwear to local shelters and disaster victims. We reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments, including but not limited to removal of comments.

We understand the importance of good hygiene after a disaster in order to stay healthy and recover from the damage. The comments are moderated, so you may have to be a tiny bit patient in waiting to see them.

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