Ed responded to my Yelp query in which I urgently needed advice on a home I was about to buy. As mentioned in a previous post on seismic retrofitting basics, seismic retrofitting is not a one-size-fits-all solution or method for ensuring earthquake safety. Picture this: a house shaking because of earthquake tremors, the non-braced cripple wall swaying from side to side, the cripple wall giving out, and the house finally collapsing. It may have round washers to lock the bolts holding the mudsill down to its foundation (see discussion of foundation bolts above). Simply put, homeowners whose houses are located in areas of frequent and strong earthquake activity will have to spend more in retrofitting than homeowners whose houses are located far from earthquake faults. Seismic retrofitting requirements are directly proportional to the size of the house, both vertically and horizontally.
Moreover, seismic retrofitting design has to be adjusted to the structural design of the house to be retrofitted. A special seismic retrofitting plan is also needed for hillside homes with crawlspaces and cripple walls in one section and the floor directly above the foundation in others. Lastly, the type of seismic retrofit materials to be used is also considered in seismic retrofit design. In Do-It-Yourself seismic retrofitting projects, this fundamental principle of seismic retrofit design is often overlooked with the result that the owner spends more money for less or inadequate protection. To get the best value out of your money and to ensure that your house will be retrofitted properly and according to the special needs of your property, you should consult a reputable and qualified seismic retrofitting contractor like Sinai Construction. Seismic retrofitting is a project essential and vital to the protection of your investment and to ensuring the safety of your family – so don’t wait for the next big quake before calling us and requesting a seismic retrofit inspection. This entry was posted in Seismic Retrofitting and tagged earthquake proofing, LA earthquake proofing, Los Angeles earthquake, Los Angeles seismic retrofit, seismic retrofit design, seismic retrofit factors. Fill out the inspection request form and get more than $600 worth of inspection services for FREE. There are a ton of things competing for our attention in real life and online, and each one of us has different ways to stay organized and on-track with to do lists. After stressful and traumatic events, people can seek relief in a variety of ways--talking with friends and loved ones, seeking counseling from professionals, or even through petting and cuddling with animals.
When disasters impact communities across the country, the people affected by them can lose anything and often lose everything.

I had a General Council meeting in the afternoon and was thinking about going to a football game later on. Earthquake retrofit for wood frame buildings addresses what is known as “The Earthquake Weakness” – which involves the attachments of the structure – your home – to its foundation. As I did not personally witness to crew preform the job, but I am very pleased as the job looks great!!! Bella is so sweet and went out of her way to get the job scheduled when their work load was already running high. In this case, your home (it’s framing members, to be exact) is basically sitting on or resting on its foundation rather than being securely fastened to it.
This is what could happen to a house where the mudsill is not securely connected to the foundation. In this case, your home may collapse like a house of cards during a big quake.  Moreover, the cripple wall studs on this type of older Los Angeles houses are, more often than not, just toenailed to the mudsill. This is what could happen to a home where the cripple wall is not properly braced or reinforced.
It’s best not to turn it into a DIY project like building a patio or paving a driveway. Moreover, the projected magnitude of expected quakes (produced by nearby faults) in the area also serves as a basis for deciding on the strength and quantity of retrofit materials to be used.
This means that if you live within Los Angeles, your safest bet is to have your house retrofitted to some degree. The standard cripple wall bracing, for example, will not work for cripple walls over 4 feet in height. Shear transfer ties might not be feasible for sections of the house where the floor is directly on top of the foundation.  In such cases, universal foundation plates may be used instead. The stronger the retrofit materials are, the fewer of them will be needed to adequately retrofit the house. Other times, the DIY homeowner uses the correct retrofitting materials, but installs them incorrectly so the whole project becomes a total waste of time, effort and money.
We have a proven track record when it comes to retrofitting homes in Los Angeles and Southern California.
Some images that probably come to mind are natural disasters, families losing their homes, and first responders like police officers and firefighters.

My plans changed after the council meeting, when I walked outside and saw a wildfire burning in the distance. Seismic Safety evaluates and performs structural and foundation reinforcements that will reduce the risk of earthquake-induced damage to your home. For most other houses, however, the skills and professional know-how of a company specializing in foundation, structural and concrete work are required. Even if the mudsill is bolted to the foundation, the foundation bolts could have rusted to a degree that makes them incapable of holding your house down to the foundation in the event of a big quake.
Below, you’ll find a discussion of the major considerations in seismic retrofitting design. Ignore these considerations and you will end up spending a lot of money and wasting your time on ineffective seismic retrofitting.
We have experienced engineers and field technicians, we remain updated with current building regulations, and we use the latest available technologies and materials. Phone lines can go down, cell service can be overrun with calls, texts, and emails and it can be difficult for survivors as well as first responders to get in touch.
Professional help is necessary both in the conceptualization of the seismic retrofitting design and in the actual execution or implementation of said design. Indeed, you can rely on us to design and implement a seismic retrofit that best fits your property’s specific needs and that can give your home the best earthquake protection possible.
Here are a few important things all of us can do right now to be ready for a possible flood.Sign up for local weather alerts and warnings. Do the people you envision look like the communities they serve and include people from diverse backgrounds?
This type of destruction was left behind in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi back in 2005.
How many women do you see?As a woman, I’ve often thought about emergency management as a field traditionally dominated by men.

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